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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 3David Hauser/LWolf Power GB08F1[-]01:00,078-
2. 2Eric Berguerand/CHLola-Cosworth Fa99[-]01:01,806-
3. 47Sébastien Petit/FNorma-BMW M20 FC V8[M20FC-016/2016]01:01,9691. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
4. 48Cyrille Frantz/FNorma-BMW M20 FC V8[-]01:04,0252. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
5. 219Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935 DPII[-]01:04,755-
6. 227Mario Fuchs/DMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]01:05,197-
7. 226Thomas Kessler/CHMitsubishi Evo HPT[-]01:05,287-
8. 220Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta Integrale Turbo[-]01:05,891-
9. 200Norbert Brenner/DOpel Vectra V8 DTM[-]01:06,186-
10. 4Simon Hugentobler/CHReynard-Cosworth 93D[-]01:06,760-
13. 50Patrick Zajelsnik/DNorma M20F Mugen V8[M20-F-31/08]01:07,3413. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
19. 61Thomas Conrad/DCRS-Renault MTK S5/7[-]01:08,0564. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
24. 51Jacques Marchal/BNorma M20F BMW[-]01:08,7015. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
29. 65Uwe Wolpert/DUWR-Honda WFK07[-]01:09,6476. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
31. 54Michael Behnke/DOsella PA20/S BMW[-]01:09,6477. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
35. 70Francesco D´Acri/DElia-Suzuki Ario ST09[-]01:10,3848. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
70. 64Bernd Letmade/DNorma-Honda M20[-]01:13,4439. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
73. 53Alexander Zajelsnik/DNorma M20F BMW[-]01:14,01110. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
76. 71Ralf Kroll/DSilver Car S2F Suzuki[-]01:14,36511. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
85. 5Daniel Allais/FReynard 97D Judd[-]01:14,934-
124. 60Pascual Perez/BNorma-Honda M20B[-]01:18,53912. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
138. 6Patrick Watin/FLola B99/50 Judd[-]01:21,113-
147. 67Willy Weyten/BMantis-Opel Sport 2000[-]01:24,00213. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
149. 72Frederico Souris/BSpeed Car GTR Suzuki[-]01:25,57714. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
153. 55Dino Gebhard/DOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-81/00]01:26,41915. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
162. 66Gerhard Siebert/DOsella-BMW PA18[-]01:32,09116. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3
163. 73Eric Vermeylen/BFunyo Proto RS4 Suzuki[-]01:32,93317. gr. E2-SC+CN+C3



ST74Erwin Adami/BPRM-Yamaha Fun Boost RC[-]- E2-SC+CN+C3

Seznam přihlášených

2Eric Berguerand/CHLola-Cosworth Fa99[-]
3David Hauser/LWolf Power GB08F1[-]
4Simon Hugentobler/CHReynard-Cosworth 93D[-]
5Daniel Allais/FReynard 97D Judd[-]
6Patrick Watin/FLola B99/50 Judd[-]
47Sébastien Petit/FNorma-BMW M20 FC V8[M20FC-016/2016]E2-SC+CN+C3
48Cyrille Frantz/FNorma-BMW M20 FC V8[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
50Patrick Zajelsnik/DNorma M20F Mugen V8[M20-F-31/08]E2-SC+CN+C3
51Jacques Marchal/BNorma M20F BMW[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
53Alexander Zajelsnik/DNorma M20F BMW[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
54Michael Behnke/DOsella PA20/S BMW[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
55Dino Gebhard/DOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-81/00]E2-SC+CN+C3
60Pascual Perez/BNorma-Honda M20B[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
61Thomas Conrad/DCRS-Renault MTK S5/7[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
64Bernd Letmade/DNorma-Honda M20[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
65Uwe Wolpert/DUWR-Honda WFK07[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
66Gerhard Siebert/DOsella-BMW PA18[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
67Willy Weyten/BMantis-Opel Sport 2000[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
70Francesco D´Acri/DElia-Suzuki Ario ST09[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
71Ralf Kroll/DSilver Car S2F Suzuki[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
72Frederico Souris/BSpeed Car GTR Suzuki[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
73Eric Vermeylen/BFunyo Proto RS4 Suzuki[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
74Erwin Adami/BPRM-Yamaha Fun Boost RC[-]E2-SC+CN+C3
200Norbert Brenner/DOpel Vectra V8 DTM[-]
219Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935 DPII[-]
220Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta Integrale Turbo[-]
226Thomas Kessler/CHMitsubishi Evo HPT[-]
227Mario Fuchs/DMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]

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