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Euromontagna Archives

Gaisberg, Salzburg




1. 114Wolfgang Berghe von Trips/DPorsche RSK1500[-]09:24,10004:41,9001. gr. Sphoto
2. 110Joakim Bonnier/SBorgward H1500RS[-]09:30,00004:43,9002. gr. Sphoto
3. 109Hans Herrmann/DBorgward H1500RS[-]09:33,40004:45,6003. gr. Sphoto
4. 115Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK1500[-]09:34,60004:47,0004. gr. Sphoto
5. 112Jean Behra/FPorsche RSK1500[-]09:37,20004:47,2005. gr. Sphoto
6. 104Heini Walter/CHPorsche 550 A Spyder[550-042]09:52,70004:56,2006. gr. Sphoto
7. 111Giulio Cabianca/IBorgward H1500RS[-]09:53,80004:56,3007. gr. Sphoto
8. 105Ernst Vogel/APorsche 550 A Spyder[-]10:01,50004:59,1008. gr. Sphoto
9. Richard von Frankenberg/DPorsche RS1700[-]10:12,100- S
10. 108Milivoj Bozic/YUPorsche 550 A Spyder[-]10:36,80005:17,7009. gr. Sphoto
11. 75Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera[-]10:37,50005:17,3001. gr. GTphoto
12. 82Siegfried Günther/DPorsche 356A[-]10:42,2002. gr. GTphoto
13. 94Wolfgang Seidel/DFerrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti[02467]10:52,6003. gr. GTphoto
14. 100Ludwig Fischer/DPorsche Spyder[-]10:53,20010. gr. Sphoto


KL63Ottorino Volonterio/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]- GTphoto
KL60Werner Charles Lier/CHFiat Abarth 750GT[-]- GTphoto
KL59Jean-Jacques Thuner/CHFiat Abarth 750GT[-]- GTphoto
KL69Carlo Peroglio/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]- GTphoto
KL65Herbert Schultze/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]- GTphoto
KL68Luciana Guaschino/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]- GTphoto
KL67Charles Vögele/CHLotus Mk14 Elite[-]- GTphoto
KL73Ernst Schmid/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]- GTphoto
KL77Max J. Kraus/APorsche 356A[-]- GTphoto
KL89Luigi Villotti/IFerrari 250GT[-]- GTphoto
KL88Carl Peter Blaimschein/ALancia Aurelia GT B22[-]- GTphoto
KL58Ernesto Prinoth/IFiat Abarth 750GT[-]- GTphoto
KL118Ulf Norinder/SMaserati 200SI[-]- Sphoto
KL120Gottfried Köchert/AFerrari 750S Monza[-]- Sphoto

