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Archívy Euromontagna

X Carrera En Cuesta Al Montseny



1. 96Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 732 Ford Hart[-]08:55,6701. gr. Gr.8
2. Yves Martin/FMcLaren M21 BDA[-]09:24,4602. gr. Gr.8
3. Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EPorsche 908-03[908/03-013]09:25,0201. gr. Gr.7
4. Eugenio Baturone/EBrabham BT 38 FVC[-]09:30,0003. gr. Gr.8
5. Christian Melville/PAbarth Osella[PA1-007]09:40,2001. gr. Gr.5
6. Jorge Pla/Lola T290[-]09:48,9102. gr. Gr.5
7. Pierre Agostini/FAlpine Renault 1800[-]10:07,7401. gr. Gr.4
8. Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham BT 30[-]10:10,9304. gr. Gr.8
9. Claude Haldi/CHPorsche 911RSR Carrera[-]10:11,0902. gr. Gr.4
10. Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Carrera[-]10:12,9703. gr. Gr.4
11. Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera RSR[-]10:17,830-
12. Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]10:23,700-
13. Heinz Martin/DOpel Commodore[-]10:26,950-
14. Manfred Anspann/DCondor PBD[C011]10:32,310-
15. Dieter Schmid/DPorsche Carrera[-]10:38,000-
16. Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche Carrera RS[-]10:38,310-
17. Georges Benoit/FBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]10:42,450-
18. Gualtiero Sartori/CHAbarth 2000[-]10:57,580-
19. 66Manuel Juncosa/ESeat Spider 1700[-]10:59,940-
20. Jean Claude/Lotus BMW[-]11:10,170-
21. Guy Baria/MCBaria Proto[-]11:13,430-
22. J. Clot/Alpine Seat[-]11:14,790-
23. 30Juan Canela/Simca Rallye[-]11:25,160-
24. Fernando Gomez/ELotus Elan[-]11:31,100-
25. A. Plana/Seat 124D[-]11:35,400-



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