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Archívy Euromontagna

13th Zbraslav - Jíloviště



1. 155Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DAustro-Daimler ADR 3.6[-]02:45,7001. gr. RaceCars
2. 158Henryk Liefeldt/PLAustro-Daimler[-]02:49,8002. gr. RaceCars
3. 144Rudolf Caracciola/DMercedes-Benz[-]02:52,7001. gr. SportsCars
4. 152László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]02:55,3003. gr. RaceCars
5. 159Max Arco-Zinnerberg/DMercedes[-]02:55,6004. gr. RaceCars
6. 153Heinrich Joachim von Morgen/DBugatti[-]02:56,5005. gr. RaceCars
7. 150Jiří Kristián Lobkowic/CSBugatti[-]03:04,3006. gr. RaceCars
8. 156Jindřich Knapp/CSWalter Super[-]03:05,6007. gr. RaceCars
9. 137Ernst Günther Burggaller/DBugatti[-]03:06,5002. gr. SportsCars
10. 149Hermann zu Leiningen/DBugatti[-]03:16,5008. gr. RaceCars
11. 147Otto Spandel/DMercedes-Benz[-]03:20,5003. gr. SportsCars
12. 148Florian Schmidt/CSAmilcar[-]03:23,0009. gr. RaceCars
13. 141J. Fuchs/DBugatti[-]03:28,0004. gr. SportsCars
14. 74Jan Kubíček/CSBugatti[-]03:31,6001. gr. TouringCar
15. 133Hans Lewy/DBugatti[-]03:33,4005. gr. SportsCars
16. 138A. Bernstein/DBugatti[-]03:34,9006. gr. SportsCars
17. 143Bernhard Ackerl/AAustro-Daimler[-]03:52,00010. gr. RaceCars
18. 128Hans Simons/DDKW[-]04:06,3007. gr. SportsCars
19. 161Jean Pedrazzini/FCord[-]04:06,7008. gr. SportsCars
20. 132Hugo Urban-Emmerich/CSTalbot[-]04:06,9009. gr. SportsCars
21. 72J. Havlíček/CSBugatti[-]04:09,9002. gr. TouringCar
22. 139Alfred von Michel-Raulio/DAustro-Daimler[-]04:11,60010. gr. SportsCars
23. 130Josef Novák/CSAmilcar[-]04:17,80011. gr. SportsCars
24. 63M. Brebta/CSAmilcar[-]04:19,0003. gr. TouringCar
25. 66Jiří Weinfurter/CSWikov[-]04:22,9004. gr. TouringCar
26. 70Vl. Fröhlich/Imperia[-]04:26,5005. gr. TouringCar
27. 69Jiro Tachecí/CZImperia[-]04:28,2006. gr. TouringCar
28. 67František Bayer/CSPraga Alfa[-]04:31,1007. gr. TouringCar
29. 126Walter H. Oestreicher/DDKW[-]04:32,30012. gr. SportsCars
30. 77Ladislav Pubec/CSFord[-]04:41,3008. gr. TouringCar
31. 68Vl. Kraupner/Praga Alfa[-]04:41,7009. gr. TouringCar
32. 54Hugo Urban-Emmerich/CSMorris MG[-]04:55,80010. gr. TouringCar
33. 71Soňa Červená/CSPraga Alfa[-]05:05,40011. gr. TouringCar
34. 75Otto Theimer/Citroen[-]05:10,50012. gr. TouringCar
35. 53František Velát/BMW Dixi[-]05:15,20013. gr. TouringCar
36. 55Josef Vyskočil/CSPraga Piccolo[-]05:30,40014. gr. TouringCar
37. 58Nina Hladká/CSPraga Piccolo[-]05:31,70015. gr. TouringCar
38. 57Jiří Rechziegel/Praga Piccolo[-]05:55,20016. gr. TouringCar
39. 56A. Frick/Praga Piccolo[-]05:56,40017. gr. TouringCar
40. 62Kamil Kadlčák/CSTatra[-]06:56,20018. gr. TouringCar
41. 59A. Mareš/CSPraga Piccolo[-]06:58,20019. gr. TouringCar
42. Jelínek/ENKA[-]08:25,80020. gr. TouringCar
43. 61A. Prokeš/Imperia[-]14:44,20021. gr. TouringCar



AB13 Stegman/BMW[-]- Moto
AB157F. Frankl/ASteyr[-]- RaceCars
AB154Hans Fridrich Aurich/DBugatti[-]- RaceCars
AB140C.Alb. Gilka-Bötzow/Austro-Daimler[-]- SportsCars
AB51Prokop Havlík/CSENKA[-]- TouringCar
AB64Vl. Doubek/CSPraga Alfa[-]- TouringCar
AB60J. Feuerstein/Praga Piccolo[-]- TouringCar
AB151Rudolf Steinweg/DBugatti[-]- RaceCars
AB160Rolf von Dojmi/DMercedes-Benz SSK[-]- RaceCars
P131Herbert Lendl/CSAmilcar[-]- SportsCars
P136Lula Jirátová/CSAlfa Romeo[-]- SportsCars
P142A. Duda/CSAustro-Daimler[-]- SportsCars
P143Bernhard Ackerl/AAustro-Daimler[-]- SportsCars
P145Wilhelm Merck/DMercedes-Benz[-]- SportsCars
P146E. Winter/DMercedes-Benz[-]- SportsCars
P129Max Hardegg/CSBNC[-]- SportsCars
P135Heinrich Joachim von Morgen/DBugatti[-]- SportsCars
P127Florian Schmidt/CSAmilcar[-]- SportsCars
P134H. Imre Hardegg/CSBugatti[-]- SportsCars

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