Did not classified

NC23Hans Bauer/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]3. gr. TCphoto
NC25Hans Krajacic/ASimca Aronde 90[-]- TCphoto
NC44Otto H. Karger/APeugeot 403[-]- TCphoto
NC40Bengt Martenson/SVolvo PV444[-]- TCphoto
NC49Renato Salvetta/IAlfa Romeo 1900 TI[-]1. gr. TCphoto
NC47Girolamo Capra/IAlfa Romeo 1900 TI[-]- TCphoto
NC27Alex Cavalli/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]2. gr. TCphoto
NC7Siegfried Gerstmaier/ADKW F93[-]- TCphoto
NC9Walter Schatz/ADKW F93[-]- TCphoto
NS92Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW 507[-]- GT
P96Alfred Hartmann/DAuto Union Spyder[-]- Sphoto
P97Conte Favero/IStanguelini[-]- Sphoto
P101 - Porsche Spyder[-]- Sphoto
P102Jac. Houdusse/FPorsche 550 Spyder[-]- Sphoto
P103D. Latchford/GBCooper Sport[-]- S
P106Domenico Lo Coco/IOSCA 1500[-]- S
P107Antonio von Döry/RAPorsche Spyder RS[-]- Sphoto
ST11Josef Schmidhofer/ADKW F91[-]- TCphoto
ST12Hermann Marhofer/DDKW F93[-]- TCphoto
ST14Eberhard Mahle/DDKW F91[-]- TC
ST15Franz Binder/ADKW Au 1000[-]- TCphoto
ST16Ernst Schwerdtel/DDKW F91[-]- TCphoto
ST17Manfred Hönig/DDKW Au 1000[-]- TCphoto
ST10Hermann Vogt/DDKW Au 1000[-]- TCphoto
ST8Markus Altenburger/ADKW F91[-]- TCphoto
ST6Moni Wallraf/DDKW 36[-]- TCphoto
ST5Alfred Gaberszik/ASaab 93[-]- TC
ST4Paul Fürst Metternich/SBMW 600[-]- TCphoto
ST2Michael Mettenheimer/AGoggomobil T400[-]- TCphoto
ST1Karl Jungmayer/DGoggomobil T400[-]- TCphoto
ST54Eugen Böhringer/DDaimler-Benz 219[-]- TCphoto
ST53Cesare Largaiolli/IAlfa Romeo 1900 TI[-]- TC
ST52Eraldo Nicosia/IAlfa Romeo 1900 TI[-]- TC
ST18Richard Lichtenberg/DDKW F91[-]- TC
ST19Rolf Berberich/DDKW F91[-]- TCphoto
ST48 - Fiat 1100 TV[-]- photo
ST37Hans Klinken/DVW[-]- TC
ST36Peter Jakl/AFiat 1100 TV[-]- TC
ST35Gottfried Brugger/AFiat 1100 TV[-]- TCphoto
ST34 "Basilius"/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]- TCphoto
ST33Karl Prantl/AFiat 1100 TV[-]- TCphoto
ST32Josef Eschey/DSimca[-]- TCphoto
ST31Herbert Schmied/AFiat 1200 Gr. L.[-]- TCphoto
ST30Franz jr. Klecanda/ASimca Elyseé[-]- TCphoto
ST29Eduard Müller/AFiat 1100[-]- TC
ST28Wilhelm Riebler/AFiat 1100[-]- TCphoto
ST26Dir. W. Löwinger/AAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]- TCphoto
ST24Georg Kaufmann/AAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]- TC
ST22Heinz Vetter/AAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]- TC
ST21Walter Rauscher/AVW Export[-]- TCphoto
ST85 - [-]- photo
ST51Arnult Pilhafsch/ABMW 502[-]- TCphoto
ST91Theo Geither/DMercedes-Benz 300SL[-]- GT
ST90Adolf Kern/AMercedes-Benz 300SL[-]- GT
ST87Dore Leto Di Priolo/IFiat 8V[-]- GT
ST86Erich Pagany/AAustin Healey 100[-]- GTphoto
ST76Herbert Nosek/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
ST84Walter Häderle/DPorsche 356A[-]- GTphoto
ST83Bruno Runte/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GTphoto
ST81 "De Rosis"/APorsche Carrera[-]- GTphoto
ST80Maximilian Betz/APorsche 1600S[-]- GTphoto
ST79 Gradischnigg/APorsche 1600S[-]- GTphoto
ST74Hanns Roth/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GTphoto
ST119Gustav von Maynprugg/ABMW Veritas[-]- S
ST117Harry Zweifel/CHMGA EX/128 Sport[-]- Sphoto
ST116Stéphane Rapetti/CHFerrari Testa Rosa[-]- S
ST113Erwin Lechner/AMaserati[-]- S
ST93O. Randaccio/IFerrari 250GT[-]- GT
ST56Peter Klitsch/AFiat Deriv. Stanguellini[-]- GTphoto
ST50Paul Fürst Metternich/SJaguar 3,4[-]- TC
ST46Günter Harig/DPeugeot 403[-]- TCphoto
ST45Willy König/DBorgward Isab. TS[-]- TCphoto
ST43Otto H. Kaltner/ABorgward Isab. TS[-]- TC
ST42Gerhart Greil/AFord 15M[-]- TCphoto
ST41Leopold Plaimauer/ABorgward Isab. TS[-]- TCphoto
ST72Hermann Kunz/DPorsche 1300[-]- GTphoto
ST71Giancarlo Baghetti/IAlfa Romeo GSV[-]- GT
ST70Ada Pace/IAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]- GT
ST66Karl Foitek/CHAlfa Romeo GSC[-]- GT
ST64Helmut Basedow/DAustin Healey Sprite[-]- GTphoto
ST55Aga Steffan/AAlfa Romeo GSV[-]- GTphoto
ST62Alberto Demetz/IFiat 600GT[-]- GT
ST61Mario Poltronieri/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]- GT
ST57Ermanno Gonella/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]- GT
ST99Colin Murray/GBLotus Le Mans[-]- S

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