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Euromontagna Archives

Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I



1. 118Mauro Nesti/ILola T296 BMW[-]10:50,6001. gr. Gr.5
2. 198Achille Marzi/IOsella PA3 Hart[PA3-025]11:26,2992. gr. Gr.7
3. 114Gabriele Ciuti/IOsella PA3 Hart[PA3-032]11:27,4993. gr. Gr.5photo
4. 232Adriano Parlamento/IMarch 742 Ford[-]11:32,4991. gr. Gr.8+9photo
5. 102Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EOsella PA2 BMW[PA2-007]11:34,5994. gr. Gr.5
6. 194Giuseppe Ranzolin/IOsella PA2 BMW[PA2-001]11:35,9995. gr. Gr.7
7. 236Luigi Pozzo/IGRD 374 F3[-]11:40,5992. gr. Gr.8+9
8. 804Claude Haldi/CHPorsche Carrera RSR[-]11:46,9991. gr. Gr.5photo
9. 42Francesco Cerulli-Irelli/IAMS 275 Ford[-]11:47,3996. gr. Gr.5
10. 82Giovanni Anzeloni/IOsella PA3 Ford[PA3-038]11:51,3997. gr. Gr.5photo
11. 48Paolo Pogliano/IOsella PA3 Ford[PA3-030]11:57,4998. gr. Gr.5
12. 124Stefano Bettoni/IChevron B31 Armaroli[-]12:04,9999. gr. Gr.5
13. 224Manfred Anspann/DDeutsch Special[C011]12:06,59910. gr. Gr.7
14. 396Ruggero Parpinelli/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]12:07,5991. gr. Gr.4
15. Jean-Claude Béring/CHPorsche Carrera RS[-]12:07,8991. gr. Gr.3
16. 112Achille Soria/IOsella PA2 Abarth[PA2-Soria_]12:11,9993. gr. Gr.5
17. 238Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham BT40B F2[-]12:15,9994. gr. Gr.8+9photo
18. 242Helmut Prossliner/IFormula Italia 1600 Altoatesina[-]12:17,5995. gr. Gr.8+9
19. 214Mario Nardari/IMarch 75S Ford DFV[73S-8]12:26,69911. gr. Gr.7photo
20. "Carter"/IRenault Alpine A110[-]12:26,7992. gr. Gr.4photo
21. 222Wilhelm Schmid/DSchmid BMW Turbo[-]12:26,89912. gr. Gr.7photo
22. Dieter Schmid/DPorsche Carrera RS[-]12:34,5992. gr. Gr.3
23. Sergio Rombolotti/IRenault Alpine A110[-]12:36,1993. gr. Gr.4
24. 4 "Ragastas"/IDallara Sport Fiat[-]12:36,89913. gr. Gr.5
25. 388Eckhard Schimpf/DPorsche Carrera RSR[9114609073]12:37,6992. gr. Gr.5photo
26. 212Ludwig Schoberth/DKMW Porsche[-]12:38,69914. gr. Gr.7photo
27. Silvano Pittini/IPorsche Carrera RS[-]12:40,0993. gr. Gr.3
28. 184Bruno Huber/CHMungo T13[-]12:42,69915. gr. Gr.7photo
29. 414Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett GTE[-]12:44,5991. gr. Gr.2photo
30. Ferrucio Caliceti/IRenault Alpine A110[-]12:46,8994. gr. Gr.4
31. Aldo Bersano/IRenault Alpine A110[-]12:47,3995. gr. Gr.4
32. 84Egidio Nicolosi/IChevron B21 Ford[-]12:48,09916. gr. Gr.5
33. 202Mauro Baldo/IChevron B21 Ford[-]12:51,69917. gr. Gr.7
34. 188 "John John"/IDallara Sport[-]12:51,79918. gr. Gr.7photo
35. 244Francesco Bergami/IMazzilli F3[-]12:57,4996. gr. Gr.8+9
36. 2Italo Pain/IFiat Abarth 1000 SPP[-]12:59,69919. gr. Gr.5
37. Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW 1602[-]12:59,8992. gr. Gr.2
38. Mario Ruoso/IFord Escort RS[-]13:00,4993. gr. Gr.2
39. 8Giampaolo Bianucci/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]13:02,19920. gr. Gr.5
40. 76Gianni Varese/IOsella PA3 Ford[PA2-016]13:06,49921. gr. Gr.5photo
41. Girolamo Capra/IPorsche Carrera RSR[-]13:08,3996. gr. Gr.4
42. Marcello Cipriani/IRenault Alpine A110[-]13:08,5997. gr. Gr.4
43. Brunner/BMW 1602T[-]13:08,6994. gr. Gr.2
44. Bruno Rebai/IPorsche 914/6[-]13:09,9998. gr. Gr.4
45. Capuzzo/Renault Alpine A110[-]13:15,9999. gr. Gr.4
46. 204Attilio Mercadante/IChevron B21 Ford[-]13:17,29922. gr. Gr.7
47. Martin Wieler/DFiat 128[-]13:18,5995. gr. Gr.2
48. 174Gian Maria Castelli/IDallara Sport[-]13:18,99923. gr. Gr.7
49. Massimo Ronconi/IPorsche 914/6[-]13:19,69910. gr. Gr.4
50. Dante Gargan/IFiat 128 1300[-]13:20,4996. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

ST52Renato Davico/IOsella PA3 Ford[PA3-034]- Gr.5
ST56Salvatore Pellegrino/IChevron[-]- Gr.5
ST172Sergio Burgassi/ILola T212[-]- Gr.7
ST78Giuseppe Savoldi/IOsella PA3 Abarth[PA3-029]- Gr.5
ST88 "Paolo Lara"/IFord GR[-]- Gr.5
ST46Renato Arfé/IAMS[-]- Gr.5
ST26Umberto Bagnoli/IBagnoli T103[-]- Gr.5photo
ST24Antonio Bonis/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]- Gr.5
ST18Sergio Campedelli/IAMS[-]- Gr.5photo
ST16Romano De Gan/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]- Gr.5photo
ST14Piero Falorni/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]- Gr.5
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST92Sergio Santamarianuova/IChevron Ford[-]- Gr.5
ST216Sepp Greger/DPorsche 910[910-016]- Gr.7
ST708 "Willer"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]- Gr.3
ST706Ottavio Dazzan/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]- Gr.3
ST712Marco Capoferri/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]- Gr.3
ST116Pasquale Anastasio/ILola T294[-]- Gr.5
ST108Franco Pilone/IOsella PA3 BMW[PA3-027]- Gr.5photo
ST148Odoardo Govoni/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]- Gr.5
ST146Girolamo Capra/IPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5
ST144Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche Carrera[-]- Gr.5
ST142Vittorio Mascari/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]- Gr.5
ST138Mario Facca/IKMW[-]- Gr.5
ST134Walter Proebst/DPorsche 907[907-032]- Gr.5
ST226Hans Rudolf Urech/CHGrac MT14S[-]- Gr.7photo
ST704 Bozzetto/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]- Gr.3
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
ST - [-]- Gr.2
T178Günther Lehmann/DDullon Ford[-]- Gr.7

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