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Euromontagna Archives




1. 31J. Barazi/DKPorsche 917K[-]2201:00:06,497-
2. 66 Mc Allister/USAGulf Mirage M6[-]2201:00:06,667-
3. 58 Ludwig/DPorsche 911 RS[-]2201:02:17,037-
4. 16Kevin Mc Garitty/IRLLola T212[-]2201:02:27,433-
4. 16Martin Birrane/GBLola T212[-]2201:02:27,433-
5. 78Wolfgang Mathai/DLola T290[T290/HU02]2201:02:29,672-
6. 14 Verdon-Roe/Ligier JS3[-]2156:18,442-
6. 14 Jankovski/GBLigier JS3[-]2156:18,442-
7. 1Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 908[-]2101:00:35,928-
8. 18Patrick Guillot/FLola T292[-]2101:00:40,290-
9. 15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70 MKIII[-]2101:01:36,294-
9. 15Jose Manuel Segimon/ELola T70 MKIII[-]2101:01:36,294-
10. 50Philip Brunn/DPorsche 908[-]2101:02:17,935-
10. 50Siegfried Brunn/DPorsche 908[-]2101:02:17,935-
11. 57Patrick Escande/FLola T212[-]2001:00:06,897-
12. 32David Piper/GBFord F3L[-]2001:00:28,879-
13. 64 Lemmer/Ford GT 40[-]2001:00:46,756-
13. 64 Kaye/Ford GT 40[-]2001:00:46,756-
14. 61Olivier Mathai/Porsche 906[-]2001:00:51,977-
15. 60 Pelissier/Chevron B16[-]2001:02:15,043-
16. 34Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS 2.7l[-]2001:02:43,829-
17. 12John Sheldon/GBChevron B16[-]1956:41,302-
18. 30 Schachtschneider/Porsche 914/6 GT[-]1901:01:36,875-


Did not classified

ST74Stefan Roitmayer/APorsche 911 RS[-]-
ST20 Flettner/Porsche 908[-]-
ST25 Crubille/Porsche 910[-]-
ST25 Ruiz-Picasso/Porsche 910[-]-
ST4Michel Quiniou/FChevron B16[-]-
ST54Stanislas De Sadeleer/CHFerrari 275 GTB[-]-
ST56Herve Regout/BFord F3L[-]-
ST56Christophe D´Ansembourg/BFord F3L[-]-
ST74Michael Foveny/APorsche 911 RS[-]-
ST11Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT 40[-]-
ST11 Barge/Ford GT 40[-]-
ST10Claude Boissy/FFord Escort[-]-
ST10Alain Miran/FFord Escort[-]-
ST22 Fellner/APorsche 906[-]-
ST38Stephane Gutzwiller/CHLotus Elan[-]-
ST3 Audi/BMW CSL Luigi[-]-
ST3 Dieudonne/BMW CSL Luigi[-]-
ST6Andre De la Porte/NLDatsun 240 Z[-]-
ST6 Verkuylen/Datsun 240 Z[-]-
ST91Yvan Mahe/FLola T280[-]-

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