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17° Salita della Sila - Cosenza Corse



1. Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella Bmw Pa 20/S[-]05:20,5301. gr. CN4
2. Pasquale Irlando/IOsella Honda Pa21/S[PA21-14/03-S]05:24,1602. gr. CN2
3. Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Bmw[BRP4-002]05:33,7903. gr. CN4
4. Antonio Ritacca/IOsella Pa/21S Renault[-]05:38,0404. gr. CN2
5. Silvio Reda/IOsella A.R. Pa 20 S[-]05:39,7305. gr. CN3
6. Antonino Loddo/IOsella Pa 20 Bmw[-]05:39,8306. gr. CN3
7. Massimo Gervasi/IOsella A.R.[-]05:40,9407. gr. CN3
8. Carlo Scola/IOsella Bmw Pa 21/S[-]05:48,4008. gr. CN2
9. Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155[-]05:52,2201. gr. CHS
10. Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta[-]05:53,3802. gr. CHS
11. Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Sp 291[085-SP291]05:53,6809. gr. CN3
12. Ennio A. Donato/ITiga Alfa Romeo[-]05:55,04010. gr. CN4
13. Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta[-]05:59,6903. gr. CHS
14. Dario Gentile/IGisa A.R. 12V[-]06:01,26011. gr. CN2
15. Salvatore Macri/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]06:05,73012. gr. CN3
16. Armin Brunner/IFord Escort Csw[-]06:08,2001. gr. N
17. Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]06:09,9301. gr. A
18. Pietropaolo Angotti/ILotus Elise[-]06:10,3004. gr. CHS
19. Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort Csw[-]06:13,1802. gr. N
20. Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]06:13,4703. gr. N
21. Eugenio Molinaro/IFord Escort Csw[-]06:15,5204. gr. N
22. Luigi Iuliano/ILucchini A.R.[-]06:21,11013. gr. CN3
23. Bruno Crucitti/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]06:23,1302. gr. A
24. Stefano Pierdomenico/IFerrari 360 Modena[-]06:23,2705. gr. CHS
25. Michele Calabretto/IRenault Clio Wll[-]06:23,5205. gr. N
26. Gabriella Pedroni/IFord Escort Csw[-]06:26,6506. gr. N
27. Nicola Semeraro/IMitsubishi Lancer.[-]06:26,9307. gr. N
28. Serafino La Delfa/IRenault Megane[-]06:29,6903. gr. A
29. Antonino Fossato/IPeugeot 106 R[-]06:31,9104. gr. A
30. Roberto Spacco/IPeugeot 106 R[-]06:33,1908. gr. N
31. Luigi Pedretti/IPeugeot 106 R[-]06:33,5409. gr. N
32. Giuseppe Ferraiuolo/IPeugeot 205 R.[-]06:34,6005. gr. A
33. Oronzo Montanaro/IRenault Megane[-]06:36,13010. gr. N
34. Francesco Misasi/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo 7[-]06:37,14011. gr. N
35. Francesco Spadafora/IPeugeot 205 R.[-]06:38,9206. gr. A
36. Riccardo Ragazzi/IVolkswagen Lupo[-]06:40,1106. gr. CHS
37. Ferdinando Serafino/ISubaru Impreza Wrx[-]06:40,2707. gr. A
38. Donato L´Abate/IR. Clio Wll[-]06:40,48012. gr. N
39. Giovanni Sacco/IVolkswagen Lupo[-]06:40,8707. gr. CHS
40. Sebastiano Grillo/IOsella Bmw Pa 20/S[-]06:41,16014. gr. CN3
41. Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 156[-]06:41,9808. gr. A
42. Perry Collia/IPeugeot 106 R[-]06:42,9109. gr. A
43. Giuseppe Rizzo/IR 5 Gt T[-]06:43,7308. gr. CHS
44. Michele Camarlinghi/IVolkswagen Lupo[-]06:44,4509. gr. CHS
45. Giovanni Rea/IPeugeot 106 Xsi[-]06:44,99010. gr. A
46. Fioravanti Perri/IVolkswagen Lupo[-]06:46,31010. gr. CHS
47. Adolfo Eusebio/IPeugeot 205 Gti[-]06:47,50013. gr. N
48. Giovanni Angelini/IPeugeot 106 R[-]06:49,23014. gr. N
56. Osvaldo Lepore/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]06:55,63015. gr. CN



AB Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]- CN
AB Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]- CN
AB Ivan Batacchi/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]- CN
NS Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20 BMW[-]- CN
NS Rocco Aiuto/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]- CN
NS Antonello Paletta/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]- CN
NS Giuseppe Martines/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]- CN
ST Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-95/03]- CN

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