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Euromontagna Archives

48. Bergrennen am Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F


1. Xavier Perrot/CHMarch 722 F 2[722-16A]09:51,1001. gr. Gr.8+9
2. Jean Claude Andruet/FAlpine Renault (compresseur)[A360-3601]10:11,2002. gr. Gr.8+9
3. Richard Daniel/Pygmée F 2 MDB 16[MDB16-271]10:16,1003. gr. Gr.8+9
4. Jean Lapierre/FPygmee MDB 15[MDB15-370]10:23,0004. gr. Gr.8+9
5. Cache/FTecno[-]10:46,0001. gr. F-Gr.8+9
6. Jean Louis Staiano/FGrac MT16[MT16-003]10:50,0001. gr. Gr.5+7
7. Daniel Rouveyran/FLola T210[SL210/1]10:50,8002. gr. Gr.5+7
8. Thierry Carpent/BCeli AC 7[-]10:52,2005. gr. Gr.8+9
9. Gerard Larrousse/FPorsche 911S[-]10:53,0001. gr. Gr.4
10. Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche Bergspider 6 cyl.[908/02-013]10:59,9003. gr. Gr.5+7
11. Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]11:01,3002. gr. Gr.4
12. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911S[-]11:03,1003. gr. Gr.4
13. Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 911S[-]11:10,5004. gr. Gr.4
14. Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 908[-]11:11,1004. gr. Gr.5+7
15. Georges Buzzi/Alpine A 110 1600[-]11:28,1005. gr. Gr.4
16. Aimé Dirand/FBMW 2002 Ti[-]11:37,3001. gr. Gr.2
17. José Xiberras/FSIB barquette[-]11:38,0005. gr. Gr.5+7
18. Daniel Rouveyran/FFerrari Daytona 265 GTB 4[-]11:38,6006. gr. Gr.4
19. Pierre Maublanc/FChevron B20[B20-72-6]11:40,0006. gr. Gr.8+9
20. "Cyprien"/FGrac MT16[-]11:44,0006. gr. Gr.5+7
21. J. Hughes Hazard/BMW 2002Ti[-]11:46,4001. gr. F-Gr.2
22. Betemps/Alpine A 110 1600 S[-]11:48,8001. gr. F-Gr.4
23. Peter Richardson/GBDaren Mk.IIB Ford[-]12:08,0007. gr. Gr.5+7
24. Henri Balas/FPorsche 911S[-]12:08,5001. gr. Gr.3
25. Franck Alesi/FChevrolet Camaro[-]12:18,4001. gr. Gr.1
26. Henri Chemin/FChrysler Barracuda[-]12:18,6002. gr. Gr.1
27. B. Picolet/MEP X 27[-]12:21,9007. gr. Gr.8+9
28. Coustellier/Renault R 8[-]12:23,0002. gr. F-Gr.2
29. Georg Weber/DABT NSU[-]12:25,0002. gr. Gr.2
30. Guimeli/Renault R 8[-]12:26,1003. gr. F-Gr.2
31. Marianne Hoepfner/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:26,5007. gr. Gr.4
32. Papazian/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:28,6002. gr. F-Gr.4
33. J. Laloge/Alpine A110-1600S[-]12:29,6002. gr. Gr.3
34. Jean Canaud/FCG Barraquet[-]12:30,9008. gr. Gr.5+7
35. Sarazzin/FChrysler Barracuda[-]12:30,9001. gr. F-Gr.1
36. Pouthze/Abarth 1600 E[-]12:32,3009. gr. Gr.5+7
37. Gabrielle Renault/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]12:33,0008. gr. Gr.4
38. Marc Regal/FMEP X 27[-]12:36,2008. gr. Gr.8+9
39. J.C. Geral/Chrysler Barracuda[-]12:36,3003. gr. Gr.1
40. Marie Laurent/FChrysler Barracuda[-]12:42,9002. gr. F-Gr.1
41. Siard/Porsche 911S[-]12:43,4003. gr. Gr.3
42. "Charlotte"/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]12:45,7001. gr. F-Gr.3
43. J. Pierre Autran/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]12:47,2003. gr. F-Gr.4
44. Ravot/FPorsche 911S[-]12:50,4002. gr. F-Gr.3
45. Regis/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]12:52,9004. gr. Gr.3
46. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]12:59,1004. gr. Gr.1
47. M. Eynard/BMW 2002 TI[-]12:59,1005. gr. Gr.1
48. Jean Claude Sola/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]13:02,1006. gr. Gr.1
49. Francesco Di Nicola/IRenault R 8 Gordini[-]13:02,3004. gr. F-Gr.2
50. Arlaud/F4 CV Renault prototype[-]13:04,40010. gr. Gr.5+7
51. Pernod/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]13:07,3005. gr. F-Gr.2
52. J. Pierre Sauget/FBMW 2002 TI[-]13:10,4007. gr. Gr.1
53. Philippe Leclerc/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]13:11,9006. gr. F-Gr.2
54. Monard/FMorris-Cooper S prototype[-]13:16,90011. gr. Gr.5+7
55. Duplan/Ford Mustang 390 GT[-]13:18,4003. gr. F-Gr.1
56. Gérard Cuynet/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]13:21,0008. gr. Gr.1
57. Mancip/FBLMC Cooper S[-]13:21,0007. gr. F-Gr.2
58. "Cyr"/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]13:23,7005. gr. Gr.3
59. Eugene Naas/FSimca 1000 R[-]13:23,8008. gr. F-Gr.2
60. "Yul"/Simca 1000 R[-]13:29,5009. gr. F-Gr.2
61. Vion/FAlfa Romeo 2000 GT[-]13:31,9004. gr. F-Gr.1
62. Jean Clement/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]13:42,30010. gr. F-Gr.2
63. G. Combemale/FSimca 1000 EC[-]13:43,30011. gr. F-Gr.2
64. Bagard/FSimca prototype[-]13:45,80012. gr. Gr.5+7
65. Rouby/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]14:02,50012. gr. F-Gr.2
66. Gérard Roos/FRenault R 12[-]14:23,80013. gr. F-Gr.2
67. Dallest/FSimca 1000 Rallye I[-]14:43,1005. gr. F-Gr.1
68. Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari Dino 246 GT[-]14:44,1009. gr. Gr.4
69. Argoud/FSimca 1000 EC[-]14:46,20014. gr. F-Gr.2
70. Grosbois/FRenault R 8[-]15:12,6006. gr. F-Gr.1
71. Bley/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]15:25,0007. gr. F-Gr.1
72. "Zaf"/FSimca 1000 Rallye I[-]15:33,1008. gr. F-Gr.1
73. Lunardi/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]15:37,0009. gr. F-Gr.1
74. Lacan/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]15:49,00010. gr. F-Gr.1
75. Ballester/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]15:55,50011. gr. F-Gr.1
76. Lucotte/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]16:01,40012. gr. F-Gr.1
77. Cosme/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]16:07,10013. gr. F-Gr.1


