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III.a Pujada Internacional "Coll de la Botella", Andorra

Coll de la Botella/AND


1. 87Mauro Nesti/ILola T296 BMW[-]03:12,0301. gr. Gr.6
2. 92Eugenio Baturone/EBrabham BT 40 Ford[-]03:18,5701. gr. Gr.8
3. 95Marc Montmayeur/FMarch 762 BMW[-]03:24,1901. gr. Gr.7
4. 91Rolf G÷ring/DPorsche Carrera RSR[-]03:24,4901. gr. Gr.5
5. 51Heinz-JŘrgen Pohlmann/DFord Escort RS 1800[-]03:25,2001. gr. Gr.2
6. 70Willi Rabl/APorsche Carrera RSR[-]03:25,9601. gr. Gr.4
7. 85Juan Alfonso Fernandez/ELola T296 BMW[T296/HU83-87?]03:27,7202. gr. Gr.6
8. 78Claude Haldi/CHPorsche 935[-]03:29,6102. gr. Gr.5
9. 39Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche Carrera RS[-]03:29,7701. gr. Gr.3
10. 41Jean-Marie Bonnemaison/FPorsche Carrera RS[-]03:30,5802. gr. Gr.3
11. 98 "Jean Claude"/EJuncosa F1800 Seat[-]03:31,5002. gr. Gr.8
12. 97Alfonso Tormez/EMartini BMW[-]03:32,6403. gr. Gr.8
13. 40Jean-Claude Rey/FPorsche[-]03:32,7303. gr. Gr.3
14. 65John Lagodny/LPorsche 911RSR[9114609067]03:33,6902. gr. Gr.4
15. 53Yves Evrard/FBMW 2002[-]03:34,1502. gr. Gr.2
16. 68Carles Santacreu/Porsche Carrera RS[-]03:38,6903. gr. Gr.4
17. 84Antonio Puigdelivol/ANDLola[-]03:39,7703. gr. Gr.6
18. 76Jean-Claude Weiten/LBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]03:40,8903. gr. Gr.5
19. 21Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS 2000[-]03:41,0201. gr. Gr.1
20. 33Franz Baumann/DOpel Commodore[-]03:44,1502. gr. Gr.1
21. 24Yves Lejeune/Ford Escort RS[-]03:44,4903. gr. Gr.1
22. 86J.Marie Amoros/FLola T294[-]03:44,7404. gr. Gr.6
23. 36Jean-Claude Dupuy/FAlpine A110[-]03:46,1804. gr. Gr.3
24. 32Hartmut B÷hme/DOpel Commodore GSE[-]03:47,5804. gr. Gr.1
25. 37Urs Hauenstein/CHAlpine A110[-]03:48,4505. gr. Gr.3
26. 22Herbert HŘrter/DFord Escort RS[-]03:49,5205. gr. Gr.1
27. 25 "Scarlami"/Ford Escort RS[-]03:50,2706. gr. Gr.1
28. 62Jean-Pierre Rabuffat/Alpine A110[-]03:51,3004. gr. Gr.4
29. 29Christian Morisson/FTriumph Dolomite[-]03:55,3507. gr. Gr.1
30. 42Serge Coursan/FAustin Cooper[-]03:57,9003. gr. Gr.2
31. 96Bernard Birbes/Lola T410[-]04:02,5404. gr. Gr.8
32. 56Isidre Garriga/Opel Kadett GT/E[-]04:03,4004. gr. Gr.2
33. 16Fernand Weber/LChrysler Sunbeam Avenger[-]04:04,5008. gr. Gr.1
34. 47AndrÚ Bordenave/Simca Rallye II[-]04:07,8305. gr. Gr.2
35. 6Gerald Faliere/Simca Rallye II[-]04:10,7709. gr. Gr.1
36. 54Ramon Serra/BMW 2002 TI[-]04:11,7806. gr. Gr.2
37. 103Walter Ventable/BMW 2002[-]04:14,3607. gr. Gr.2
38. 9Jean-Jacques Thocaven/Simca Rallye II[-]04:15,94010. gr. Gr.1
39. 73Joaquim Morillas/FRenault 8[-]04:16,0504. gr. Gr.5
40. 19Joan Cerrance/Opel Kadett[-]04:16,84011. gr. Gr.1
41. 72Nati Ortu˛o Dabad/ANDSeat 1430/18[-]04:17,2005. gr. Gr.5
42. 11Pere Cerqueda/ESimca Rallye II[-]04:18,67012. gr. Gr.1
43. 5Serge Barthez/Simca Rallye II[-]04:21,54013. gr. Gr.1
44. 12Daniel Thoreau/FSimca Rallye II[-]04:21,92014. gr. Gr.1
45. 18Philippe Gesbert/Opel Kadett GT/E[-]04:23,30015. gr. Gr.1
46. 4 "El Fadurlo"/Simca Rallye II[-]04:23,63016. gr. Gr.1
47. 48 "Bosch"/Renault 12 Gordini[-]04:24,0808. gr. Gr.2
48. 104 Nolhac/Simca Rallye II[-]04:26,8809. gr. Gr.2
49. 30Marie-Helene Souque/Alfa Romeo GTV[-]04:27,49017. gr. Gr.1
50. 15Antoni Crespo/Autobianchi A112[-]04:35,32018. gr. Gr.1
51. 7France Rouan/Simca Rallye II[-]04:39,06019. gr. Gr.1
52. 52RenÚ Saint Michel/Ford Escort RS[-]04:48,55010. gr. Gr.2
53. 102Andreu Bosch/ESeat 1430[-]04:54,68011. gr. Gr.2
54. 57Jean-Luc Boubila/Alfa Romeo GTV[-]05:01,61012. gr. Gr.2
55. 2Ramon Pascual/Seat 127[-]05:02,07020. gr. Gr.1
56. 75Yves Salat/FSimca 1500 Proto[-]05:02,9106. gr. Gr.5
57. 1Rafael Marcano/ESeat 127[-]05:10,94021. gr. Gr.1
58. 55Edgar Grund/DBMW 2002[-]07:42,17013. gr. Gr.2
59. 66Jean-Claude Sanchez/Porsche Carrera[-]09:44,1605. gr. Gr.4


