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Euromontagna Archives

Coppa Citta di Potenza, Sellata



1. 218Mauro Nesti/ILola T296 BMW[-]09:49,9501. gr. Gr.6
2. 215Mario Casciaro/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-054]10:04,9702. gr. Gr.6
3. 216Juan Alfonso Fernandez/ELola T296 BMW[T296/HU83-87?]10:26,4303. gr. Gr.6
4. 210Stefano Bettoni/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-050]10:46,6904. gr. Gr.6
5. 204Giuseppe Savoldi/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-061]10:48,7305. gr. Gr.6
6. 208Pietro Laureati/ILola T294 BMW[-]10:55,6306. gr. Gr.6
7. 203Renato Arfé/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA4-046]11:13,9107. gr. Gr.6
8. 175Jean-Claude Weiten/LBMW 2002[-]11:17,9801. gr. Gr.5
9. 124Heinz-Jürgen Pohlmann/DFord Escort RS 1800[-]11:21,6001. gr. Gr.2
10. 149John Lagodny/LPorsche Carrera RSR[9114609067]11:22,4201. gr. Gr.4
11. 205 "Bollinger"/IChevron B36 Ford[-]11:23,9308. gr. Gr.6
12. 209Giacomo Comegna/IOsella PA5 BMW[-]11:24,6909. gr. Gr.6
13. 179Germano Nataloni/ILancia Stratos[-]11:32,7602. gr. Gr.5
14. 130Yves Evrard/FBMW[-]11:36,0902. gr. Gr.2
15. 51Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche Carrera RS[-]11:40,0201. gr. Gr.3
16. 184Pietro La Pera/IAMS[-]11:47,25010. gr. Gr.6
17. 192Giuseppe Ippolito D´Ippolito/IChevron B23[-]11:52,52011. gr. Gr.6
18. 193Ernesto Porino/IOsella PA2 Ford[PA2-008]11:59,04012. gr. Gr.6
19. 144Enzo De Vito/IFiat 131[-]12:05,4802. gr. Gr.4
20. 105Sandro Riccitelli/ISimca Rally[-]12:08,7703. gr. Gr.2
21. 125Edgar Grund/DBMW Alpine[-]12:09,4604. gr. Gr.2
22. 123Maurizio Iacoangeli/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]12:12,3105. gr. Gr.2
23. 202Sergio Carignano/IAbarth[-]12:12,80013. gr. Gr.6
24. 176Pasquale Di Monaco/IBMW[-]12:17,7303. gr. Gr.5
25. 28Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS 2000[-]12:21,4501. gr. Gr.1
26. 146Domenico Lo Bello/ILancia Stratos[-]12:30,4003. gr. Gr.4
27. 121Alessandro Marchese/IBMW Alpina[-]12:38,8706. gr. Gr.2
28. 35Franz Baumann/DOpel Commodore[-]12:42,7902. gr. Gr.1
29. 147Teodoro Peruggini/ILancia Stratos[-]12:42,7904. gr. Gr.4
30. 114Saverio D´Emilio/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]12:49,6307. gr. Gr.2
31. 171Paolo Magni/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]12:59,5204. gr. Gr.5
32. 103Dino De Carolis/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]12:59,6508. gr. Gr.2
33. 140Mario Aulisio/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]13:02,7905. gr. Gr.4
34. 25Giuseppe Ciraci/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]13:03,3703. gr. Gr.1
35. 41Domenico De Santis/IAlpine Renault[-]13:04,4402. gr. Gr.3
36. 169Leandro La Vecchia/IFiat 128[-]13:06,2705. gr. Gr.5
37. 47Piermario Carlucci/IAlpine Renault[-]13:14,4503. gr. Gr.3
38. 21Pasquale Santamato/IVW Golf[-]13:15,6104. gr. Gr.1
39. 55Alessandro Ciacciarelli/IPorsche Carrera[-]13:16,6204. gr. Gr.3
40. 20Gianfrancesco Barattolo/IVW Golf[-]13:19,2105. gr. Gr.1
41. 110Mario Paolillo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]13:20,6409. gr. Gr.2
42. 77Rocco Morabito/IFiat Giannini[-]13:21,09010. gr. Gr.2
43. 74Sergio Perri/IFiat Giannini[-]13:22,01011. gr. Gr.2
44. 19Lucio Casciaro/IVW Golf[-]13:25,3006. gr. Gr.1
45. 115Carlo Lofredo/IAlfa Romeo GTJ[-]13:26,67012. gr. Gr.2
46. 82Enrico Fiorillo/IFiat Giannini[-]13:28,70013. gr. Gr.2
47. 29Ciro Calce/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]13:32,5207. gr. Gr.1
48. 128Michele Bifulco/IFord Escort[-]13:32,84014. gr. Gr.2
49. 93Ignazio Ruggeri/IFiat 128[-]13:34,07015. gr. Gr.2
50. 27Alfreio D´Oria/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]13:39,4308. gr. Gr.1
51. 136Luigi Alfano/ILancia Fulvia[-]13:39,9606. gr. Gr.4
52. 196Antonio D´Angelo/IAMS[-]13:41,88014. gr. Gr.6
53. 153 "Tiger"/IFiat Giannini[-]13:42,1206. gr. Gr.5
54. 96Luigi Santulli/IFiat 128[-]13:43,84016. gr. Gr.2
55. 90 "Bazooka"/IA 112 Abarth[-]13:44,40017. gr. Gr.2
56. 86Ezio Ferragina/IFiat Giannini[-]13:44,65018. gr. Gr.2
