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Euromontagna Archives

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux - EHC/F


1. Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 722 Ford[722-09]09:03,6001. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
2. Pierre Maublanc/FChevron B25 Ford[-]09:04,3002. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
3. Denis Rua/FPygmée MDB 16 Ford[-]09:13,2003. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
4. "Shangry-la"/ISurtees TS10 F2[-]09:32,2004. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
5. Jean Lapierre/FPygmée MDB15 Ford[-]09:34,4005. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
6. Roger Damaisin/FChevron[-]09:40,200-
7. Jean Louis Staiano/FProvence F.L.[-]09:42,0006. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
8. Régis Pechaire/FPygmée[-]09:45,500-
9. Claude Haldi/CHPorsche Carrera RS[-]09:59,1001. gr. Gr.3+4
10. Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EPorsche 908/03[908/03-013]10:08,4007. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
11. Jean G Bellin/FDangel[-]10:21,0001. gr. F-Gr.5+7
12. Guimeli/Chevron B23S[-]10:30,3002. gr. F-Gr.5+7
13. Eric Lefebvre/FFord Escort 1800 RS[-]10:44,0001. gr. Gr.2
14. Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham Cosworth[BT30-25]10:44,6008. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
15. Pouthze/Abarth 1600[-]10:47,8003. gr. F-Gr.5+7
16. Planchet/Porsche 911 S[-]10:54,2001. gr. F-Gr.4
17. Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A 110 1800[-]10:59,0002. gr. Gr.3+4
18. Guy Riche/FFord Escort1800RS[-]11:08,1001. gr. F-Gr.2
19. Maxense Balas/FPorsche 911 Carrera[-]11:09,0003. gr. Gr.3+4
20. J.M. Guignard/CHPorsche 911S[-]11:13,0004. gr. Gr.3+4
21. Jean Canaud/FSIB Simca barquette[-]11:25,4004. gr. F-Gr.5+7
22. Michel Renardat/SIB barquette[-]11:26,9005. gr. F-Gr.5+7
23. Plancher/Porsche Carrera 911RS[-]11:29,0001. gr. F-Gr.3
24. Sibilla/FAlfa RomeoGTA[-]11:30,4002. gr. F-Gr.2
25. Manfred Anspann/DFord Cosworth MKl104[C011]11:31,6009. gr. Gr.5+7+8+9
26. Jean-Pierre Pochon/CHPorsche[-]11:32,3005. gr. Gr.3+4
27. Sabbia/FSIB barquette[-]11:34,9006. gr. F-Gr.5+7
28. Pierre Favolini/FPorsche Carrera 911 S[-]11:37,0002. gr. F-Gr.3
29. Jean Benaba/FAlpine A110-1800[-]11:39,0002. gr. F-Gr.4
30. Averos/FPorsche Carrera RS[-]11:42,1003. gr. F-Gr.3
31. Marylou Mermond/CHPorsche Carrera RS[-]11:43,0006. gr. Gr.3+4
32. J. Pierre Autran/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]11:43,1003. gr. F-Gr.4
33. Philippe/Alpine A110-1600S[-]11:49,4004. gr. F-Gr.3
34. Gerard Sarrazin/FChrysler Hemicuda[-]11:49,6001. gr. Gr.1
35. Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche Carrera 6 cyl,[-]12:00,2007. gr. Gr.3+4
36. Arlaud/FRenault Dauphine prototype[-]12:06,0007. gr. F-Gr.5+7
37. "Veld"/BMW 2002Ti[-]12:09,1003. gr. F-Gr.2
38. Gadret/FBLMC Cooper S 1300[-]12:13,7004. gr. F-Gr.2
39. Fernand Bitard/Ford Mustang 351 GT[-]12:17,4001. gr. F-Gr.1
40. Xavier Du Castel/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:24,0005. gr. F-Gr.3
41. Adriano Parlamento/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]12:24,8002. gr. Gr.2
42. Salignon/FRenault Dauphine prototytpe[-]12:26,4008. gr. F-Gr.5+7
43. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo GTV[-]12:26,8002. gr. Gr.1
44. Gauthier/FSIB barquette[-]12:27,4009. gr. F-Gr.5+7
45. Brillat/FBMW 2002[-]12:30,8003. gr. Gr.1
46. Colongin/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:35,8006. gr. F-Gr.3
47. Seccone/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:36,6007. gr. F-Gr.3
48. Jean-Pierre Ballet/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]12:45,3005. gr. F-Gr.2
49. Jean Deroudille/FDe Tomaso Panthera[-]12:49,0008. gr. Gr.3+4
50. Ginouvier/FBMW 2002Ti[-]12:50,3002. gr. F-Gr.1
51. Chambovet/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]12:50,4006. gr. F-Gr.2
52. Robert Augias/FBMW 2002Ti[-]12:50,8003. gr. F-Gr.1
53. Charles Auguste/FBMC Cooper[-]12:58,2007. gr. F-Gr.2
54. Gabriel/Alpine A110-1600S[-]13:02,8004. gr. F-Gr.4
55. Jean Clement/FRenault R 12 Gordini 13`07"3[-]13:07,3008. gr. F-Gr.2
56. Leuxe/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]13:12,3009. gr. F-Gr.2
57. Rome/FAlfa Romeo[-]13:16,7004. gr. F-Gr.1
58. "Charlotte"/FRenault R 12[-]13:19,8003. gr. Gr.2
59. Erdmann/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]13:22,80010. gr. F-Gr.2
60. J. Rey/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]13:24,00011. gr. F-Gr.2
61. Gérard Masset/FBLMC 1300 S[-]13:25,0004. gr. Gr.2
62. Passebois/FAlfa Romeo[-]13:38,1005. gr. F-Gr.1
63. Jean-Francois Fabre/FSimca Rallye 2[-]13:55,8006. gr. F-Gr.1
64. Henri Paul Magnan/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:05,0007. gr. F-Gr.1
65. Garaix/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:07,40012. gr. F-Gr.2
66. Julier/FSimca Rallye 2[-]14:10,7008. gr. F-Gr.1
67. Imberty/FTriumph 2500[-]14:12,6004. gr. Gr.1
68. "Vamolo"/FOpel Ascona[-]14:12,9009. gr. F-Gr.1
69. Regine Colombier/FBMW 2002Ti[-]14:14,90010. gr. F-Gr.1
70. Bernard Garcin/FSimca Rallye 2[-]14:19,50011. gr. F-Gr.1
71. René Richard/FSimca Rallye 2[-]14:23,90012. gr. F-Gr.1
72. Michel Tinelli/FSimca Rallye 2[-]14:58,20013. gr. F-Gr.1
73. Pietrantino/IFiat 127[-]17:28,0005. gr. Gr.1
74. Boissy/FAustin-Cooper[-]18:53,00013. gr. F-Gr.2

