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Archívy Euromontagna

33. Verzegnis - Sella Chianzutan



1. 254Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:52,39002:48,7101. gr. CN
2. 252Andrea De Biasi/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-85/02]05:52,66002:45,9002. gr. CN
3. 258Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]05:59,14002:42,7503. gr. CN
4. 257Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]06:03,02002:46,3704. gr. CN
5. 216Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]06:07,17003:03,0301. gr. CHS
6. 221Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Renault[-]06:16,38003:04,0405. gr. CN
7. 223Romano De Gan/IGi.Pi. Sport[L-005/1978]06:19,75003:06,1206. gr. CN
8. 211Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]06:20,96003:07,5802. gr. CHS
9. 256Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-62/99]06:21,34002:48,6507. gr. CN
10. 217Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]06:21,56003:08,0503. gr. CHS
11. 247Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda BMW[BRP4-002]06:23,60002:52,9208. gr. CN
12. 235Riccardo Ala/IBogani Alfa Romeo[12-1991]06:24,21003:00,2909. gr. CN
13. 239Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]06:24,22002:54,03010. gr. CN
14. 204Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]06:28,36003:13,7501. gr. A
15. 255Rocco Aiuto/IOsella PA20/S[-]06:30,56002:52,99011. gr. CN
16. 241Rodolfo Aguzzoni/ILucchini BMW[-]06:31,79002:56,56012. gr. CN
17. 229Fausto D´Alpaos/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-02/01-S]06:35,51003:10,09013. gr. CN
18. 164Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]06:36,94003:18,4101. gr. N
19. 251Roberto Biasioli/IBreda BMW[-]06:37,35002:52,52014. gr. CN
20. 165Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]06:38,55003:18,9302. gr. N
24. 233Antonello Zanin/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[-]06:41,19003:11,42015. gr. CN
26. 231Omar Magliona/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-01/01-S]06:41,86003:12,04016. gr. CN
27. 242Fabio Poggetti/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]06:42,09002:55,02017. gr. CN
28. 234 "Thomas"/IGisa BMW[-]06:43,14003:03,71018. gr. CN
29. 225Alan Gomboso/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-07/01-S]06:43,53003:17,40019. gr. CN
30. 226Lucio D´Isep/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-04/01-S]06:45,31003:18,06020. gr. CN
34. 227Graziano Mamprin/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-10/01-S]06:49,31003:15,90021. gr. CN
36. 238Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]06:51,46003:09,31022. gr. CN
58. 219Valeria Pulvirenti/IGRS Sport[-]07:15,99003:37,58023. gr. CN
88. 236Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-28/96]07:39,92003:15,56024. gr. CN
89. 232Carlino Ranzato/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[-]07:40,13003:20,19025. gr. CN



Seznam přihlášených

164Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N
165Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N
204Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]A
211Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]CHS
216Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]CHS
217Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]CHS
219Valeria Pulvirenti/IGRS Sport[-]CN
221Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Renault[-]CN
223Romano De Gan/IGi.Pi. Sport[L-005/1978]CN
225Alan Gomboso/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-07/01-S]CN
226Lucio D´Isep/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-04/01-S]CN
227Graziano Mamprin/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-10/01-S]CN
229Fausto D´Alpaos/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-02/01-S]CN
231Omar Magliona/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[PA21-01/01-S]CN
232Carlino Ranzato/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[-]CN
233Antonello Zanin/IOsella PA21/S Tropheo[-]CN
234 "Thomas"/IGisa BMW[-]CN
235Riccardo Ala/IBogani Alfa Romeo[12-1991]CN
236Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-28/96]CN
238Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]CN
239Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
241Rodolfo Aguzzoni/ILucchini BMW[-]CN
242Fabio Poggetti/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
247Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda BMW[BRP4-002]CN
251Roberto Biasioli/IBreda BMW[-]CN
252Andrea De Biasi/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-85/02]CN
254Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CN
255Rocco Aiuto/IOsella PA20/S[-]CN
256Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-62/99]CN
257Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]CN
258Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]CN

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