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Euromontagna Archives




1. 81Rudolf Caracciola/DAlfa Romeo Monza[-]03:52,2001. gr. RaceCars
2. Hans Stuber/CHBugatti[-]03:58,1002. gr. RaceCars
3. Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DMercedes-Benz SSKL[-]04:03,0001. gr. SportsCars
4. Paul Pietsch/ABugatti T35B[-]04:03,1003. gr. RaceCars
5. Hans Lewy/DBugatti[-]04:05,0004. gr. RaceCars
6. Manfred von Brauchitsch/DMercedes-Benz SSKL[-]04:05,4002. gr. SportsCars
7. Charly Jellen/DBugatti T43[-]04:07,2003. gr. SportsCars
7. Berone Ippolito/Alfa Romeo 8C[-]04:07,2003. gr. SportsCars
9. Henry Täuber/CHAlfa Romeo 6C[-]04:12,4005. gr. RaceCars


Did not classified

P Walter Bäumer/BMW[-]- RaceCars
P Gerhardt Macher/DDKW[-]- RaceCars
P Eugen Stösser/DBMW[-]- RaceCars
P Walter Wustrow/AAustro-Daimler[-]- SportsCars
P Hans Gübelin/CHChrysler[-]- SportsCars
P Carl Peter Straumann/Talbot[-]- SportsCars
P Strittmacher/CHBugatti[-]- SportsCars
P Pierre Roy/Bugatti[-]- SportsCars
P Hans Leo van Gülpen/DDKW[-]- RaceCars
P Louis Decaroli/Salmson[-]- RaceCars
P Carl junior Hosch/CZBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P Toni Bauhofer/DKW[-]- RaceCars
P Wilhelm Merck/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]- RaceCars
P Wilfried Proskowetz/CSBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P Carlo Pedrazzini/CHMaserati[-]- RaceCars
P Robert Mayer/ABugatti[-]- RaceCars
P J. Ozannat/FBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P Hans Ollendorf/DBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P Jan Ripper/PLBugatti[-]- RaceCars
P Roger Morand/Bugatti[-]- SportsCars
P Eugenio Zaccarini/IAlfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P Walter Norden/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P Walter H. Oestreicher/DDKW[-]- SportsCars
P Robert Kohlrausch/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
P Wolf Schlittgen/DDixi[-]- SportsCars
P Rudolf Steinweg/DAmilcar[-]- RaceCars
P Hans Simons/DDKW[-]- RaceCars
P Fritz Hedderich/BMW[-]- SportsCars
P Frhr. von Michel/DAustro-Daimler[-]- SportsCars
P J. Strittmatter/Bugatti T38[-]- SportsCars
P Giovanni Lurani/IAlfa Romeo 6C[-]- SportsCars
P Ernst von Delius/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
P Herbert Friedentbal/DDKW[-]- SportsCars
P Dt. Vittorio Cobianchi/Alfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P Josef junior Schmid/Fiat[-]- SportsCars
P Heinrich Meyer/Opel[-]- SportsCars
P Wilfried Proskowetz/CSTatra[-]- SportsCars
P Heinrich Meyer/Opel[-]- SportsCars
P Otto Schlicht/DAmilcar[-]- SportsCars
P Andreas Sieber/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
P Walter Bäumer/Austin JHP[-]- SportsCars
P Otto Hilpoitsteiner/DDKW[-]- SportsCars
P Ernst Schneider/CHDerby[-]- SportsCars

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