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Archívy Euromontagna

41. Coppa Paolino Teodori



1. 205Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]04:37,21002:13,4601. gr. CN
2. 204Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]04:39,09002:14,4902. gr. CN
3. 147Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3 E36[-]05:03,36002:31,5401. gr. A
4. 192Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini 91 Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]05:06,52002:25,8203. gr. CN
5. 146Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]05:06,59002:32,6402. gr. A
6. 196Domenico Cappelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:08,24002:25,8904. gr. CN
7. 179Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]05:08,57002:26,8601. gr. CHS
8. 159Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]05:10,24002:27,9102. gr. CHS
9. 177Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]05:10,68002:25,9703. gr. CHS
10. 106Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]05:12,71002:36,3201. gr. N
11. 201Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:14,60002:20,4005. gr. CN
12. 142Fabio Coscarella/IAlfa Romeo 156[-]05:15,81002:37,8103. gr. A
13. 105Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]05:16,29002:37,4802. gr. N
14. 173 Base Up/IFerrari 360 Modena[-]05:16,80002:32,9404. gr. CHS
15. 107Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]05:17,42002:38,4403. gr. N
16. 104Gabriella Pedroni/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]05:19,29002:39,0004. gr. N
17. 145Sauro Sandroni/IBMW M3 E36[-]05:19,48002:39,6804. gr. A
18. 141Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]05:19,53002:39,4105. gr. A
19. 143Fabio Angelini/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:19,88002:39,8806. gr. A
20. 187Pasqualino Amodeo/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:20,30002:35,5606. gr. CN
24. 183Sandro Giuliani/IOsella PA20/S Renaut[-]05:26,21002:35,0207. gr. CN
25. 186Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Renault[-]05:28,06002:38,1308. gr. CN
27. 191Emidio Romoli/IOsella PA18[PA18-18]05:29,20002:34,6809. gr. CN
37. 199Domenico Scola/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-90/02]05:35,32002:30,36010. gr. CN
60. 184 "Sassa Roll Bar"/IOsella PA9[-]05:47,45002:43,76011. gr. CN



Seznam přihlášených

104Gabriella Pedroni/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N
105Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]N
106Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N
107Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N
141Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]A
142Fabio Coscarella/IAlfa Romeo 156[-]A
143Fabio Angelini/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]A
145Sauro Sandroni/IBMW M3 E36[-]A
146Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]A
147Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3 E36[-]A
159Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]CHS
173 Base Up/IFerrari 360 Modena[-]CHS
177Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]CHS
179Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]CHS
183Sandro Giuliani/IOsella PA20/S Renaut[-]CN
184 "Sassa Roll Bar"/IOsella PA9[-]CN
186Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Renault[-]CN
187Pasqualino Amodeo/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
191Emidio Romoli/IOsella PA18[PA18-18]CN
192Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini 91 Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]CN
196Domenico Cappelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
199Domenico Scola/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-90/02]CN
201Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
204Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]CN
205Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]CN

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