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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 38Franck Sytner/Lola T70[-]1801:00:22,501-
2. 14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70[-]1801:01:04,044-
3. 19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]1801:02:06,930-
4. 12John Sheldon/GBChevron B16[-]1801:02:16,186-
5. 16Martin Birrane/GBLola T212[-]1801:02:45,734-
5. 16Kevin Mc Garitty/IRLLola T212[-]1801:02:45,734-
6. 4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]1801:03:30,274-
7. 90Louis Zurstrassen/BOsella PA4[-]1801:03:30,633-
8. 48Olivier Mathai/Porsche 906[-]1801:03:34,997-
9. 3Christophe D´Ansembourg/BPorsche 917K[-]1701:00:50,115-
10. 18Patrick Guillot/FLola T292[-]1701:01:02,712-
11. 60Jochen Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]1701:01:06,442-
11. 60 Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]1701:01:06,442-
12. 42Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911RSR[-]1701:01:29,175-
13. 61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR[-]1701:01:36,102-
13. 61Christian Traber/CHPorsche RSR[-]1701:01:36,102-
14. 15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]1701:02:02,084-
14. 15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]1701:02:02,084-
15. 35 Yah-Man/IPorsche RSR[-]1701:02:49,232-
16. 55Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]1601:00:22,569-
16. 55Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]1601:00:22,569-
17. 2Jeremy Agace/GBAbarth Osella[-]1601:00:25,705-
18. 31J. Laloge/Porsche 911RS[-]1601:00:55,186-
18. 31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911RS[-]1601:00:55,186-
19. 6Andre De la Porte/NLFord Shelby[-]1601:01:27,044-
19. 6 Verkuylen/Ford Shelby[-]1601:01:27,044-
20. 40Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40 1018[-]1601:01:31,139-
20. 40 Barge/Ford GT40 1018[-]1601:01:31,139-
21. 20Anthony Hancock/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]1601:03:44,229-
21. 20 Bamford/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]1601:03:44,229-
22. 64 Harrold/Porsche 911S[-]1601:03:47,593-



AB27 Clement/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]-
AB49Wolfgang Mathai/DLola T290[-]-
AB39Paul Knapfield/NLFerrari 365GTB4[-]-
AB27 De Ferran/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]-
AB30 Ruff/Porsche 911RS[-]-
NS46 Blanpain/Ferrari 275GTB[-]-
NS8 Ruiz-Picasso/Porsche 908-2[-]-
NS24Erich De Doncker/BFord Shelby[-]-
NS24 Dierick/Ford Shelby[-]-
NS1 Gläsel/Ferrari 312PB[-]-
NS80Abba Kogan/FMatra MS650[-]-

Výsledky tréninku

1.1 Gläsel/Ferrari 312PB[-]02:27,230
2.38Franck Sytner/Lola T70[-]02:29,045
3.16Kevin Mc Garitty/IRLLola T212[-]02:30,942
4.16Martin Birrane/GBLola T212[-]02:30,942
5.3Christophe D´Ansembourg/BPorsche 917K[-]02:33,812
6.19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]02:36,235
7.49Wolfgang Mathai/DLola T290[-]02:37,172
8.14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70[-]02:37,268
9.90Louis Zurstrassen/BOsella PA4[-]02:37,492
10.15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]02:37,682
11.15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]02:37,682
12.4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]02:38,166
13.2Jeremy Agace/GBAbarth Osella[-]02:40,542
14.12John Sheldon/GBChevron B16[-]02:42,455
15.55Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]02:46,608
16.55Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]02:46,608
17.18Patrick Guillot/FLola T292[-]02:46,674
18.48Olivier Mathai/Porsche 906[-]02:48,643
19.60Jochen Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]02:50,302
20.60 Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]02:50,302
21.61Christian Traber/CHPorsche RSR[-]02:51,230
22.61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR[-]02:51,230
23.35 Yah-Man/IPorsche RSR[-]02:51,332
24.39Paul Knapfield/NLFerrari 365GTB4[-]02:51,957
25.40 Barge/Ford GT40 1018[-]02:53,178
26.40Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40 1018[-]02:53,178
27.42Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911RSR[-]02:56,207
28.30 Ruff/Porsche 911RS[-]02:57,079
29.8 Ruiz-Picasso/Porsche 908-2[-]03:01,244
30.6Andre De la Porte/NLFord Shelby[-]03:04,809
31.6 Verkuylen/Ford Shelby[-]03:04,809
32.31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911RS[-]03:07,792
33.31J. Laloge/Porsche 911RS[-]03:07,792
34.24 Dierick/Ford Shelby[-]03:09,429
35.24Erich De Doncker/BFord Shelby[-]03:09,429
36.20 Bamford/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]03:12,567
37.20Anthony Hancock/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]03:12,567
38.46 Blanpain/Ferrari 275GTB[-]03:19,344
39.64 Harrold/Porsche 911S[-]03:22,942
40.27 De Ferran/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]03:25,406
41.27 Clement/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]03:25,406

Seznam přihlášených

1 Gläsel/Ferrari 312PB[-]
2Jeremy Agace/GBAbarth Osella[-]
3Christophe D´Ansembourg/BPorsche 917K[-]
4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]
6Andre De la Porte/NLFord Shelby[-]
6 Verkuylen/Ford Shelby[-]
8 Ruiz-Picasso/Porsche 908-2[-]
12John Sheldon/GBChevron B16[-]
14Stefano Rosina/ILola T70[-]
15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]
15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70[-]
16Martin Birrane/GBLola T212[-]
16Kevin Mc Garitty/IRLLola T212[-]
18Patrick Guillot/FLola T292[-]
19Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 917[-]
20Anthony Hancock/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]
20 Bamford/GBFerrari 365GTB4[-]
24Erich De Doncker/BFord Shelby[-]
24 Dierick/Ford Shelby[-]
27 Clement/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]
27 De Ferran/Iso Rivolta IR300[-]
30 Ruff/Porsche 911RS[-]
31J. Laloge/Porsche 911RS[-]
31Alain Gadal/FPorsche 911RS[-]
35 Yah-Man/IPorsche RSR[-]
38Franck Sytner/Lola T70[-]
39Paul Knapfield/NLFerrari 365GTB4[-]
40 Barge/Ford GT40 1018[-]
40Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40 1018[-]
42Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911RSR[-]
46 Blanpain/Ferrari 275GTB[-]
48Olivier Mathai/Porsche 906[-]
49Wolfgang Mathai/DLola T290[-]
55Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]
55Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]
60Jochen Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]
60 Richrath/Porsche RSR[-]
61Christian Traber/CHPorsche RSR[-]
61Marc Devis/BPorsche RSR[-]
64 Harrold/Porsche 911S[-]
80Abba Kogan/FMatra MS650[-]
90Louis Zurstrassen/BOsella PA4[-]

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