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Subida Internacional al Fito

Al Fito - EHC/E

Last update: 2011-05-17


1. 8Guy Demuth/LOsella FA30[30-07/09-FA30]05:37,24202:44,4121. gr. E2-SSphoto
2. 2Miloš Beneš/CZRalt RT23[RT23-943]05:42,10602:44,5632. gr. E2-SSphoto
3. 4Fausto Bormolini/IReynard 01L[2KL-002]05:44,44902:39,5203. gr. E2-SSphoto
4. 1Václav Janík/CZLola B02/50[B02/50-HU18]05:45,35302:44,2334. gr. E2-SSphoto
5. 44Aritz Egozkue/ESilverCar S2[-]05:46,97602:49,8971. gr. CM photo
6. 46Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/EBRC 05 Evo[-]05:48,73202:49,7302. gr. CM photo
7. 45Oscar Arias Palacio/ESilverCar S2[-]05:50,41202:50,3443. gr. CM photo
8. 10Andres Vilariňo/ENorma E2SC[-]05:51,02302:45,3451. gr. E2-SCphoto
9. 6Renzo Napione/IReynard[01L-005]05:55,07302:50,5475. gr. E2-SSphoto
10. 47Joaquin Nachon/EBRC CM05 Evo[-]05:58,27502:53,5224. gr. CM photo
11. 50Borja Villar/SilverCar[-]05:58,67502:56,1125. gr. CM photo
12. 52Cristian Villar/SilverCar[-]06:01,73602:54,3306. gr. CM photo
13. 3Otakar Krámský/CZReynard[99L-012]06:02,26902:53,6806. gr. E2-SSphoto
14. 51Jairo Pesquera/Bango CM05 Evo[-]06:06,65102:55,4267. gr. CM photo
15. 5Tommy Rollinger/LUXLola B02/50[B02/50-Demuth]06:09,48302:51,2907. gr. E2-SSphoto
16. 18Manuel Cabo/Porsche 911 GT3RS[-]06:13,73803:04,2431. gr. GTphoto
17. 19Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi A4 Quatro[-]06:15,06303:01,4501. gr. A2
18. 15Georg Plasa/DBMW 134 Judd[-]06:15,61302:52,7441. gr. E2-SHphoto
19. 20Jose Antonio Aznar Sanche/Audi A4 ST[-]06:19,61103:04,2082. gr. A2
20. 38Ales Prek/SLOMitsubishi Lancer[-]06:21,35703:05,5021. gr. N
21. 9Petr Vítek/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-79/00]06:21,77403:01,0252. gr. E2-SCphoto
22. 40Dusan Borkovic/RSMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]06:28,37903:03,7502. gr. Nphoto
23. 39Pawel Dytko/PLMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]06:29,06803:06,9563. gr. Nphoto
24. 41Jiří ml. Los/CZSubaru Impreza[-]06:33,59603:11,2564. gr. Nphoto
25. 43Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/EMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]06:33,78703:10,9135. gr. Nphoto
26. 49Joseba Iraola/SpeedCar GT[-]06:34,16803:09,0778. gr. CM photo
27. 34Julio Cesar Castrillo/Hyundai Accent WRC[-]06:34,75803:13,4691. gr. A
28. 16Raul Calero Borreguero/EMosler MT900R[-]06:35,22203:10,8362. gr. GTphoto
29. 24Lukáš Vojáček/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[182057000005]06:37,29703:12,5972. gr. A
30. 33Alberto Ordonez/Renault Clio Kit-Car[-]06:41,65203:16,109- A8
31. 26Juan Jose Avia/Peugeot 206 WRC[-]06:42,39303:11,9693. gr. A
32. 28Manuel Maldonado/Seat Cordoba WRC[-]06:46,00103:16,8714. gr. A
33. 35Javier Somoano Otero/ERenault Clio Sport[-]06:52,89003:21,9986. gr. N
34. 53Oscar Jose Palacio/ESpeedCar GT[-]06:54,44603:06,6129. gr. CM photo
35. 27Jaime Castro/Renault Maxi Megane[-]06:55,62403:19,424- A9
36. 25Gabriella Pedroni/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[-]06:55,64703:19,4135. gr. A
37. 54Miguel Angel Clemente/Seat 124[-]06:57,16703:19,7681. gr. HAphoto
38. 32Xabel Solis/Peugeot 106 S16[-]06:58,21703:25,199- A7
39. 48Pedro Bueno/BRC CM[-]06:58,43403:16,48210. gr. CM photo
40. 31Dan Blaho/CZAlfa Romeo 147[-]07:01,19103:22,9066. gr. A
41. 36Yonnifer Vigil/Citroen Saxo[-]07:11,52203:29,0257. gr. A
42. 55Rafael Serratosa/TVR Griffith[-]07:14,27203:26,8342. gr. HA
43. 12Jesus P. Repiso/Funyo 4RC[-]07:17,35103:32,9683. gr. E2-SCphoto
44. 14Clemente Jose Rueda/EFunyo 4RC[-]07:19,37303:31,4584. gr. E2-SCphoto
45. 56Antonio Noguera/Lotus Elan[-]07:21,26003:31,8733. gr. HA
46. 21Josetxu Guezuraga/Seat Leon Cupra[-]07:28,11503:38,8223. gr. A2
47. 42Martin Jerman/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]07:32,56303:27,9207. gr. Nphoto
48. 37Ivan Del Valle/Seat Ibiza Tdi[-]07:37,55503:44,4758. gr. A
49. 57Gregorio Castro/EBMW CLS[-]19:17,89115:12,9934. gr. HA

