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Euromontagna Archives

11th Svab (Budapest)




Special thanks to http://magyarjarmu.hu

1. Rudolf Caracciola/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]03:21,1301. gr. SportsCars
2. Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DAustro-Daimler[-]03:23,7201. gr. RaceCars
3. Ernst Günther Burggaller/DBugatti T43[-]03:25,1802. gr. SportsCars
4. Mario Umberto Borzacchini/IAlfa Romeo 6C[-]03:37,7703. gr. SportsCars
5. Max Arco-Zinnerberg/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]03:43,5602. gr. RaceCars
6. Ferdinand Andreas von Liechtenstein/Bugatti 2.0[-]03:47,3103. gr. RaceCars
7. Pál Feledy/HBugatti T40 2.0[-]04:05,6601. gr. TC
8. Zenó Okolicsanyi/Austro Daimler ADR 8.0[-]04:16,9604. gr. SportsCars
9. Hans Sachsel/Bugatti T43 3.0[-]04:20,2902. gr. TC
10. Lajos Ottlyk/Steyr 5.0[-]04:22,8303. gr. TC
11. Charly Jellen/DBugatti T39 1.5[-]04:31,4805. gr. SportsCars
12. Victor Strasser/DKW 0.5[-]05:04,4706. gr. SportsCars
13. von Liechtenstein/Steyr 1.5[-]05:06,2004. gr. TC
14. Gyula Csörgits/HFord 3.1[-]05:18,2404. gr. RaceCars
15. Istvánné Devan/HBugatti 1.5[-]05:20,5107. gr. SportsCars
16. Simon Fellner/Tatra 1.1[-]05:51,2805. gr. TC


Did not classified

P László Hartmann/H[-]- RaceCars


Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DAustro-Daimler[-]RaceCars
Istvánné Devan/HBugatti 1.5[-]SportsCars
Zenó Okolicsanyi/Austro Daimler ADR 8.0[-]SportsCars
Mario Umberto Borzacchini/IAlfa Romeo 6C[-]SportsCars
Charly Jellen/DBugatti T39 1.5[-]SportsCars
Victor Strasser/DKW 0.5[-]SportsCars
Hans Sachsel/Bugatti T43 3.0[-]TC
Lajos Ottlyk/Steyr 5.0[-]TC
Pál Feledy/HBugatti T40 2.0[-]TC
von Liechtenstein/Steyr 1.5[-]TC
Simon Fellner/Tatra 1.1[-]TC
Max Arco-Zinnerberg/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]RaceCars
Ferdinand Andreas von Liechtenstein/Bugatti 2.0[-]RaceCars
Ernst Günther Burggaller/DBugatti T43[-]SportsCars
Rudolf Caracciola/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]SportsCars
László Hartmann/H[-]RaceCars
Gyula Csörgits/HFord 3.1[-]RaceCars

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