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Archívy Euromontagna





1. 39Markus Altenstrasser/AOsella - BMW[PA20S-37]1217:46,612- photo
2. 7Hanuš Lím/CZDallara - Opel[-]12---
3. 36Josef Robl/DOsella - BMW[PA20P-04/01]1218:27,151- photo
4. 50Josef Pfyl/CHCentenari - Alfa Romeo[MAC3-02]1218:47,917- photo
5. 52Patrick Zajelsnik/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[-]1218:54,295- photo
6. 57Wolfgang Dietmann/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-138-C3]11--- photo
7. 54Klaus Ruf/DPRC - Alfa Romeo[M92-02]11--- photo
8. 55Norman Hürdler/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[PA16-01/92]11--- photo
9. 28Jean Claude Monbaron/CHReynard - Judd[-]11---
10. 16Klaus Tanzmann/DReynard 893 Opel[893-120]11---
11. 59Theodor Billy Erhard/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-133-C3]11--- photo
12. 1Rolf Thorsten Dietrich/AOpel-Lotus[-]11---
13. 11Manfred Kuhn/DReynard 873 BMW[873-092]11---
14. 19Helmut Rokitta/DTatuus - Renault[-]11---
15. 61Jochen Fuchs/APRC Junior Opel[S2002/Fuchs_]11--- photo
16. 60Dominik Zenz/APRC Junior Opel[S2000CN]11--- photo
17. 14Andreas Grünewald/DEufra - Opel[-]11---
18. 21Henry Buettner/DReynard 91D Ford[91D-022]10---



AB51Wolfgang Payr/FPRC - Opel[S2003/33]- photo
AB58Hubert Breitfuss/APRC - Opel[S98-012-SC99-001]- photo
AB3Jürgen Pfitzner/CHDallara - Opel[-]-
AB37Marcel Steiner/CHURD - BMW[C03-89-891]- photo
NS17Bernd Deuling/DFormel Renault[-]-
NS43Gerd Beisel/DPRC - BMW[SC97/99]- photo
NS41Ralph Baumann/DNorma - Alfa Romeo[M11-SCC_]- photo
NS42Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC - Opel ITC[EM-_-ITC]- photo
NS23Peter Milavec/ALola - Audi Turbo[T92/50-HU28]-
NT40Martin Krisam jr./DOsella - BMW[-]-

Výsledky tréninku

1.37Marcel Steiner/CHURD - BMW[C03-89-891]01:24,431
2.39Markus Altenstrasser/AOsella - BMW[PA20S-37]01:25,411
3.23Peter Milavec/ALola - Audi Turbo[T92/50-HU28]01:25,990
4.36Josef Robl/DOsella - BMW[PA20P-04/01]01:27,405
5.7Hanuš Lím/CZDallara - Opel[-]01:28,321
6.42Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC - Opel ITC[EM-_-ITC]01:29,778
7.43Gerd Beisel/DPRC - BMW[SC97/99]01:30,568
8.21Henry Buettner/DReynard 91D Ford[91D-022]01:31,535
9.50Josef Pfyl/CHCentenari - Alfa Romeo[MAC3-02]01:31,604
10.52Patrick Zajelsnik/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[-]01:32,064
11.28Jean Claude Monbaron/CHReynard - Judd[-]01:33,095
12.11Manfred Kuhn/DReynard 873 BMW[873-092]01:33,886
13.41Ralph Baumann/DNorma - Alfa Romeo[M11-SCC_]01:34,262
14.3Jürgen Pfitzner/CHDallara - Opel[-]01:35,728
15.51Wolfgang Payr/FPRC - Opel[S2003/33]01:35,768
16.1Rolf Thorsten Dietrich/AOpel-Lotus[-]01:36,378
17.57Wolfgang Dietmann/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-138-C3]01:37,132
18.55Norman Hürdler/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[PA16-01/92]01:37,272
19.54Klaus Ruf/DPRC - Alfa Romeo[M92-02]01:37,283
20.61Jochen Fuchs/APRC Junior Opel[S2002/Fuchs_]01:37,431
21.19Helmut Rokitta/DTatuus - Renault[-]01:37,978
22.16Klaus Tanzmann/DReynard 893 Opel[893-120]01:38,489
23.59Theodor Billy Erhard/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-133-C3]01:39,271
24.60Dominik Zenz/APRC Junior Opel[S2000CN]01:39,580
25.14Andreas Grünewald/DEufra - Opel[-]01:40,168
26.17Bernd Deuling/DFormel Renault[-]01:49,397
27.58Hubert Breitfuss/APRC - Opel[S98-012-SC99-001]01:50,439

Seznam přihlášených

1Rolf Thorsten Dietrich/AOpel-Lotus[-]Sputnik Motorsport
3Jürgen Pfitzner/CHDallara - Opel[-]LS Motorsport
7Hanuš Lím/CZDallara - Opel[-]Avia Lím Racing Cars
11Manfred Kuhn/DReynard 873 BMW[873-092]Scuderia Avus
14Andreas Grünewald/DEufra - Opel[-]Andreas Gruenewald
16Klaus Tanzmann/DReynard 893 Opel[893-120]Klaus Tanzmann
17Bernd Deuling/DFormel Renault[-]Bernd Deuling
19Helmut Rokitta/DTatuus - Renault[-]Helmut Rokitta
21Henry Buettner/DReynard 91D Ford[91D-022]Henry Buettner
23Peter Milavec/ALola - Audi Turbo[T92/50-HU28]Zele Motorsport
28Jean Claude Monbaron/CHReynard - Judd[-]G. M. Racing Team
36Josef Robl/DOsella - BMW[PA20P-04/01]Osella Germaniablue
37Marcel Steiner/CHURD - BMW[C03-89-891]URD Rennwagenbaublue
39Markus Altenstrasser/AOsella - BMW[PA20S-37]Osella Germaniablue
40Martin Krisam jr./DOsella - BMW[-]Scuderia Muenchen
41Ralph Baumann/DNorma - Alfa Romeo[M11-SCC_]Ralph Baumannblack,yellow
42Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC - Opel ITC[EM-_-ITC]PRC Sports Car Racingsilver,orange
43Gerd Beisel/DPRC - BMW[SC97/99]Gerd Beiselsilver,red
50Josef Pfyl/CHCentenari - Alfa Romeo[MAC3-02]Jo Zeller Racingblue,yellow
51Wolfgang Payr/FPRC - Opel[S2003/33]PRC Sports Car Racingsilver
52Patrick Zajelsnik/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[-]JAZ Racingblue,yellow
54Klaus Ruf/DPRC - Alfa Romeo[M92-02]RUF Racing Teamred
55Norman Hürdler/DOsella - Alfa Romeo[PA16-01/92]Normen Huerdlerblue
57Wolfgang Dietmann/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-138-C3]Wolfgang Dietmannblack
58Hubert Breitfuss/APRC - Opel[S98-012-SC99-001]Hubert Breitfussblack
59Theodor Billy Erhard/AArgo - Alfa Romeo[JM21-133-C3]Theodor Ehrhardyellow
60Dominik Zenz/APRC Junior Opel[S2000CN]PRC Sports Car Racingsilver,black
61Jochen Fuchs/APRC Junior Opel[S2002/Fuchs_]Remus Racingsilver,red

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