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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 45Pierre De Thoisy/FChevron B21[-]0--1. gr. P2
2. 90Louis Zurstrassen/BOsella PA4[-]0--2. gr. P2
3. 61David Ferrer/FLola T280[-]0--1. gr. P1


KL60Christian Traber/CHBMW M1[-]1. gr. GT2
KL88Ian Guest/BMW 3.0CSL[-]1. gr. GT1
KL88Nick Whale/BMW 3.0CSL[-]1. gr. GT1
KL20Trevor Reeves/GBFord Capri 2600RS[-]2. gr. GT1
KL20Douglas Titford/GBFord Capri 2600RS[-]2. gr. GT1
KL55Peter Garrod/GBPorsche 935[-]2. gr. GT2
KL77Jean-Louis Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]2. gr. P2
KL77Jerome Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]2. gr. P2
KL56Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR[-]3. gr. GT2
KL16Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]3. gr. P2
KL46Herve Dumas/FChevrolet Corvette C2[-]3. gr. GT1
KL46Gerard Cayeux/FChevrolet Corvette C2[-]3. gr. GT1


ST - Chevron B16 BMW[-]-
ST Yvan Mahe/FLola T286[-]-
ST Stefan Roitmayer/APorsche 935 Turbo[-]-
ST Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche Turbo[-]-
ST Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]-
ST - BMW M1[-]-
ST - BMW M1[-]-
ST - BMW M1[-]-
ST Peter Voegele/CHPorsche 906[-]-
ST - Chevron B21[-]-

Výsledky tréninku

Seznam přihlášených

- Chevron B21[-]
- BMW M1[-]
- BMW M1[-]
- BMW M1[-]
Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]
Peter Voegele/CHPorsche 906[-]
Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche Turbo[-]
Stefan Roitmayer/APorsche 935 Turbo[-]
Yvan Mahe/FLola T286[-]
- Chevron B16 BMW[-]
16Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]P2
20Trevor Reeves/GBFord Capri 2600RS[-]GT1
20Douglas Titford/GBFord Capri 2600RS[-]GT1
45Pierre De Thoisy/FChevron B21[-]P2
46Gerard Cayeux/FChevrolet Corvette C2[-]GT1
46Herve Dumas/FChevrolet Corvette C2[-]GT1
55Peter Garrod/GBPorsche 935[-]GT2
56Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR[-]GT2
60Christian Traber/CHBMW M1[-]GT2
61David Ferrer/FLola T280[-]P1
77Jean-Louis Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]P2
77Jerome Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]P2
88Ian Guest/BMW 3.0CSL[-]GT1
88Nick Whale/BMW 3.0CSL[-]GT1
90Louis Zurstrassen/BOsella PA4[-]P2

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