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Euromontagna Archives

Freiburg - Schauinsland




1. 164Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK[-]15:25,20007:41,1001. gr. SportsCarsphoto
2. 160Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK[718-029]15:33,10007:45,2002. gr. SportsCarsphoto
3. Ernst Vogel/APorsche RSK[718-032]15:33,80007:45,5003. gr. SportsCars
4. 163Wolfgang Seidel/DPorsche RSK[718-026]15:36,00007:45,8004. gr. SportsCarsphoto
5. 165Antonio von Döry/RAPorsche[-]16:02,20007:57,8005. gr. SportsCarsphoto
6. 162Tommy Spychiger/CHOsca S1100[-]16:17,50008:06,0006. gr. SportsCars
7. 111Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera[-]16:34,00008:14,5001. gr. GTphoto
8. Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera[-]16:50,60008:21,9002. gr. GT
9. 150Stefan Brugger/CHDKW Special Auto Union 1000[-]17:00,70008:28,8207. gr. SportsCarsphoto
10. Georges Theiler/CHDKW Monza Sauter Special[-]19:08,10009:30,9008. gr. SportsCars


KL Fritz Huschke von Hanstein/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
KL Walter Riggenberg/Ferrari 250 GT[-]- GT

Did not classified

ST63 Kling/DBorgward[-]-
ST62Josef Maassen/Volvo[-]-
ST59Fuch Wick/ABorgward[-]-
ST54Willy König/DBorgward[-]-
ST77Prinz Zu Schaumburg-Lippe/Citroen[-]-
ST180Rolf Brinkmeier/Tiger[-]-
ST100Horst Kassner/NSU[-]-
ST103Karl Foitek/CHAlfa Romeo[-]-
ST99Herbert Schultze/IAlfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST104Lothar Bender/Alfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST107 Butz/NSU[-]-
ST55Eberhard Mahle/DVolvo[-]-
ST53Hans-August Stausberg/DVolvo[-]-
ST84Marcel Pretre/CHPlymouth[-]- photo
ST110Lothar Gleitz/DPorsche 1.6[-]- photo
ST185Sieger Liedl/Tiger[-]- photo
ST135Walter Senn/CHAlfa Romeo[-]-
ST174Heinz Melkus/DDRMelkus[-]- RaceCarsphoto
ST170Ernst Lautenschlager/Stanguellini[-]- RaceCarsphoto
ST3Adolf Brudes/NSU[-]-
ST11Wilh. Haas/Auto Union[-]-
ST12Karl Hasler/CHAuto Union[-]-
ST23Ernst Schwerdtel/DAuto Union[-]-
ST2Hermann Vogt/DAuto Union 1000 Sp[-]-
ST175Gerhard Mitter/DDKW[-]- RaceCarsphoto

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