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Archívy Euromontagna

Bergrennen "Schleizer Dreieck"



1. 38Herbert Stenger/DEB Equipe Stenger[ES991]01:47,20000:51,5101. gr. CN
2. 39Uwe Lang/DOsella PA 20S[PA20S-02/94]01:48,67000:53,3102. gr. CN
3. 46Michal Gräfling/DF3-Reynard 893[-]01:55,14000:55,7401. gr. E
4. 44Bernd Simon/DF3-Dallara[-]01:55,15000:56,3902. gr. E
5. 40Martin Krisam sen./DOsella PA 20P[PA20P-04/01]01:56,06000:56,9203. gr. CN
6. 403Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935 DPII[DP935301/1989]01:56,71000:57,3401. gr. E1
7. 378Christian Auer/DBMW M3[-]02:02,63001:00,7201. gr. H
8. 379Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta Integrale Turbo[-]02:04,98001:01,5202. gr. H
9. 306Kurt Flatz/AVW Golf[-]02:06,00001:02,1903. gr. H
10. 377Christian Reuter/DBMW M3[-]02:06,62001:01,5504. gr. H
11. 376Markus Wüstefeld/DMercedes Benz 190E[-]02:06,62001:01,8505. gr. H
12. 36Harald Leikem/DOsella PA 20S[PA20S-96/03]02:07,05001:00,4004. gr. CN
13. 341Markus Reich/DGolf 16V[-]02:07,64001:02,3406. gr. H
14. 45Franck Debruyne/DF3-Dallara 392[-]02:08,59001:02,7103. gr. E
15. 349Michael Dandl/DBMW E30[-]02:09,25001:01,6607. gr. H
16. 35Gebhard Zeller/DPRC RS[S2000-Zeller]02:10,58001:04,0505. gr. CN
17. 30Mario Stulla/DSportprototyp EK-85[EK-85]02:12,99001:06,3001. gr. C3



AB37Herbert Leibach/DUWR-CN SP 97[Debora-UWR-1_]- CN
AB41Gebhard Kraus/DF3-Dallara[-]- E
AB337Willy Salzgeber/AVW Golf GTI[-]- H
AB348Richard Petter/ABMW 2002[-]- H

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