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Euromontagna Archives




1. 1Christian Merli/IOsella Fa 30 Zytek Lrm[30-04/09-FA30]03:35,01301:46,9441. gr. E2-SS
2. 7Simone Faggioli/INorma M20 Fc[M20FC-10/18]03:38,40301:48,9841. gr. E2-SC
3. 3Christoph Lampert/AOsella Fa 30[30-10/09-FA30]03:44,26301:51,6462. gr. E2-SS
4. 8Sébastien Petit/FNorma M20 Fc[M20FC-019/2016]03:47,05301:53,0182. gr. E2-SC
5. 11Guy Demuth/LNorma M20 Fc[-]03:47,41701:53,3063. gr. E2-SC
6. 4Diego De Gasperi/IOsella Fa 30 Zytek[30-01/09-FA30]03:50,85401:55,3463. gr. E2-SS
7. 5Fausto Bormolini/IReynard K02[-]03:51,53601:55,1694. gr. E2-SS
8. 10Andres Vilariňo/ENorma M20[-]03:53,71701:56,7464. gr. E2-SC
9. 2Joël Volluz/CHOsella Fa 30[-]03:55,54101:55,6885. gr. E2-SS
10. 12Petr Trnka/CZLigier Js53 Evo2 Lrm[-]04:08,52902:03,6765. gr. E2-SC
11. 19Reto Meisel/CHMercedes Slk 340[-]04:10,15002:04,7151. gr. E2-SH
12. 9Fabien Bouduban/CHNorma M20 Fc[M20FC-020/2016]04:10,57302:05,0346. gr. E2-SC
13. 20Vladimír Vitver/CZAudi Ttr-Dtm[-]04:13,48302:06,6022. gr. E2-SH
14. 18Marco Capucci/IOsella Pa 21 Evo[PA21-56/06-S-FIA]04:19,67202:09,6171. gr. CN
15. 22Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/ELamborghini Huracan Supertrofeo[-]04:23,95602:11,9743. gr. E2-SH
16. 14Jose Correia/POsella Pa 2000 Evo2[-]04:24,57302:11,8987. gr. E2-SC
17. 21Philippe Schmitter Frey/FRenault Rs 01[-]04:32,50602:14,6784. gr. E2-SH
18. 28Ján Miloň/SKMclaren 650 S Gt3[-]04:32,77702:16,1551. gr. GT
19. 29Christian Schmitter/Porsche 997 Gt3 R[-]04:34,57902:17,0662. gr. GT
20. 25Patrick Cunha/PMercedes Amg Gt[-]04:36,72002:16,4345. gr. E2-SH
21. 30Jose Pires Silvino/Porsche 997 Gt3 R[-]04:39,38602:19,4113. gr. GT
22. 23Luis Nunes/PFord Fiesta St R5[-]04:42,03102:20,7856. gr. E2-SH
23. 27Jose Rodrigues/PHonda Civic Type R[-]04:42,43202:20,5267. gr. E2-SH
24. 31Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo[-]04:51,06702:24,7121. gr. N
25. 32Ricardo Gomes/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]04:57,29202:28,0952. gr. N
26. 36Lukáš Vojáček/CZSubaru Impreza Wrx[-]04:58,19602:28,4011. gr. A
27. 37Luca Zuurbier/IHonda Civic Type R[-]05:05,40202:32,3272. gr. A
28. 40David Dědek/CZAlfa Romeo 147 2.0 Ts[-]05:08,86402:34,4143. gr. A
29. 33Pedro Saraiva Coelho/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]05:09,75502:34,3103. gr. N
30. 35Lázsló Hernádi/HMitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]05:35,97502:47,1461. gr. S20


Did not classified

AB331 - Opel Corsa[-]-
AB43Joao Fonseca/PSilverCar RF10[-]-
AB105 - Renault 5GT Turbo[-]-
AB332 - BMW 325i[-]-
AB204 - Toyota Yaris[-]-
AB68 - Citroen AX Gti[-]-
AB6Renzo Napione/IReynard K02[-]- E2-SS
AB63Diogo Barroso/Renault Clio R3[-]-
NS26Pedro Marques/LSeat Leon[-]- E2-SH
NS17Jose Cabrera/BRC BR53[-]- E2-SC
T151 - Austin Clubman MK2[-]-
T58Renato Piairo/Toyta Celica GT 4WD[-]-
T315 - Huyndai Accent[-]-
T100 - BMW 2002[-]-


1Christian Merli/IOsella Fa 30 Zytek Lrm[30-04/09-FA30]E2-SS
2Joël Volluz/CHOsella Fa 30[-]E2-SS
3Christoph Lampert/AOsella Fa 30[30-10/09-FA30]Rauch Power SportsE2-SS
4Diego De Gasperi/IOsella Fa 30 Zytek[30-01/09-FA30]E2-SS
5Fausto Bormolini/IReynard K02[-]E2-SS
6Renzo Napione/IReynard K02[-]E2-SS
7Simone Faggioli/INorma M20 Fc[M20FC-10/18]Best Lap SSDE2-SC
8Sébastien Petit/FNorma M20 Fc[M20FC-019/2016]E2-SC
9Fabien Bouduban/CHNorma M20 Fc[M20FC-020/2016]E2-SC
10Andres Vilariňo/ENorma M20[-]E2-SC
11Guy Demuth/LNorma M20 Fc[-]E2-SC
12Petr Trnka/CZLigier Js53 Evo2 Lrm[-]E2-SC
14Jose Correia/POsella Pa 2000 Evo2[-]E2-SC
17Jose Cabrera/BRC BR53[-]E2-SC
18Marco Capucci/IOsella Pa 21 Evo[PA21-56/06-S-FIA]CN
19Reto Meisel/CHMercedes Slk 340[-]E2-SH
20Vladimír Vitver/CZAudi Ttr-Dtm[-]E2-SH
21Philippe Schmitter Frey/FRenault Rs 01[-]E2-SH
22Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/ELamborghini Huracan Supertrofeo[-]E2-SH
23Luis Nunes/PFord Fiesta St R5[-]E2-SH
25Patrick Cunha/PMercedes Amg Gt[-]E2-SH
26Pedro Marques/LSeat Leon[-]E2-SH
27Jose Rodrigues/PHonda Civic Type R[-]E2-SH
28Ján Miloň/SKMclaren 650 S Gt3[-]GT
29Christian Schmitter/Porsche 997 Gt3 R[-]GT
30Jose Pires Silvino/Porsche 997 Gt3 R[-]GT
31Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo[-]N
32Ricardo Gomes/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]N
33Pedro Saraiva Coelho/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]N
35Lázsló Hernádi/HMitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]S20
36Lukáš Vojáček/CZSubaru Impreza Wrx[-]A
37Luca Zuurbier/IHonda Civic Type R[-]A
40David Dědek/CZAlfa Romeo 147 2.0 Ts[-]A
43Joao Fonseca/PSilverCar RF10[-]
58Renato Piairo/Toyta Celica GT 4WD[-]
63Diogo Barroso/Renault Clio R3[-]
68 - Citroen AX Gti[-]
100 - BMW 2002[-]
105 - Renault 5GT Turbo[-]
151 - Austin Clubman MK2[-]
204 - Toyota Yaris[-]
315 - Huyndai Accent[-]
331 - Opel Corsa[-]
332 - BMW 325i[-]

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