Did not classified

AB7Victor Gutierrez Abraham/ERalt RT33 Opel[-]0----- E2-SS
AB11Angel Acebo Candas/ENorma M20[-]0----- E2-SCphoto
AB17Angel Castro/ESeat Cupra[-]0----- GTphoto
AB23Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII[-]0----- A


1Václav Janík/CZLola B02/50[B02/50-HU18]E2-SSKL
2Miloš Beneš/CZRalt RT23[RT23-943]E2-SSKL
3Otakar Krámský/CZReynard[99L-012]E2-SSKL
4Fausto Bormolini/IReynard 01L[2KL-002]E2-SSKL
5Tommy Rollinger/LUXLola B02/50[B02/50-Demuth]E2-SSKL
6Renzo Napione/IReynard[01L-005]E2-SSKL
7Victor Gutierrez Abraham/ERalt RT33 Opel[-]E2-SSAB
8Guy Demuth/LOsella FA30[30-07/09-FA30]E2-SSKL
9Petr Vítek/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-79/00]E2-SCKL
10Andres Vilariňo/ENorma E2SC[-]E2-SCKL
11Angel Acebo Candas/ENorma M20[-]E2-SCAB
12Jesus P. Repiso/Funyo 4RC[-]E2-SCKL
14Clemente Jose Rueda/EFunyo 4RC[-]E2-SCKL
15Georg Plasa/DBMW 134 Judd[-]E2-SHKL
16Raul Calero Borreguero/EMosler MT900R[-]GTKL
17Angel Castro/ESeat Cupra[-]GTAB
18Manuel Cabo/Porsche 911 GT3RS[-]GTKL
19Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi A4 Quatro[-]A2 KL
20Jose Antonio Aznar Sanche/Audi A4 ST[-]A2 KL
21Josetxu Guezuraga/Seat Leon Cupra[-]A2 KL
23Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII[-]AAB
24Lukáš Vojáček/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[182057000005]AKL
25Gabriella Pedroni/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[-]AKL
26Juan Jose Avia/Peugeot 206 WRC[-]AKL
27Jaime Castro/Renault Maxi Megane[-]A9KL
28Manuel Maldonado/Seat Cordoba WRC[-]AKL
31Dan Blaho/CZAlfa Romeo 147[-]AKL
32Xabel Solis/Peugeot 106 S16[-]A7KL
33Alberto Ordonez/Renault Clio Kit-Car[-]A8KL
34Julio Cesar Castrillo/Hyundai Accent WRC[-]AKL
35Javier Somoano Otero/ERenault Clio Sport[-]NKL
36Yonnifer Vigil/Citroen Saxo[-]AKL
37Ivan Del Valle/Seat Ibiza Tdi[-]AKL
38Ales Prek/SLOMitsubishi Lancer[-]NKL
39Pawel Dytko/PLMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]NKL
40Dusan Borkovic/RSMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]NKL
41Jiří ml. Los/CZSubaru Impreza[-]NKL
42Martin Jerman/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]NKL
43Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/EMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]NKL
44Aritz Egozkue/ESilverCar S2[-]CM KL
45Oscar Arias Palacio/ESilverCar S2[-]CM KL
46Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/EBRC 05 Evo[-]CM KL
47Joaquin Nachon/EBRC CM05 Evo[-]CM KL
48Pedro Bueno/BRC CM[-]CM KL
49Joseba Iraola/SpeedCar GT[-]CM KL
50Borja Villar/SilverCar[-]CM KL
51Jairo Pesquera/Bango CM05 Evo[-]CM KL
52Cristian Villar/SilverCar[-]CM KL
53Oscar Jose Palacio/ESpeedCar GT[-]CM KL
54Miguel Angel Clemente/Seat 124[-]HAKL
55Rafael Serratosa/TVR Griffith[-]HAKL
56Antonio Noguera/Lotus Elan[-]HAKL
57Gregorio Castro/EBMW CLS[-]HAKL

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