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Archívy Euromontagna

35. Int. AvD GAMSC Eichenbühl, Unterfranken



1. 2Horst Fendrich/DReynard F3000[93D-014]02:30,09001:15,020- D
2. 33Uwe Lang/DOsella CN[PA20S-02/94]02:33,00001:15,9701. gr. CN+C3
3. 30Martin Krisam jr./DOsella[-]02:33,91001:16,9202. gr. CN+C3
4. 1Alexander Hin/DReynard Judd[-]02:34,6601. gr. D
5. 400Georg Plasa/DBMW 320i 16V[-]02:35,84001:17,650-
6. 28Thomas Rössler/DFaust[002/Faust/]02:36,51001:18,1503. gr. CN+C3
7. 34Herbert Leibach/DUWR CN[Debora-UWR-1_]02:37,23001:18,1404. gr. CN+C3
8. 31Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger Junior Prototyp[ES921]02:37,53001:18,6205. gr. CN+C3
9. 9Michal Gräfling/DReynard F3[-]02:41,010- E
10. 3Bernd Simon/DDallara F3[-]02:41,740- D
11. 27Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC CN[S2002-27]02:45,31001:21,7206. gr. CN+C3
12. 383Herbert Stolz/APorsche RSR Carrera[9114609068]02:47,34001:23,360-


KL4Gerhard Claus/DDallara[-]- D
KL11Rolf Köppel/DMartini Mk.42[-]- E
KL21Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC CN[-]7. gr. CN+C3
KL29Harald Leikem/DOsella[PA20S-96/03]8. gr. CN+C3
KL25Uwe Wolpert/DUWR CN[Debora-UWR-2_]9. gr. CN+C3
KL16Mario Stulla/DPrototyp EK 85[EK-85]10. gr. CN+C3
KL22Georg Olbrich/DOsella C3[-]11. gr. CN+C3
KL24Gebhard Zeller/DPRC[S2000-Zeller]12. gr. CN+C3
KL15Gerhard Siebert/DURD[-]13. gr. CN+C3
KL23Uwe Kaufel/DPRC[M88-CN93]14. gr. CN+C3


ST20Jürgen Grienwald/APRC[-]- CN+C3
ST32Herbert Stenger/DStenger Junior Prototyp[ES991]- CN+C3

Seznam přihlášených

1Alexander Hin/DReynard Judd[-]D
2Horst Fendrich/DReynard F3000[93D-014]D
3Bernd Simon/DDallara F3[-]D
4Gerhard Claus/DDallara[-]D
9Michal Gräfling/DReynard F3[-]E
11Rolf Köppel/DMartini Mk.42[-]E
15Gerhard Siebert/DURD[-]CN+C3
16Mario Stulla/DPrototyp EK 85[EK-85]CN+C3
20Jürgen Grienwald/APRC[-]PRC Sports Car RacingCN+C3
21Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC CN[-]PRC Sports Car RacingCN+C3
22Georg Olbrich/DOsella C3[-]CN+C3
23Uwe Kaufel/DPRC[M88-CN93]EMSC BitburgCN+C3
24Gebhard Zeller/DPRC[S2000-Zeller]RG Graf ZeppelinCN+C3
25Uwe Wolpert/DUWR CN[Debora-UWR-2_]MSC StuttgartCN+C3
27Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC CN[S2002-27]PRC Sports Car RacingCN+C3
28Thomas Rössler/DFaust[002/Faust/]RGZCN+C3
29Harald Leikem/DOsella[PA20S-96/03]Osella GermaniaCN+C3
30Martin Krisam jr./DOsella[-]Osella GermaniaCN+C3
31Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger Junior Prototyp[ES921]König SportzitzeCN+C3
32Herbert Stenger/DStenger Junior Prototyp[ES991]König SportzitzeCN+C3
33Uwe Lang/DOsella CN[PA20S-02/94]AC SchweinfurtCN+C3
34Herbert Leibach/DUWR CN[Debora-UWR-1_]DSKCN+C3
383Herbert Stolz/APorsche RSR Carrera[9114609068]
400Georg Plasa/DBMW 320i 16V[-]

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