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Euromontagna Archives

XV carrera en cuesta al Montseny



1. 119Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 742[742-13]08:56,969- Gr.8
2. 117Yves Martin/FMc Laren M21[-]09:09,710- Gr.8
3. 118Herve Bayard/FMarch 742[-]09:09,900- Gr.8
4. 115Eugenio Baturone/EBrabham BT 40[BT40-12]09:31,000- Gr.8
5. 96Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EAbarth Osella 2000[PA2-007]09:41,770- Gr.5
6. 93Marc Pozet/FChevron B23[-]09:44,549- Gr.5
7. 82Claude Haldi/CHPorsche RSR Carrera[-]09:52,890- Gr.4
8. 79Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Carrera[-]10:10,169- Gr.4
9. 81Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911 Carrera[-]10:10,250- Gr.4
10. 106Frederico van der Hoeven/Selex ST 3[-]10:22,280- Gr.9
11. 78Eric-Daniel Chapuis/CHPorsche RSR Carrera[-]10:27,290-
12. 100Daniel Gache/FChevron B23[-]10:31,569-
13. 95Johann Abt/DAbarth 2000 Turbolare[-]10:31,719-
14. 94Jean Michel Coll/FAbarth 2000[-]10:36,750-
15. 97Sepp Greger/DPorsche 910[910-016]10:39,7106. gr.
16. 69Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche RS Carrera[-]10:43,819- Gr.3
23. 50Juan Ignacio Canela/ESimca 1000 GT[-]11:20,200-
25. Marc Montmayeur/FBMW[-]11:24,6901. gr. Gr.1
74. - Opel Ascona[-]49:01,520-


KL Helmut Mander/D?[-]-

Did not classified

? Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche[-]-
? - Commodore[-]-
? Denis Rua/FBBM[C2-13/1974]-
? Manfred Anspann/DCondor Ford PBD[C011]-
? Jorge Roig/Lotus Elan[-]-
? Jean-Louis Bos/FAlpine[-]-
AB Tony Rüegg/CHLola T212[-]-


- Opel Ascona[-]
Tony Rüegg/CHLola T212[-]
Denis Rua/FBBM[C2-13/1974]
Jean-Louis Bos/FAlpine[-]
Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche[-]
Helmut Mander/D?[-]
Jorge Roig/Lotus Elan[-]
- Commodore[-]
Marc Montmayeur/FBMW[-]Gr.1
Manfred Anspann/DCondor Ford PBD[C011]
50Juan Ignacio Canela/ESimca 1000 GT[-]
69Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche RS Carrera[-]Gr.3
78Eric-Daniel Chapuis/CHPorsche RSR Carrera[-]
79Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Carrera[-]Gr.4
81Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911 Carrera[-]Gr.4
82Claude Haldi/CHPorsche RSR Carrera[-]Gr.4
93Marc Pozet/FChevron B23[-]Gr.5
94Jean Michel Coll/FAbarth 2000[-]
95Johann Abt/DAbarth 2000 Turbolare[-]
96Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EAbarth Osella 2000[PA2-007]Gr.5
97Sepp Greger/DPorsche 910[910-016]
100Daniel Gache/FChevron B23[-]
106Frederico van der Hoeven/Selex ST 3[-]Gr.9
115Eugenio Baturone/EBrabham BT 40[BT40-12]Gr.8
117Yves Martin/FMc Laren M21[-]Gr.8
118Herve Bayard/FMarch 742[-]Gr.8
119Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 742[742-13]Gr.8

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