Did not classified

AB Jean-Pierre Jaussaud/FMarch 73S[-]0----- Gr.5+7+8+9
AB Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]0----- Gr.2


Jean Benaba/FAlpine A110-1800[-]F-Gr.4KL
Philippe/Alpine A110-1600S[-]F-Gr.3KL
Averos/FPorsche Carrera RS[-]F-Gr.3KL
Pierre Favolini/FPorsche Carrera 911 S[-]F-Gr.3KL
Plancher/Porsche Carrera 911RS[-]F-Gr.3KL
Seccone/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]F-Gr.3KL
Colongin/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]F-Gr.3KL
Xavier Du Castel/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]F-Gr.3KL
Erdmann/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]F-Gr.2KL
Jean-Pierre Ballet/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]F-Gr.2KL
"Veld"/BMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.2KL
Sibilla/FAlfa RomeoGTA[-]F-Gr.2KL
Guy Riche/FFord Escort1800RS[-]F-Gr.2KL
Jean Clement/FRenault R 12 Gordini 13`07"3[-]F-Gr.2KL
Chambovet/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
Garaix/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
J. Pierre Autran/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]F-Gr.4KL
Gabriel/Alpine A110-1600S[-]F-Gr.4KL
Jean-Pierre Jaussaud/FMarch 73S[-]Gr.5+7+8+9AB
Pietrantino/IFiat 127[-]Gr.1KL
Imberty/FTriumph 2500[-]Gr.1KL
Brillat/FBMW 2002[-]Gr.1KL
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.1KL
Régis Pechaire/FPygmée[-]KL
Roger Damaisin/FChevron[-]KL
Guimeli/Chevron B23S[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Jean G Bellin/FDangel[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Salignon/FRenault Dauphine prototytpe[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Sabbia/FSIB barquette[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Michel Renardat/SIB barquette[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Jean Canaud/FSIB Simca barquette[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Pouthze/Abarth 1600[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Gauthier/FSIB barquette[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Arlaud/FRenault Dauphine prototype[-]F-Gr.5+7KL
Planchet/Porsche 911 S[-]F-Gr.4KL
J. Rey/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
Leuxe/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
Jean-Pierre Pochon/CHPorsche[-]Gr.3+4KL
J.M. Guignard/CHPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3+4KL
Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A 110 1800[-]Gr.3+4KL
Gérard Masset/FBLMC 1300 S[-]Gr.2KL
"Charlotte"/FRenault R 12[-]Gr.2KL
Adriano Parlamento/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.2KL
Gerard Sarrazin/FChrysler Hemicuda[-]Gr.1KL
Marylou Mermond/CHPorsche Carrera RS[-]Gr.3+4KL
Maxense Balas/FPorsche 911 Carrera[-]Gr.3+4KL
Eric Lefebvre/FFord Escort 1800 RS[-]Gr.2KL
Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EPorsche 908/03[908/03-013]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Claude Haldi/CHPorsche Carrera RS[-]Gr.3+4KL
Jean Louis Staiano/FProvence F.L.[-]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Jean Lapierre/FPygmée MDB15 Ford[-]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
"Shangry-la"/ISurtees TS10 F2[-]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Denis Rua/FPygmée MDB 16 Ford[-]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Pierre Maublanc/FChevron B25 Ford[-]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche Carrera 6 cyl,[-]Gr.3+4KL
Jean Deroudille/FDe Tomaso Panthera[-]Gr.3+4KL
Charles Auguste/FBMC Cooper[-]F-Gr.2KL
Gadret/FBLMC Cooper S 1300[-]F-Gr.2KL
Fernand Bitard/Ford Mustang 351 GT[-]F-Gr.1KL
Regine Colombier/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
"Vamolo"/FOpel Ascona[-]F-Gr.1KL
Passebois/FAlfa Romeo[-]F-Gr.1KL
Rome/FAlfa Romeo[-]F-Gr.1KL
Robert Augias/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
Ginouvier/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
Michel Tinelli/FSimca Rallye 2[-]F-Gr.1KL
René Richard/FSimca Rallye 2[-]F-Gr.1KL
Bernard Garcin/FSimca Rallye 2[-]F-Gr.1KL
Julier/FSimca Rallye 2[-]F-Gr.1KL
Henri Paul Magnan/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.1KL
Jean-Francois Fabre/FSimca Rallye 2[-]F-Gr.1KL
Manfred Anspann/DFord Cosworth MKl104[C011]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham Cosworth[BT30-25]Gr.5+7+8+9KL
Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 722 Ford[722-09]Gr.5+7+8+9KL

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