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Did not classified

ST2Marcel Tarrés/FNorma M7[-]-
ST Xavier Tourliere/FLucchini 90[-]-
ST Xavier Tourliere/FDebora 91[-]-
ST John Salmona/FLucchini 88[-]-
ST22Daniel Morello/FG.Méca 91[-]-
ST Philippe Mechain/FLucchini 88[-]-
ST Michel Passavanti/FMerlin 91[-]-
ST17Didier Guillemot/FRion 91[-]-
ST8Remy Bellay/FLucchini 88[-]-
ST11Claude Degremont/FMerlin 90[-]-
ST14Gilles Lecluse/FLucchini 85[-]-
ST18 - Lucchini 90[-]-
ST20J. Daniel Raulet/FALD 91[-]-
ST23Francesco Scorbati/Lucchini 90[-]-
ST Xavier Tourliere/FLucchini 89[-]-
ST10Michel Grenier/FMerlin 91[-]-
ST Gérard Patte/FLucchini 90[-]-
ST Claude Degremont/FLucchini 91[-]-
ST1Gérard Dillmann/FLucchini 91[-]-
ST Gérard Dillmann/FOsella 91[-]-
ST15Michel Arbeit/FDebora 90[-]-
ST25David Velay/FDebora 91[-]-
ST33Gérard Bacle/FMerlin 91[-]-
ST Gérard Bacle/FDebora[-]-
ST Gérard Bacle/FBogani 91[-]-
ST4Georges Tessier/FMerlin 91[-]-
ST3Anne Baverey/FDebora 90[-]-
ST7Patrice Clerc/FLucchini 90[-]-
ST9Carolyn Boniface/FLucchini 90[-]-
ST21Bruno Sotty/FLucchini 90[-]-
ST24Fulvio Maccio/Bogani 90[-]-

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