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Euromontagna Archives

Serra da Estrela




1. 1Franz Tschager/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-86/02]05:11,19502:34,6481. gr. CNphoto
2. 2Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-88/02]05:14,96902:36,1042. gr. CN
3. 5Otakar Krámský/CZOsella BMW K-02[PA20S-50/98]05:20,34402:39,4043. gr. CN
4. 4Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA 20[PA20S-75/00]05:22,07602:40,9234. gr. CN
5. 6Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZOsella PA 20S[PA20S-22/95]05:48,03502:53,5995. gr. CN
6. 1Ferreira Da Silva/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]06:01,10203:00,3161. gr. PAphoto
7. 34Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]06:02,86803:01,2721. gr. A
8. 3Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PAudi Coupé S2[-]06:04,14603:01,9362. gr. PA
9. 35Robert Šenkýř/CZBMW M3[170020/94]06:05,70103:01,9342. gr. A
10. 103Antonio Barros/PPorsche 911 RSR[-]06:06,15603:02,6021. gr. PHphoto
11. 104Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PFord Escort RS 1600[-]06:09,61903:04,3252. gr. PH
12. 51Piergiorgio Bedini/MCFord Escort[-]06:19,93803:08,9251. gr. N
13. 50Roland Wanek/DBMW M3 Coupé[-]06:22,53103:10,9252. gr. N
14. 39Jean-Luc Fritsch/FPeugeot 306 Kit Car[-]06:22,80403:10,7783. gr. A
15. 54Jean-Marc Charvin/FMitsubishi Evo 5[_EV5Ch]06:26,90603:12,3863. gr. N
16. 52Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[091036/00]06:28,55003:13,5514. gr. N
17. 36Rainer Krug/DBMW 325 i[-]06:29,15803:13,7454. gr. A
18. 41Luis Veloso/PVW Golf Tdi[-]06:30,18303:14,9155. gr. A
19. 53Dubravko Čikor/HRBMW M3[65786512/97]06:30,48703:14,9035. gr. N
20. 87José Fernandez Castanon/PBMW M3[-]06:30,57303:15,0921. gr. P
21. 51Antoine Da Cunha/FBMW M3[-]06:39,01903:19,2301. gr. PN
22. 22Milutin Vusurovič/YUHonda R[-]06:41,58803:19,6291. gr. SP
23. 81Joaquim Teixeira/PRenault Megane 2,0[-]06:47,25503:22,2692. gr. P
24. 116Jorge Correa/PFord Capri 3000 GT[-]06:49,35003:24,1483. gr. PH
25. 123Serafim Fernandes Martins/PFord Escort[-]06:55,53603:26,7544. gr. PH
26. 6Agostinho Oliveira/PPeugeot 306[-]06:55,96603:27,9653. gr. PA
27. 406Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PAustin Mini Cooper S[-]07:01,87003:30,5591. gr. 5/6
28. 408Paulo Oliveira/PAustin Cooper S[-]07:02,57003:29,9932. gr. 5/6
29. 23Oskar Beneš/CZRenault Megane 2,0[-]07:02,74503:29,2302. gr. SP
30. 40Javier Diaz Gonzales/PCitroen AX Sport[-]07:06,23603:32,8096. gr. A
31. 54Serafim Fernandes Martins/PMitsubishi Lancer[-]07:07,19303:32,9792. gr. PN
32. 83Fihmy Cassamo/PCitroen Saxo Cup[-]07:08,93503:32,0453. gr. P
33. 407Nuno Sampedro/PMorris 1275 GT[-]07:09,90603:34,0243. gr. 5/6
34. 22Carlos Correa/PVW Golf Gti[-]07:23,67303:39,9174. gr. PA
35. 119Gilberto Correa/PBMW 2002Ti[-]07:24,24003:41,4175. gr. PH
36. 5Luis Prazares/PCitroen AX Gti[-]07:26,05803:41,9925. gr. PA
37. 4Emilio Lourenco Reixa/PSeat Ibiza GH 16v[-]07:29,76203:44,4356. gr. PA
38. 7Carlos Rodrigues Ramos/PPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:30,31703:41,7127. gr. PA
39. 84Luis Alexandre/PRenault Clio 2,0 RS[-]07:37,11203:28,9794. gr. P
40. 120Joao M. Castro Alberto/PFord Escort[-]07:38,80003:48,3516. gr. PH
41. 121Eduardo Costa/PMorris Cooper S[-]07:41,16803:46,2657. gr. PH
42. 90Paulo Alves Dias/PCitroen AX Gt[-]07:41,74803:44,1625. gr. P
43. 86Alberto Simoes Rodrigues/PFord Sierra[-]07:45,35303:50,0646. gr. P
44. 53Adelino Simoues Gouveia/PFord Escort XR3i[-]07:47,72003:53,5893. gr. PN
45. 82Carlos Manuel M. Rodrigues/PFord Escort RS 2000[-]07:51,61103:55,6607. gr. P
46. 304Jose Oliveira/PRenault R 12 Gordini[-]08:03,06904:01,3151. gr. HG
47. 89Jaime Costa Soares/PRenault 5[-]08:10,07204:03,6917. gr. P