KL77Jean-Marie AlmÚras/FPorsche RSR[-]- Gr.5
KL60AndrÚ Millet/FAlpine A110[-]- Gr.4
KL71Jacques AlmÚras/FPorsche Turbo[-]- Gr.4

Did not classified

P43A. Albareda Castella/Fiat 128SL[-]- Gr.2
P35 "Jamsal"/ANDAlfa Romeo Alfetta 2000[-]- Gr.1
P34Werner Popp/CHChevrolet Camaro Z28[-]- Gr.1
P31 "Johnnie"/ANDBMW 2002Ti[-]- Gr.1
P28Gilbert Cedo/FFord Escort RS 2000[-]- Gr.1
P27Thierry Torrento/FFord Escort RS 2000[-]- Gr.1
P26Roger Martin/FFord Escort RS 2000[-]- Gr.1
P23Christian Chambres/FFord Escort RS[-]- Gr.1
P44Ramon Arques Huguet/Simca Rallye[-]- Gr.2
P45Berbard Arnaud/Simca Rallye II[-]- Gr.2
P94J. Ramon Minguillon/AND[-]- Gr.7
P101Lluis Mir Lopez/EFormula 1800[-]- Gr.8
P100Pierre Gonzalez/FMartini[-]- Gr.8
P99Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDMartini[-]- Gr.8
P93Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[-]- Gr.7
P50Daniel Pasquier/FBMW[-]- Gr.2
P49Claudine Laporte/Renault 12 Gordini[-]- Gr.2
P46Joen Albert/Simca Rallye II[-]- Gr.2
P20JosÚ Luis Sallent/EOpel Kadett GT/E[-]- Gr.1
P17Jacques Dubert/FOpel Kadett GT/E[-]- Gr.1
P80Michel Pignard/FChevron B36[-]- Gr.6
P81Ernesto Porino/IOsella[PA2-008]- Gr.6
P82 "Azarian"/IOsella[-]- Gr.6
P83Jean Michel Coll/FGrac MT20[-]- Gr.6
P88Ramon March/ANDIresa Barqueta[-]- Gr.6
P89Claude Darne/ANDAbarth 3000[-]- Gr.6
P90S. Sola Gonzalez/ELola T290[-]- Gr.6
P59Jean Vasseur/FAlpine A110[-]- Gr.4
P61Michel Bessac/FAlpine 1600[-]- Gr.4
P63Gerar Hofmann/EAlpine[-]- Gr.4
P64 "La Torche"/FBMW 3.0 CSL[-]- Gr.4
P69Joseph Mas Gol/ANDPorsche 911S[-]- Gr.4
P38Jean Paul Thevenaut/FEsc. Languedoc 81[-]- Gr.3
P3Ramon Rosell/ESeat 127[-]- Gr.1
P8Richard Chiche/FSimca Rallye II[-]- Gr.1
P10Adele Arata/ISimca Rallye II[-]- Gr.1
P14Bernard Favoreu/FSimca Rallye II[-]- Gr.1
P79 "Dufreisn"/FChevron B36[-]- Gr.6

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