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Rampa Internacional da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra/P


1. 25Pedro Salvador/PNorma M20 Fc[-]04:38,15302:16,8921. gr. CN
2. 151Angela Facal Vilariňo/ESilver Car Ef10[-]04:44,84602:22,3441. gr. E2-SC
3. 163Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAUDI R8 LMS ULTRA[-]04:54,83602:27,3771. gr. GT
4. 24Rui Ramalho/POsella Pa21S Evo[-]04:58,07102:24,3622. gr. CN
5. 18Christian Schweiger/AMITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII[-]05:09,37902:33,3551. gr. A
6. 19Antonio Migliuolo/IMITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX[-]05:10,91502:34,9241. gr. N
7. 20Lukáš Vojáček/CZMITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII[-]05:10,99102:34,3012. gr. A
8. 17Nikola Miljkovic/SRBMITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX[-]05:11,18302:34,9122. gr. N
9. 26Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PJuno Cn09[-]05:13,27002:35,4823. gr. CN
10. 30Manuel Correia/PFord Fiesta[-]05:13,96602:34,7721. gr. E2-SH
11. 28Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PPorsche 911 Turbo Gt2[-]05:14,47502:30,5502. gr. E2-SH
12. 29Jose Correia/NISSAN NISMO GTR-GT3[-]05:20,45102:37,3952. gr. GT
13. 23Erich Weber/APORSCHE 997 GT3 CUP[-]05:34,80502:44,9683. gr. GT
14. 22Tonino Cossu/IHONDA CIVIC TYPE R[-]05:56,30802:55,1733. gr. N
15. 27Bernardo Sa Nogueira/PTattus Py 012[-]18:05,19115:35,1454. gr. CN


Did not classified

ST15Andrea Bormolini/IOsella PA21S[PA21P-21/06]- CN
ST152Juan Buenaventura/EOsella PA30 Zytek[30-11/13-PA30]- E2-SC
ST1Simone Faggioli/INorma M20FC[M20FC-018/2016]- E2-SC
ST2Christian Merli/IOsella FA30[30-04/09-FA30]- E2-SS
ST3Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta Evo[-]- E2-SH
ST5Marco Capucci/IOsella Pa 21S[PA21-56/06-S-FIA]- CN
ST6Fabien Bouduban/CHNorma M20 Fc[-]- E2-SC
ST16Petr Vítek/CZOsella PA30[30-06/09-PA30]- E2-SC
ST9Christian Bouvier/FWolf GB08[GB08-11/11]- CN
ST10Miloš Beneš/CZOsella FA30[30-08/09-FA30]- E2-SS
ST12Fausto Bormolini/IReynard K02[2KL-002]- E2-SS
ST14Renzo Napione/IReynard K02[01L-005]- E2-SS
ST7Paride Macario/IOsella FA30[30-01/09-FA30]- E2-SS

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