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Euromontagna Archives

ADAC Bergrennen Mickhausen



1. 93Roland Bossy/CHReynard RDMS F3000[93D-003]01:50,15100:54,896-
2. 84Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-87/02]01:50,17500:54,8301. gr. CN
3. 86Herbert Stenger/DStenger ES[ES991]01:51,51500:55,2132. gr. CN
4. 396Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta Evo[-]01:53,57600:55,196-
5. 95Jaroslav Krajčí/SKLola T96/50[T96/50-HU12]01:55,02000:57,456-
6. 306Kurt Flatz/AVW Golf Gti[-]01:59,795-
7. 43Christof Beck/ALancia Delta Integrale[-]01:59,980-
8. 337Willy Salzgeber/AVW Golf Gti[-]02:02,346-
9. 378Christian Auer/DBMW M3[-]02:03,036-
10. 78Bruno Winkler/DStenger C3 BMW[ES921]02:03,33201:01,3611. gr. C3
11. 390Holger Hovemann/DOpel Kadett C[-]02:03,907-
12. 48Armin Dellkamm/DBMW M3[-]02:03,986-
13. 87Franck Debruyne/DDallara 392[-]02:05,622-
14. 83Harald Leikem/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-96/03]02:05,92901:02,4653. gr. CN
15. 77Roland Florian/ILucchini BMW[130-P1-97]02:06,69901:02,6262. gr. C3
16. 19Helmut Knoblich/DPeugeot 306S16[-]02:06,765-
17. 349Michael Dandl/DBMW 320 16V[-]02:28,626-


KL72Mario Stulla/DEK 85[EK-85]3. gr. C3
KL69Michael Kerber/DURD C394 BMW[C03-7-497]4. gr. C3
KL85Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA16[PA16-10/92]4. gr. CN
KL74Uwe Wolpert/DUWR 07 FWK[Debora-UWR-2_]5. gr. CN
KL71Harald Aring/DAros 80[-]5. gr. C3
KL73Uwe Kaufel/DPRC[M88-CN93]6. gr. CN
KL68Patrick Aring/DARC MF14[-]6. gr. C3
KL76Gebhard Zeller/DPRC Opel[S2000-Zeller]7. gr. CN

Did not classified

AB70Gerhard Siebert/DURD 772 BMW[-]- C3
AB75Johann Zauner/AOsella PA21P[PA21P-04/03]- CN
AB101Rolf Köppel/DMartini Mk.42 BMW[-]-

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