57. 52Luciano Taiani/IFerrari Dino[-]13:46,2505. gr. Gr.3
58. 167Luigi Bianco/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]13:46,5007. gr. Gr.5
59. 126Giovanni Miranda/IBMW[-]13:46,51019. gr. Gr.2
60. 135Cesare Scarano/IFiat X1/9[-]13:47,9307. gr. Gr.4
61. 107Pantaleone Rianna/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]13:48,65020. gr. Gr.2
62. 164Armando Turano/IFiat 128[-]13:49,1808. gr. Gr.5
63. 61Oronzo Pezzolla/IFiat Giannini[-]13:51,68021. gr. Gr.2
64. 84Antonio De Gregorio/IFiat Giannini[-]13:52,87022. gr. Gr.2
65. 97Angelo Genchi/IFiat 128[-]13:57,35023. gr. Gr.2
66. 59Stefano Pezzolla/IFiat Giannini[-]13:57,90024. gr. Gr.2
67. 64Luigi Magdalone/IFiat Giannini[-]13:58,62025. gr. Gr.2
68. 88Carmine Di Donato/IMini Cooper[-]14:01,17026. gr. Gr.2
69. 116Vincenzo Venosi/IAlfa Romeo GTJ[-]14:01,32027. gr. Gr.2
70. 156Antonio Francese/IFiat Giannini[-]14:01,9509. gr. Gr.5
71. 122Sergio Vendramin/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]14:07,43028. gr. Gr.2
72. 49Gerardo Confuorti/ILancia Beta[-]14:08,3906. gr. Gr.3
73. 18Gennaro Conte/IA 112[-]14:09,8709. gr. Gr.1
74. 154Francesco Pezzolla/IFiat Giannini[-]14:11,46010. gr. Gr.5
75. 142Canio Santarsiero/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]14:14,6508. gr. Gr.4
76. 45Francesco Graziano/IFiat 124 Abarth[-]14:19,5207. gr. Gr.3
77. 78Roberto Politi/IFiat Giannini[-]14:19,87029. gr. Gr.2
78. 65Marcelo Licciulli/IFiat Giannini[-]14:23,53030. gr. Gr.2
79. 137Rocco Lione/ILancia Fulvia[-]14:25,3809. gr. Gr.4
80. 31Pietro D´Addario/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]14:28,94010. gr. Gr.1
81. 10Angelo Ali/ISimca Rally[-]14:29,20011. gr. Gr.1
82. 62Salvatore Rubino/IFiat Giannini[-]14:29,42031. gr. Gr.2
83. 157Salvatore Della Rocca/IFiat Giannini[-]14:31,28011. gr. Gr.5
84. 38Nicola Amoroso/IFiat X1/9[-]14:33,0408. gr. Gr.3
85. 7Giuseppe Mazzola/IA 112[-]14:33,75012. gr. Gr.1
86. 85Enrico Marzano/IFiat Giannini[-]14:34,50032. gr. Gr.2
87. 43Giuseppe Quaranta/IFiat 124 Spyder[-]14:36,54010. gr. Gr.4
88. 23Mario Pasquino/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]14:37,63013. gr. Gr.1
89. 109Pietro Compierchio/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]14:38,25033. gr. Gr.2
90. 12Sante Adesso/ISimca Rally[-]14:38,75014. gr. Gr.1
91. 5Alberto Mancini/IA 112[-]14:39,59015. gr. Gr.1
92. 81Giovanni Giordano/IFiat Giannini[-]14:43,03034. gr. Gr.2
93. 32Paolo Galdieri/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]14:44,10016. gr. Gr.1
94. 75Alberto Coccia/IFiat Giannini[-]14:51,03035. gr. Gr.2
95. 39Franco Scavello/ILancia Fulvia S[-]14:56,0409. gr. Gr.3
96. 2Mario Cutolo/IA 112[-]14:57,62017. gr. Gr.1
97. 87Donato Vista/IMini Cooper[-]15:01,80036. gr. Gr.2
98. 11Andrea Iovine/ISimca Rally[-]15:03,15018. gr. Gr.1
99. 1Pasquale Guarini/IA 112[-]15:03,20019. gr. Gr.1
100. 9Felice Petraglia/ISimca Rally[-]15:06,60020. gr. Gr.1
101. 26Angelo Tagliente/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]15:14,58021. gr. Gr.1
102. 4Sergio Cozza/IA 112[-]15:23,93022. gr. Gr.1
103. 67Francesco Fusco/IFiat Giannini[-]16:04,70037. gr. Gr.2
104. 80Roberto Rotundo/IFiat Giannini[-]16:24,07038. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

P211Enrico Grimaldi/IMarch BMW[-]- Gr.6
P212 "Azarian"/IOsella PA5[-]- Gr.6
P214Cosimo Turizio/IOsella PA5[PA5-057/77]- Gr.6
P221Pasquale Fortuna/IOsella PA5[-]- Gr.6
P222Domenico Scola/ILola Cosworth[-]- Gr.6
P220 - Cebora[-]- Gr.6
P181Michele Di Gioia/IPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5
P201Aldo Bandino/IAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.6
P200Antonio Maria Baglione/IMarch Ford[-]- Gr.6
P199Sergio Ferraris/IChevron B23[-]- Gr.6
P195Salvatore Borrelli/ILola T292[-]- Gr.6
P194Vittorio Carotenuto/ILola T290[-]- Gr.6
P189 Fodale/Dallara[-]- Gr.6
P188Nicola Tisci/IDallara[-]- Gr.6
P187Cosimo Nisi/INSU[-]- Gr.6
P186Luigi D´Ippolito/IAbarth[-]- Gr.6
P185Giovanni Di Pierdomenico/IFerraris[-]- Gr.6
P182Rolf Göring/DPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5

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