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Archívy Euromontagna

4. Caprino-Spiazzi






ST137Serafino Tolfo/IPorsche 930 Turbo[-]- photo
ST309Salvatore Ferlito/IMarch 75S[75S-ferlito81-86]- photo
ST311Sergio Farris/IOsella[-]- photo
ST316Giuseppe Bottura/IMarch 75S[75S-Bottura78-81]- photo
ST317Franco Mampreso/IOsella[-]- photo
ST318Gian Maria Castelli/ILucchni S280 BMW[002-S280/81]- photo
ST321Carmelo Scaramozzino/IOsella[-]- photo
ST322Stefano Bettoni/IOsella[-]- photo
ST323 Giani/Osella[-]- photo
ST324Gianni Varese/IOsella[PA4-044]- photo
ST327Giovanni Paganucci/ILola T290[-]- photo
ST351Francesco Bortolami/IAMS[-]- photo
ST Roberto Curatolo/IChevron[-]- photo
ST308Adriano Gozzi/ILucchini S280[003-S280/81]- photo
ST306Gian Carlo Chiampo/IOsella[-]- photo
ST304 Stefanelli/IAMS[-]- photo
ST212Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW[-]- photo
ST243Giovanni Gandolfi/ILancia Stratos[-]- photo
ST244Sergio Trevisan/ILancia Stratos[-]- photo
ST253 - Porsche[-]- photo
ST285 - Ford Escort[-]- photo
ST287Stefano Fattori/IFiat 124 Spider[-]- photo
ST289 - Alfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST294Maurizio Degano/IDallara[-]- photo
ST295Caldieri Melchiore/IAMS[-]- photo
ST298Giovanni Giovanelli/ILola[-]- photo
ST302Franco Breschi/ILola[-]- photo
ST303Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]- photo
ST319Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Prati80-81]- photo

Výsledky tréninku

Seznam přihlášených

Roberto Curatolo/IChevron[-]
137Serafino Tolfo/IPorsche 930 Turbo[-]
212Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW[-]
243Giovanni Gandolfi/ILancia Stratos[-]
244Sergio Trevisan/ILancia Stratos[-]
253 - Porsche[-]
285 - Ford Escort[-]
287Stefano Fattori/IFiat 124 Spider[-]
289 - Alfa Romeo[-]
294Maurizio Degano/IDallara[-]
295Caldieri Melchiore/IAMS[-]
298Giovanni Giovanelli/ILola[-]
302Franco Breschi/ILola[-]
303Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]
304 Stefanelli/IAMS[-]
306Gian Carlo Chiampo/IOsella[-]
308Adriano Gozzi/ILucchini S280[003-S280/81]
309Salvatore Ferlito/IMarch 75S[75S-ferlito81-86]
311Sergio Farris/IOsella[-]
316Giuseppe Bottura/IMarch 75S[75S-Bottura78-81]
317Franco Mampreso/IOsella[-]
318Gian Maria Castelli/ILucchni S280 BMW[002-S280/81]
319Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Prati80-81]
321Carmelo Scaramozzino/IOsella[-]
322Stefano Bettoni/IOsella[-]
323 Giani/Osella[-]
324Gianni Varese/IOsella[PA4-044]
327Giovanni Paganucci/ILola T290[-]
351Francesco Bortolami/IAMS[-]

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