Did not classified

AB85Fernando J. Bras Teotonio/PBMW 320 i[-]- P
AB3Renzo Napione/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-87/02]- CN
NS56Anotnio Salvado Monteiro/PCitroen AX Gti[-]- PN
NS91Rui Duarte Raposo/POpel Kadett E Gsi[-]- P
NS88Jose Ricardo Marques/PToyota Carina E[-]- P
NS2Jose Peres/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]- PA
NS21Michaela Votavová/CZFord Escort RS 2000[_misa]- SP
NS55Javier Fernandez Requejo/PBMW M3[-]- N
NS52José Cunha/PSubaru Impreza 555[-]- PN


1Franz Tschager/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-86/02]CN
1Ferreira Da Silva/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]PA
2Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-88/02]CN
2Jose Peres/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]PA
3Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PAudi Coupé S2[-]PA
3Renzo Napione/IOsella PA 20S[PA20S-87/02]CN
4Emilio Lourenco Reixa/PSeat Ibiza GH 16v[-]PA
4Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA 20[PA20S-75/00]CN
5Luis Prazares/PCitroen AX Gti[-]PA
5Otakar Krámský/CZOsella BMW K-02[PA20S-50/98]CN
6Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZOsella PA 20S[PA20S-22/95]CN
6Agostinho Oliveira/PPeugeot 306[-]PA
7Carlos Rodrigues Ramos/PPeugeot 205 Gti[-]PA
21Michaela Votavová/CZFord Escort RS 2000[_misa]SP
22Carlos Correa/PVW Golf Gti[-]PA
22Milutin Vusurovič/YUHonda R[-]SP
23Oskar Beneš/CZRenault Megane 2,0[-]SP
34Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]A
35Robert Šenkýř/CZBMW M3[170020/94]A
36Rainer Krug/DBMW 325 i[-]A
39Jean-Luc Fritsch/FPeugeot 306 Kit Car[-]A
40Javier Diaz Gonzales/PCitroen AX Sport[-]A
41Luis Veloso/PVW Golf Tdi[-]A
50Roland Wanek/DBMW M3 Coupé[-]N
51Antoine Da Cunha/FBMW M3[-]PN
51Piergiorgio Bedini/MCFord Escort[-]N
52Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[091036/00]N
52José Cunha/PSubaru Impreza 555[-]PN
53Adelino Simoues Gouveia/PFord Escort XR3i[-]PN
53Dubravko Čikor/HRBMW M3[65786512/97]N
54Jean-Marc Charvin/FMitsubishi Evo 5[_EV5Ch]N
54Serafim Fernandes Martins/PMitsubishi Lancer[-]PN
55Javier Fernandez Requejo/PBMW M3[-]N
56Anotnio Salvado Monteiro/PCitroen AX Gti[-]PN
81Joaquim Teixeira/PRenault Megane 2,0[-]P
82Carlos Manuel M. Rodrigues/PFord Escort RS 2000[-]P
83Fihmy Cassamo/PCitroen Saxo Cup[-]P
84Luis Alexandre/PRenault Clio 2,0 RS[-]P
85Fernando J. Bras Teotonio/PBMW 320 i[-]P
86Alberto Simoes Rodrigues/PFord Sierra[-]P
87José Fernandez Castanon/PBMW M3[-]P
88Jose Ricardo Marques/PToyota Carina E[-]P
89Jaime Costa Soares/PRenault 5[-]P
90Paulo Alves Dias/PCitroen AX Gt[-]P
91Rui Duarte Raposo/POpel Kadett E Gsi[-]P
103Antonio Barros/PPorsche 911 RSR[-]PH
104Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PFord Escort RS 1600[-]PH
116Jorge Correa/PFord Capri 3000 GT[-]PH
119Gilberto Correa/PBMW 2002Ti[-]PH
120Joao M. Castro Alberto/PFord Escort[-]PH
121Eduardo Costa/PMorris Cooper S[-]PH
123Serafim Fernandes Martins/PFord Escort[-]PH
304Jose Oliveira/PRenault R 12 Gordini[-]HG
406Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PAustin Mini Cooper S[-]5/6
407Nuno Sampedro/PMorris 1275 GT[-]5/6
408Paulo Oliveira/PAustin Cooper S[-]5/6

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