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Peroni Race Weekend Master Tricolore Prototipi-Sportscar Challenge



1. 1Simon Stoller/PRC Audi Turbo[-]920:25,4611. gr. SPCCH-DIV1
2. 2Jacques Breitenmoser/PRC Mader[-]920:26,0062. gr. SPCCH-DIV1
3. 57Stephan Rupp/Ligier Nissan LMP3[-]921:01,5403. gr. SPCCH-DIV1
4. 36Claudio Francisci/ILucchini BMW[169-P07/09]921:02,5991. gr. GR-SP-E2B3
5. 88Filippo Cuneo/IWolf GB08[GB08-16/13]921:10,1881. gr. GR-SP-CN2
6. 31Norbert Groer/ALigier Honda[-]921:49,4601. gr. SPCCH-DIV2
7. 44Davide Pedetti/ITatuus PY 012[-]921:51,1522. gr. GR-SP-CN2
8. 10Sandro Bettini/IOsella PA 21 S[-]922:01,7033. gr. GR-SP-CN2
9. 32Francesco Pantaleo/IOsella PA 20 S[-]922:08,1131. gr. YTIM-E2B3
10. 43Giancarlo Pedetti/INorma M20 F[-]922:12,9964. gr. GR-SP-CN2
11. 33Alessandro Rosi/INorma M20F BMW[-]922:24,8081. gr. GR-SP-CN4
12. 21Fabio Valle/IA.R. Tampolli[-]820:25,7552. gr. YTIM-SR2
13. 4Andreas Fiedler/APRC Audi Turbo[-]820:42,8074. gr. SPCCH-DIV1
14. 7Stefano Rosina/ILucchini A.R. SN 87[-]822:05,0741. gr. HISTO-JR/
15. 27Massimo Ciglia/IA.R. Lucchini P1 98[135-P1-98]720:40,7631. gr. YTIM-CN4
16. 25Denny Zardo/IOsella PA 20 P[-]615:33,3532. gr. YTIM-E2B3



AB54Stephan Brinzinger/Ligier Honda[-]- SPCCH-DIV2
AB35Ranieri Randaccio/ILucchini BMW[168-P07]- GR-SP-CN4
AB8Mike Fenzel/PRC Audi Turbo[-]- SPCCH-DIV1

Výsledky tréninku

Seznam přihlášených

1Simon Stoller/PRC Audi Turbo[-]T. Hoffmann-RomanSPCCH-DIV1
2Jacques Breitenmoser/PRC Mader[-]T. Pedrazza R.CarsSPCCH-DIV1
4Andreas Fiedler/APRC Audi Turbo[-]T. Pedrazza R.CarsSPCCH-DIV1
7Stefano Rosina/ILucchini A.R. SN 87[-]HISTO-JR/
8Mike Fenzel/PRC Audi Turbo[-]Roland RupprechterSPCCH-DIV1
10Sandro Bettini/IOsella PA 21 S[-]Progetto CorsaGR-SP-CN2
21Fabio Valle/IA.R. Tampolli[-]Team Form-AgorestYTIM-SR2
25Denny Zardo/IOsella PA 20 P[-]Team ItaliaYTIM-E2B3
27Massimo Ciglia/IA.R. Lucchini P1 98[135-P1-98]Tazio NuvolariYTIM-CN4
31Norbert Groer/ALigier Honda[-]Groer NorbertSPCCH-DIV2
32Francesco Pantaleo/IOsella PA 20 S[-]AB MortorsportYTIM-E2B3
33Alessandro Rosi/INorma M20F BMW[-]Piloti ForlivesiGR-SP-CN4
35Ranieri Randaccio/ILucchini BMW[168-P07]SCIGR-SP-CN4
36Claudio Francisci/ILucchini BMW[169-P07/09]GR-SP-E2B3
43Giancarlo Pedetti/INorma M20 F[-]Pave MotorsportGR-SP-CN2
44Davide Pedetti/ITatuus PY 012[-]Pave MotorsportGR-SP-CN2
54Stephan Brinzinger/Ligier Honda[-]T. Pedrazza R. CarsSPCCH-DIV2
57Stephan Rupp/Ligier Nissan LMP3[-]T2 Racing SchweizSPCCH-DIV1
88Filippo Cuneo/IWolf GB08[GB08-16/13]LP RacingGR-SP-CN2

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