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1. 2David Hauser/LDallara GP2[GP2-015/08]000:50,4691. gr. E2-SS
2. 4Joël Volluz/CHOsella FA30 Judd[30-09/09-FA30]000:50,8512. gr. E2-SS
3. 3Eric Berguerand/CHLola FA99 Cosworth[-]000:50,9013. gr. E2-SS
4. 31Jacques Marchal/BNorma M20F BMW[-]000:53,1541. gr. CN
5. 32Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20/S Evo BMW[-]000:53,3371. gr. E2-SC
6. 6Daniel Allais/FReynard 97D Judd[-]000:53,3914. gr. E2-SS
7. 15Anthony Loueilleux/FTatuus Honda Master[-]000:53,4475. gr. E2-SS
8. 30Marcel Steiner/CHLobArt LA01 Mugen[-]000:53,5292. gr. E2-SC
9. 42Corentin Starck/BNorma M20FC Honda[-]000:54,1222. gr. CN
10. 41Kevin Durot/FNorma M20F Honda[-]000:54,4703. gr. CN
12. 33Georges Hubert/BNorma M20 Evo Honda[-]000:54,8393. gr. E2-SC
16. 44Emmanuel Gonay/BLigier JS53 Evo2 Honda[-]000:55,3564. gr. CN
17. 49Jacky Gourdet/FLigier JS49[-]000:56,3185. gr. CN
19. 55Francesco D´Acri/DElia Avrio ST09 Suzuki[-]000:56,7454. gr. E2-SC
20. 36Dino Gebhard/DOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-81/00]000:57,3566. gr. CN
21. 37Jean-Pierre Bovier/CHOsella PA20/S BMW[-]000:57,5405. gr. E2-SC
30. 34Nicolas Brebsom/LNorma M30FC NME[M20FC-005/2012]000:59,7316. gr. E2-SC
31. 50Uwe Wolpert/DUWR WFK07 Honda[-]000:59,8327. gr. CN
84. 52Gerhard Siebert/DOsella PA18 BMW[-]001:05,8581. gr. C3
111. 51Stephan Collisi/DBehnke Condor BMW[-]001:08,6177. gr. E2-SC



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