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Euromontagna Archives

5. Internationales Gaisbergrennen




1. 56Carlo Felice Trossi/IAlfa Romeo Monza 2.6[-]07:42,5701. gr. RaceCarsphoto
2. 54Luigi Premoli/IMBP[-]07:50,2902. gr. RaceCarsphoto
3. 55Hans Stuber/CHBugatti T51[-]07:55,8403. gr. RaceCars
4. 50H.P. Widengreen/SAlfa Romeo[-]08:00,9804. gr. RaceCarsphoto
5. 53László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]08:07,2405. gr. RaceCarsphoto
6. 32Mario Tadini/IAlfa Romeo[-]08:11,9001. gr. SportsCarsphoto
7. 42Hans Ruesch/CHAlfa Romeo 6C[-]08:24,1806. gr. RaceCars
8. 24Hans Ruesch/CHAlfa Romeo[-]08:29,4602. gr. SportsCars
9. 57Luigi Fagioli/IMaserati 2800[-]08:32,1007. gr. RaceCarsphoto
10. 34Gildo Strazza/Lancia[-]08:34,6503. gr. SportsCars
11. 51Bruno Fontanini/IAlfa Romeo[-]08:35,2508. gr. RaceCarsphoto
12. 49Emilio Romano/IBugatti T35C[-]08:35,9609. gr. RaceCarsphoto
13. 48Ulrich Maag/CHBugatti T35C[-]08:36,81010. gr. RaceCars
14. 37Guido Landi/IMaserati 4CM[-]08:36,95011. gr. RaceCars
15. 12G.A.H. Scholten/CHBugatti[-]08:45,3704. gr. SportsCarsphoto
16. 10Ippolito Berone/Maserati[-]08:49,7705. gr. SportsCarsphoto
17. 44László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]08:53,4606. gr. SportsCars
18. 19Giuseppe Azzali/Alfa Romeo[-]08:54,1607. gr. SportsCars
19. 27Eugenio Zuccarini/Alfa Romeo[-]09:05,7008. gr. SportsCarsphoto
20. 43André Vagniez/Maserati[-]09:15,37012. gr. RaceCars
21. 16Pierro Trevisan/Alfa Romeo[-]09:17,5209. gr. SportsCars
22. 11Signorina "Marochina"/Alfa Romeo[-]09:27,90010. gr. SportsCarsphoto
23. 30Oreste Peverelli/Alfa Romeo[-]09:36,86011. gr. SportsCars
24. 15Walter Norden/Alfa Romeo[-]09:43,77012. gr. SportsCars
25. 14Georg Goldegg/CSAlfa Romeo[-]10:01,73013. gr. SportsCars
26. 22Georg Suppancic/AAustro-Daimler Bergmeister[-]10:02,13014. gr. SportsCarsphoto
27. 25Arnull Zenkl/Austro-Daimler[-]10:21,19015. gr. SportsCarsphoto
28. 7Li von Wustrow/ABugatti[-]10:40,81016. gr. SportsCars
29. 5Jacomo Ragnoli/IFiat[-]11:12,97017. gr. SportsCars
30. 2Luigi Villoresi/IFiat 508[-]11:19,39018. gr. SportsCars
31. 1Wilfried Proskowetz/CSAmilcar[-]11:26,66019. gr. SportsCars
32. 18Gianni Giusanni/IAlfa Romeo[-]11:35,00020. gr. SportsCars
33. 52Renato Ferrari/IAlfa Romeo[-]13:31,37021. gr. SportsCarsphoto


Did not classified

P35Lugiano Uboldi/IMaserati[-]- RaceCars
P47Walter Wustrow/ABugatti[-]- RaceCarsphoto
P36Bernhard Kandl/AAmilcar[-]- RaceCarsphoto
P39Vittoria Orsini/Maserati[-]- RaceCarsphoto
P46Robert Fleischanderl/Bugatti[-]- RaceCars
P40Hans Falnbigl/ABugatti[-]- RaceCars
P41Beppo Tuffanelli/Maserati[-]- RaceCars
P17Nini Konock/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P6Hugo Roigh/AMercedes[-]- SportsCars
P8Carlantonio Conte Cavazocca/ICeirano[-]- SportsCars
P9Luigi De Balisti/ICeirano[-]- SportsCars
P4Marzio Ferrari/IFord[-]- SportsCars
P20Mario Penati/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P23Wilfried Proskowetz/CSBugatti[-]- SportsCars
P26Hans Falnbigl/ABugatti[-]- SportsCars
P28Giovanni Jonoch/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P29Renato Ferrari/IAlfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P33Rudi Hunger/ASteyr[-]- SportsCars
P3Iginio Guanellini/IFiat 508[-]- SportsCars

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