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Euromontagna Archives

Mezinárodné preteky automobilov do vrchu Baba



1. 10Paul Riss/DLola T296[T290/HU02]04:58,22002:27,6401. gr. Gr.6
2. Václav Lím/CZAvia AE 2[TK9055-78/Avia-AE2/]02:35,5592. gr. B8
3. 12Gebhard Zeller/DDullon Ford[LD10-02]05:15,79002:37,3602. gr. Gr.6
3. Helmut Kalenborn/DMarch F2 BMW[77B-1]02:32,2591. gr. B8
4. Jiří Mičánek/CZMTX 1-03[TK9023/75/1-03/]02:37,7503. gr. B8
5. 14Reinhold Gruber/DBehnke Condor Ford[C011]05:18,19002:32,0303. gr. Gr.6
6. 111Jiří Hák/CZLotus Ford[05]05:22,50002:39,4604. gr. Gr.6
7. 4Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX 1-03[2-03.210]--- B8
8. 15Marcel Pipek/CSSpider Škoda[TK6051/76-Baghira_]05:24,70002:41,6605. gr. Gr.6


KL8Petr Bold/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.208]6. gr. Gr.6
KL11Viktor Mihálik/SKSpider II[VM-02]7. gr. Gr.6

Did not classified

AB Deszö Kiss/HOsella PA3/5[PA3/5-019/027/1978]- Gr.6
AB3Karel Jílek/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.204]- Gr.6
P32Michali Balatoni/HAlpina Renault[-]- Gr.6
P201Zoltán Matajsz/CSSpider[Spider-Giom3-1_]- Gr.6
P97Jiří Patera/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.209]- Gr.6
P17Roman Lenárd/CSSpider Alfa Romeo[Spider/Aero-RL_]- Gr.6
P13Ladislav Molnár/SKSpider Alfa Romeo[Spider-Giom3-2_]- Gr.6
P5Wolfgang Hentschel/DBrixner NSU Spiess[-]- Gr.6
P1Miroslav Adámek/CZBrixner BS1300[BS-0177-1977]- Gr.6
P49Helmut Kalenborn/DKMW Porsche[-]- Gr.6

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