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Archívy Euromontagna

4. Internationales Gaisbergrennen (Salzburg)



1. 55Rudolf Caracciola/DAlfa Romeo Type B/P3[-]07:57,0801. gr. RaceCars
2. 35Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DMercedes-Benz[-]08:17,7401. gr. SportsCars
3. 30Charly Jellen/DBugatti T43 Kompr.[-]08:18,5902. gr. SportsCars
4. 29Bruno Fontanini/IAlfa Romeo Kompr.[-]08:35,1103. gr. SportsCars
5. 50Henry Täuber/CHAlfa Romeo[-]08:41,4302. gr. RaceCars
6. 54Hans Stuber/CHBugatti Kompr.[-]08:42,8603. gr. RaceCars
7. 49Carlo Pedrazzini/CHMaserati Kompr.[-]09:06,9704. gr. RaceCars
8. 14Robert Kohlrausch/DBMW[-]09:12,2604. gr. SportsCars
9. 44Rudolf Steinweg/DAmilcar Kompr.[-]09:14,9105. gr. RaceCars
10. 28Beppo Zaccarini/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]09:19,0305. gr. SportsCars
11. 46Hans Simons/DBugatti[-]09:27,6606. gr. RaceCars
12. 27Ippolito Berrone/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]09:28,4906. gr. SportsCars
13. 52Paul Pietsch/ABugatti Kompr.[-]09:29,2307. gr. RaceCars
14. 47László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]09:43,5308. gr. RaceCars
15. 20Dt. Vittorio Cobianchi/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]09:50,3807. gr. SportsCars
16. 45Robert Mayer/ABugatti[-]09:50,4209. gr. RaceCars
17. 42Giulio Aymini/IMonaco[-]09:53,82010. gr. RaceCars
18. 57Karl Dasch/ASteyr[-]09:57,96011. gr. RaceCars
19. 24Achille Moretti/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]10:18,7608. gr. SportsCars
20. 21Pierro Trevisan/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]10:20,5209. gr. SportsCars
21. 38Toni Bauhofer/DKW[-]10:32,65012. gr. RaceCars
22. 7Karl Imhof Oberbergrat/Austro-Daimler[-]10:36,3501. gr. TouringCars
23. 32Walter Wustrow/AAustro-Daimler[-]10:53,14010. gr. SportsCars
24. 11Hans Ruesch/CHMG Midget BMW[-]11:02,29011. gr. SportsCars
25. 36Viktor E. de Strasser Sylton/ADKW Sylton Spezial[-]11:28,12013. gr. RaceCars
26. 6Robert Mayer/ABugatti[-]11:53,0202. gr. TouringCars
27. 23Giovanni Restelli/Alfa Romeo Kompr.[-]12:07,53012. gr. SportsCars



AB17Otto Schlicht/DAmilcar[-]- SportsCars
P18Stefan Gyulai/IAlfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P16Karl Hühnlein/Salmson[-]- SportsCars
P10Ernst von Delius/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
P31Frhr. von Michel/DScap[-]- SportsCars
P1Wolf Schlittgen/DDixi[-]- TouringCars
P2Andreas Sieber/DBMW[-]- TouringCars
P3Eugen Stöser/DDixi[-]- TouringCars
P4Wolfgang von Mayenburg/Tatra[-]- TouringCars
P8Josef junior Schmid/Fiat[-]- TouringCars
P9Andreas Sieber/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
P22Eugenio Zuccarini/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P53Hans Lewy/DBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P51Robert Fleischanderl/Bugatti[-]- RaceCars
P43Engelbert Arco-Zinnerberg/DAmilcar[-]- RaceCars
P40G. Maeher/DKW[-]- RaceCars
P39Eugen Stösser/DBMW[-]- RaceCars
P37Fritz Hedderich/BMW[-]- RaceCars
P26Wilfried Proskowetz/CSBugatti[-]- SportsCars
P33Wilhelm von Merck/Mercedes-Benz[-]- SportsCars
P34Gildo Strazza/Lancia[-]- SportsCars
P19Walter Norden/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P5Konrad Herran/CSAustro-Daimler[-]- TouringCars

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