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Archívy Euromontagna






NT101 - Radical SR3[-]-
NT102 - Radical SR3[SR300251]-
NT - Radical SR3[SR300274]-
NT45 - Radical SR3[SR300334]-
ST55Humaid Al Masaood/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300457]-
ST36Joel Le Bihan/Radical SR8[SR800014]-
ST44Tom Stubbe Olsen/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300284]-
ST50Renato Del Noce/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300351]-
ST23Rafael Unzurrunzaga/Radical SR8[SR800038]-
ST62Giorgio Rosa/Radical SR5[SR50010]-
ST47Fred Van Putten/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300380]-
ST47Cor Euser/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300380]-
ST36Philippe Uzan/Radical SR8[SR800014]-
ST10Patrice Guillaume/Radical SR8 LM[SR800080]-
ST45Jose Emilio Garcia/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300361]-
ST55Jordan Grogor/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300457]-
ST41Andrew Ferguson/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300268]-
ST59Philip Shearer/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300409]-
ST1Jamie Patterson/Radical SR8 LM[-]-
ST49Bassam Kronfli/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300456]-
ST49Christophe Hissette/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300456]-
ST40Alain Giavedoni/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300369]-
ST61Vincent Nicolet/Radical SR5[SR50017]-
ST61Jean-François Ruchonnet/Radical SR5[SR50017]-
ST5Christian Drop/Radical SR8 LM[SR800058]-
ST9John Stanley/Radical SR8 LM[SR800081]-
ST9Jeremy Ferguson/Radical SR8 LM[SR800081]-
ST21Filip Berg-Nielsen/Radical SR8[SR800030]-
ST20Stuart Moseley/Radical SR8[SR800083]-
ST20Derek Johnston/Radical SR8[SR800083]-
ST7Nigel Greensall/GBRadical SR8 LM[SR800067]-
ST7Cameron MacDonald/Radical SR8 LM[SR800067]-
ST8Jeff Collier/Radical SR8 LM[SR800074]-
ST5Bernd Rosenschon/Radical SR8 LM[SR800058]-
ST22Phil Abbott/GBRadical SR8[SR800069]-
ST70Don Patterson/Radical PR6[PRO600023]-
ST70Nigel Morrison/Radical PR6[PRO600023]-
ST60Tatiana Calderon/Radical SR5[SR50016]-
ST60Natacha Gachnang/Radical SR5[SR50016]-
ST42Ross Allen/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300248]-
ST42James Saggers/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300248]-
ST48Nicolas Powilewicz/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300438]-
ST63Thomas Meidinger/DRadical SR5[SR50009]-
ST22Roger Bromiley/Radical SR8[SR800069]-
ST8Alex Kapadia/Radical SR8 LM[SR800074]-

Výsledky tréninku

Seznam přihlášených

- Radical SR3[SR300274]
1Jamie Patterson/Radical SR8 LM[-]Bell End Racing
5Christian Drop/Radical SR8 LM[SR800058]Radical Germany
5Bernd Rosenschon/Radical SR8 LM[SR800058]Radical Germany
7Nigel Greensall/GBRadical SR8 LM[SR800067]Radical UK Works Team
7Cameron MacDonald/Radical SR8 LM[SR800067]Radical UK Works Team
8Jeff Collier/Radical SR8 LM[SR800074]Radical UK Works Team
8Alex Kapadia/Radical SR8 LM[SR800074]Radical UK Works Team
9Jeremy Ferguson/Radical SR8 LM[SR800081]Slip-Stream Racing
9John Stanley/Radical SR8 LM[SR800081]Slip-Stream Racing
10Patrice Guillaume/Radical SR8 LM[SR800080]Radical France
20Derek Johnston/Radical SR8[SR800083]Radical UK Works Team
20Stuart Moseley/Radical SR8[SR800083]Radical UK Works Team
21Filip Berg-Nielsen/Radical SR8[SR800030]Slim Racing
22Phil Abbott/GBRadical SR8[SR800069]Radical UK Works Team
22Roger Bromiley/Radical SR8[SR800069]Radical UK Works Team
23Rafael Unzurrunzaga/Radical SR8[SR800038]Slip-Stream Racing
36Philippe Uzan/Radical SR8[SR800014]Radical France
36Joel Le Bihan/Radical SR8[SR800014]Radical France
40Alain Giavedoni/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300369]Domec Racing
41Andrew Ferguson/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300268]KB Motorsport
42Ross Allen/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300248]KB Motorsport
42James Saggers/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300248]KB Motorsport
44Tom Stubbe Olsen/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300284]Slim Racing
45 - Radical SR3[SR300334]
45Jose Emilio Garcia/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300361]Radical Spain
47Cor Euser/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300380]Radical Spain
47Fred Van Putten/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300380]Radical Spain
48Nicolas Powilewicz/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300438]Radical France
49Christophe Hissette/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300456]AUH Motorsport
49Bassam Kronfli/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300456]AUH Motorsport
50Renato Del Noce/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300351]Radical Spain
55Humaid Al Masaood/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300457]AUH Motorsport
55Jordan Grogor/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300457]AUH Motorsport
59Philip Shearer/Radical SR3 1500cc[SR300409]Radical France
60Tatiana Calderon/Radical SR5[SR50016]Hope Polevision Racing
60Natacha Gachnang/Radical SR5[SR50016]Hope Polevision Racing
61Vincent Nicolet/Radical SR5[SR50017]Hope Polevision Racing
61Jean-François Ruchonnet/Radical SR5[SR50017]Hope Polevision Racing
62Giorgio Rosa/Radical SR5[SR50010]Speed Factory Racing
63Thomas Meidinger/DRadical SR5[SR50009]Speed Factory Racing
70Nigel Morrison/Radical PR6[PRO600023]Bell End Racing
70Don Patterson/Radical PR6[PRO600023]Bell End Racing
101 - Radical SR3[-]
102 - Radical SR3[SR300251]

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