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1. Christian Debias/FRalt RT2 BMW[-]06:15,8901. gr. Gr.7/8
2. 1Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FRalt RT1 BMW[-]06:18,8702. gr. Gr.7/8photo
3. Marc Sourd/FMartini F2 BMW[-]06:28,3603. gr. Gr.7/8
4. Max Mamers/FMarch 782 BMW[-]06:29,8704. gr. Gr.7/8
5. 41Mauro Nesti/ILola T296 BMW[-]06:34,9801. gr. Gr.6photo
6. Herve Bayard/FRalt RT1 BMW[-]06:38,0605. gr. Gr.7/8
7. Mario Casciaro/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-054]06:51,9802. gr. Gr.6
8. 40Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A441 V6[A441-0]06:54,4303. gr. Gr.6photo
9. 44Gianni Varese/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA4-044]06:54,6704. gr. Gr.6photo
10. Jean-Louis Bos/FChevron B36 ROC[36-76-04]06:54,7305. gr. Gr.6
11. Jean Lachaud/Chevron B35 ROC[-]06:56,9706. gr. Gr.7/8
12. Fréderic Roland/FRalt RT1 BMW[-]06:57,9007. gr. Gr.7/8
13. Domenico Scola/ILola Ford[-]07:01,1106. gr. Gr.6
14. Marc Montmayeur/FLola T297 BMW[T297/HU89_]07:01,4907. gr. Gr.6
15. Adriano Parlamento/IMarch 742 Cosworth[-]07:02,5608. gr. Gr.7/8
16. Michel Salvi/FMarch 742 Ford 1600[-]07:05,8209. gr. Gr.7/8
17. Lucien Rossiaud/FChevron B36 ROC[-]07:05,9408. gr. Gr.6
18. Horst Deutsch/DTOJ Master BMW[_SC206-Deutsch]07:08,9409. gr. Gr.6
19. Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 934 Turbo[-]07:10,1901. gr. Gr.4
20. Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935[-]07:10,4001. gr. Gr.5
21. "Azarian"/FOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-051]07:11,10010. gr. Gr.6
22. Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 935[-]07:20,4402. gr. Gr.5
23. Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW 320 Heidegger[-]07:26,5503. gr. Gr.5
24. 81Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 930[-]07:28,9004. gr. Gr.5photo
25. Eckhard Schimpf/DPorsche 935 RSR[-]07:34,2305. gr. Gr.5
26. Willi Rabl/APorsche 934 Carrera[-]07:35,9802. gr. Gr.4
27. Bernard Verdier/FLola T294 ROC[-]07:36,28011. gr. Gr.6
28. Henri Paul Magnan/FAGS 1600[-]07:36,41010. gr. Gr.7/8
29. Uwe Thomas Köhler/DPorsche 911S[-]07:47,3806. gr. Gr.5
30. Robert Augias/FBMW 2002Ti[-]07:47,6901. gr. Gr.2
31. "La Torche"/BMW 3.0CSi[-]07:50,7502. gr. Gr.2
32. Jean-Marc Duchenaud/FBMW 320[-]07:51,5803. gr. Gr.2
33. Jean-Claude Rey/FPorsche Carrera 3.0[-]07:52,3803. gr. Gr.4
34. Horst Schoene/DBMW 2002Ti[-]07:53,8804. gr. Gr.2
35. "Gomme"/Ford Escort RS[-]07:58,8901. gr. Gr.1
36. Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS[-]07:59,5002. gr. Gr.1
