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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70 MKIIB[-]2301:01:53,603-
2. 19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]2301:02:24,593-
3. 92Allen Timpany/GBChevron B19[B19-70-10]2301:03:35,070-
4. 9Jean-Louis Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]2301:04:15,027-
4. 9Jerome Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]2301:04:15,027-
5. 4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]2301:04:20,464-
6. 29Sylvain Stepak/FAlpine A220[-]2201:04:35,511-
7. 61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR 3L[-]2101:02:21,084-
8. 34Ian Guest/BMW CSL 3L[-]2101:03:09,035-
8. 34Nick Whale/BMW CSL 3L[-]2101:03:09,035-
9. 84Stephan Schrauwen/BCHEVRON B8[-]2101:03:40,779-
10. 95Matthias Wetzel/DPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]2101:03:53,720-
11. 63Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR2.8L[-]2101:03:58,914-
12. 23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]2101:04:04,910-
12. 23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]2101:04:04,910-
13. 47 Bierderman/Porsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]2001:03:11,554-



AB49 Bierderman/Porsche 911 2L[-]-
AB31J. Laloge/Porsche 911 RS[-]-
AB3 Ansembourg/Porsche 917[-]-
AB31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911 RS[-]-
NC6Romain Rocher/FPorsche 906[-]-
NS28Stanislas De Sadeleer/CHBMW CSL Luigi Gr2[-]-
NS68William Binnie/USAOsella Sport 2000[-]-
NS58Henri Stepak/FAlpine A210[-]-

Výsledky tréninku

1.14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70 MKIIB[-]02:31,145
2.92Allen Timpany/GBChevron B19[B19-70-10]02:31,530
3.19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]02:33,189
4.3 Ansembourg/Porsche 917[-]02:35,426
5.9Jerome Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]02:35,524
6.9Jean-Louis Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]02:35,524
7.68William Binnie/USAOsella Sport 2000[-]02:40,205
8.4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]02:40,768
9.29Sylvain Stepak/FAlpine A220[-]02:42,408
10.61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR 3L[-]02:50,973
11.34Nick Whale/BMW CSL 3L[-]02:52,313
12.34Ian Guest/BMW CSL 3L[-]02:52,313
13.63Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR2.8L[-]02:52,383
14.84Stephan Schrauwen/BCHEVRON B8[-]02:53,727
15.95Matthias Wetzel/DPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]02:54,433
16.23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]02:55,601
17.23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]02:55,601
18.6Romain Rocher/FPorsche 906[-]02:57,334
19.28Stanislas De Sadeleer/CHBMW CSL Luigi Gr2[-]03:00,029
20.47 Bierderman/Porsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]03:01,558
21.31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911 RS[-]03:03,621
22.31J. Laloge/Porsche 911 RS[-]03:03,621
23.49 Bierderman/Porsche 911 2L[-]03:14,465
24.58Henri Stepak/FAlpine A210[-]03:19,703

Seznam přihlášených

3 Ansembourg/Porsche 917[-]
4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]
6Romain Rocher/FPorsche 906[-]
9Jerome Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]
9Jean-Louis Miloe/FPorsche 908/3[-]
14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70 MKIIB[-]
19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]
23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]
23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]
28Stanislas De Sadeleer/CHBMW CSL Luigi Gr2[-]
29Sylvain Stepak/FAlpine A220[-]
31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911 RS[-]
31J. Laloge/Porsche 911 RS[-]
34Nick Whale/BMW CSL 3L[-]
34Ian Guest/BMW CSL 3L[-]
47 Bierderman/Porsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]
49 Bierderman/Porsche 911 2L[-]
58Henri Stepak/FAlpine A210[-]
61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR 3L[-]
63Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR2.8L[-]
68William Binnie/USAOsella Sport 2000[-]
84Stephan Schrauwen/BCHEVRON B8[-]
92Allen Timpany/GBChevron B19[B19-70-10]
95Matthias Wetzel/DPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]

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