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Euromontagna Archives

Bolzano Mendola

Bolzano Mendola/I



1. 612Mauro Nesti/ICebora BMW[-]08:02,3501. gr. Gr.6
2. 654Achille Marzi/IOsella[PA3-025]08:18,1102. gr. Gr.6
3. 620Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EOsella[PA2-007]08:31,1603. gr. Gr.6photo
4. 542Claude Haldi/CHPorsche[-]08:39,390-
5. 594Gianni Varese/IOsella[PA2-016]08:47,2204. gr. Gr.6


KL Dieter Schmid/DPorsche Carrera[-]-
KL Jean-Claude Béring/CHPorsche Carrera[-]1. gr.
KL Willy Siller/ABMW 2002[-]1. gr.
KL446 "Willer"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]1. gr. Gr.3
KL444Ottavio Dazzan/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]2. gr. Gr.3
KL442Marco Capoferri/IDe Tomaso Pantera GR3/75[-]3. gr. Gr.3
KL Michel Pignard/FMarch 75 S[75S-3]- Gr.6

Did not classified

ST658Johann Abt/DLola[-]- Gr.6
ST648Romano Ferretti/IDallara[-]- Gr.6
ST530Eckhard Schimpf/DPorsche Carrera[9114609073]2. gr. Gr.5
ST536Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5
ST430Rolf Göring/DPorsche[-]- Gr.5
ST420Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5
ST660Arcadio Pezzali/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST632 "Costello"/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST662Ludwig Schoberth/DKMW[-]- Gr.6
ST665Sepp Greger/DPorsche[910-016]- Gr.6
ST664Wilhelm Schmid/DBMW Turbo[-]- Gr.6
ST670Willy Gruber/CHBMW[-]- Gr.6
ST672Josef Falkenstein/IBMW[-]- Gr.6
ST640Mario Facca/IKMW[-]- Gr.6
ST656Manfred Anspann/DCondor[-]- Gr.6
ST630Danilo Tesini/IOsella[-]- Gr.6
ST624Stefano Bettoni/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST Harald Freitag/IFord Escort[-]- photo
ST350Giorgio Soldini/IBMW[-]- photo
ST570Giuseppe Bottura/IFerraris[-]- Gr.6photo
ST556 Rahan/IAMS[-]- Gr.6photo
ST552Italo Pain/IFiat Abarth[-]- Gr.6
ST554 "Ragastas"/IAbarth[-]- Gr.6
ST558Gian Maria Castelli/IDallara[-]- Gr.6
ST632Guido Tribbia/IFiat Abarth[-]- Gr.6
ST554Antonio Benis/IAbarth[-]- Gr.6
ST568Sergio Campadelli/IAMS[-]- Gr.6
ST602Salvatore Pellegrino/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST596Giuseppe Savoldi/IOsella[-]- Gr.6
ST602Egidio Nicolesi/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST606P. Uge Prale/IBellasi Ford[-]- Gr.6
ST600Mauro Baldo/IChevron[-]- Gr.6
ST616Pasquale Anastasio/ILola[-]- Gr.6
ST618Achille Serla/IOsella[-]- Gr.6
ST Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW 2002[-]- photo

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