37. André Froissard/Alpine 1800[-]08:02,0604. gr. Gr.4
38. Jean-Claude Gas/Porsche Carrera 3.0[-]08:02,2701. gr. Gr.3
39. "R.D."/IOsella PA5 Cosworth[-]08:06,29012. gr. Gr.6
40. Oscar Müller/CHAlpine A 110 1600S[-]08:08,8105. gr. Gr.4
41. Jean Claude Sola/FAlpine 1600SC[-]08:10,4802. gr. Gr.3
42. Auttan/Alpine 1600S[-]08:10,6503. gr. Gr.3
43. Oscar Bubeck/CHCopyma Cosworth[-]08:11,45013. gr. Gr.6
44. Lautier/Ford Escort RS[-]08:13,3403. gr. Gr.1
45. Roy/Marcadier Barzoi 1300[-]08:14,05014. gr. Gr.6
46. Eugene Solomas/Alpine 1600S[-]08:16,5006. gr. Gr.4
47. Henri Vuillermoz/FSimca Rallye 3[-]08:17,2304. gr. Gr.1
48. Rene Paulin/FOpel Commodore GSE[-]08:19,8805. gr. Gr.1
49. Georges Rouvier/FSimca Rallye 3[-]08:25,5506. gr. Gr.1
50. P. Giroud/BMW 3.0CSi[-]08:26,2807. gr. Gr.1
51. Armin Fleck/DBMW 3.0CSi[-]08:26,9005. gr. Gr.2
52. R. Trouchet/Opel Kadett GTE[-]08:28,3306. gr. Gr.2
53. J. Pierre Gambro/FSimca Rallye 3[-]08:28,9508. gr. Gr.1
54. "Tchine"/Opel Commodore GSE[-]08:31,0809. gr. Gr.1
55. Paul Condriller/FSunbeam[-]08:31,69010. gr. Gr.1
56. G. Loumi/Marcadier Barzoi 1300[-]08:32,23015. gr. Gr.6
57. J. Max Rainero/BMW 2002Ti[-]08:34,88011. gr. Gr.1
58. Rotelli/Simca Rallye 2[-]08:37,1707. gr. Gr.2
59. Werner Popp/CHChevrolet Camaro[-]08:40,30012. gr. Gr.1
60. J. Marie Bremond/Opel Commodore GSE[-]08:40,8308. gr. Gr.2
61. Pedro M. Roman/Sunbeam[-]08:44,6109. gr. Gr.2
62. R. Blanc/VW Golf Gti[-]08:46,04010. gr. Gr.2
63. J.C. Pascal/VW Golf Gti[-]08:47,01013. gr. Gr.1
64. Orelli/Simca Rallye 2[-]08:48,03011. gr. Gr.2
65. S. Agnes/Renault R5[-]08:48,33012. gr. Gr.2
66. Marcel Viard/FVW Golf Gti[-]08:48,71014. gr. Gr.1
67. Herbert Hürter/DFord Escort RS[-]08:49,73015. gr. Gr.1
68. Pellissier/VW Golf Gti[-]08:52,61016. gr. Gr.1
69. Charlys Zamponi/VW Golf Gti[-]08:53,23017. gr. Gr.1
70. R. Bozzano/Ford Escort RS[-]08:54,70018. gr. Gr.1
71. Humbert Puppo/4CV Proto[-]08:58,69016. gr. Gr.6
72. T. Emmanuelli/Porsche Carrera 3.0[-]09:00,5104. gr. Gr.3
73. Le Cacheur/Simca Rallye 2[-]09:01,88019. gr. Gr.1
74. Le Deist/Simca Rallye 2[-]09:04,70020. gr. Gr.1
75. S. Saviotti/Opel Kadett GTE[-]09:07,83013. gr. Gr.2
76. Raynaud/Alpine 1300[-]09:22,34017. gr. Gr.6
77. Thiebaut/Alfa Romeo 2000[-]09:24,72021. gr. Gr.1
78. Rochesani/Ford Escort 1300[-]09:25,03014. gr. Gr.2
79. Tastavin/Fiat 128[-]09:31,57015. gr. Gr.2
80. Rousseau/Simca Rallye 2[-]09:44,79022. gr. Gr.1
81. Flavio Sandri/IFiat X/9[-]10:13,8707. gr. Gr.4
82. Michel Rutily/Simca Rallye 2[-]10:48,35023. gr. Gr.1



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