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Euromontagna Archives

FRC 3 Stunden Rennen Hockenheim




1. 371Hans Peter Pfister/Osella PA10[-]7202:58:48,970- Cphoto
1. 371Fredy Lienhard/CHOsella PA10[-]7202:58:48,970- Cphoto
2. Ruedi Seher/DMaurer BMW Turbo[-]722595- C
2. Maurer/Maurer BMW Turbo[-]722595- C
3. Roland Vaglio/IArgo JM 19 D[-]70--- C
3. Duplex/FArgo JM 19 D[-]70--- C
3. Silvio Vaglio/IArgo JM 19 D[-]70--- C


KL Martin P. Flach/CHTiga SC81[-]- Sports2000
KL Bruno Baur/CHTiga SC81[-]- Sports2000
KL Wüthrich/VW Golf GTi[-]-
KL Francis Meier/CHBMW 320[-]-
KL Alfred Muster/CHRenault 5 Turbo[-]-
KL Ernst Rieben/Renault 5 Turbo[-]-
KL Prosten/Porsche RSR[-]- B
KL Thomas Finger/CHVW Golf GTi[-]-
KL Alain Pfefferle/CHPorsche 935 Turbo[-]-
KL Michel Pfefferle/CHPorsche 935 Turbo[-]-
KL Beilke/Porsche RSR[-]- B

Did not classified

AB Max Geiser/CHShrike P16[-]- Sports2000
AB Heinz Steiner/CHLola[T298/HU93]- C
AB Günther Gebhardt/DGebhardt C2 Audi Turbo[-]- C
AB Helmut Mundas/DGebhardt C2 Audi Turbo[-]- C
P391Walter Friedrich/CHArgo C2 Chevrolet[JM19D-128-C2]- Cphoto
P391Eugen Strähl/CHArgo C2 Chevrolet[JM19D-128-C2]- Cphoto
P Per Boström/SPorsche 935[-]-
P Edgar Dören/DPorsche Carrera[-]-
P Stureson/Porsche 935[-]-
P Walter Pedrazza/APRC[M89_]- C
P Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini[059-S289]- C

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