Did not classified

AB Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch F2[-]-
AB Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]-


Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]
Guimeli/Renault R 8[-]F-Gr.2
Coustellier/Renault R 8[-]F-Gr.2
Argoud/FSimca 1000 EC[-]F-Gr.2
G. Combemale/FSimca 1000 EC[-]F-Gr.2
"Yul"/Simca 1000 R[-]F-Gr.2
Eugene Naas/FSimca 1000 R[-]F-Gr.2
Duplan/Ford Mustang 390 GT[-]F-Gr.1
Marie Laurent/FChrysler Barracuda[-]F-Gr.1
Sarazzin/FChrysler Barracuda[-]F-Gr.1
Vion/FAlfa Romeo 2000 GT[-]F-Gr.1
"Zaf"/FSimca 1000 Rallye I[-]F-Gr.1
Grosbois/FRenault R 8[-]F-Gr.1
Dallest/FSimca 1000 Rallye I[-]F-Gr.1
Cosme/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Lucotte/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Ballester/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Lacan/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Francesco Di Nicola/IRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2
Mancip/FBLMC Cooper S[-]F-Gr.2
Jean Clement/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2
Pouthze/Abarth 1600 E[-]Gr.5+7
Jean Canaud/FCG Barraquet[-]Gr.5+7
José Xiberras/FSIB barquette[-]Gr.5+7
Bagard/FSimca prototype[-]Gr.5+7
Monard/FMorris-Cooper S prototype[-]Gr.5+7
Arlaud/F4 CV Renault prototype[-]Gr.5+7
Papazian/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]F-Gr.4
Betemps/Alpine A 110 1600 S[-]F-Gr.4
J. Pierre Autran/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]F-Gr.4
Ravot/FPorsche 911S[-]F-Gr.3
"Charlotte"/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]F-Gr.3
Pernod/FFord Capri 2600 RS[-]F-Gr.2
Philippe Leclerc/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]F-Gr.2
J. Hughes Hazard/BMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.2
Gérard Roos/FRenault R 12[-]F-Gr.2
Rouby/FRenault R 12 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2
Lunardi/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Bley/FSimca 1000 Rallye[-]F-Gr.1
Pierre Maublanc/FChevron B20[B20-72-6]Gr.8+9
Marianne Hoepfner/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]Gr.4
Georges Buzzi/Alpine A 110 1600[-]Gr.4
Siard/Porsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Henri Balas/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
"Cyr"/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]Gr.3
Regis/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]Gr.3
J. Laloge/Alpine A110-1600S[-]Gr.3
Aimé Dirand/FBMW 2002 Ti[-]Gr.2
Georg Weber/DABT NSU[-]Gr.2
J.C. Geral/Chrysler Barracuda[-]Gr.1
Henri Chemin/FChrysler Barracuda[-]Gr.1
Franck Alesi/FChevrolet Camaro[-]Gr.1
Gérard Cuynet/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]Gr.1
J. Pierre Sauget/FBMW 2002 TI[-]Gr.1
Jean Claude Sola/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]Gr.1
M. Eynard/BMW 2002 TI[-]Gr.1
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo 2000[-]Gr.1
Gabrielle Renault/FAlpine A110-1600S[-]Gr.4
Gerard Larrousse/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4
Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4
Thierry Carpent/BCeli AC 7[-]Gr.8+9
Jean Lapierre/FPygmee MDB 15[MDB15-370]Gr.8+9
Richard Daniel/Pygmée F 2 MDB 16[MDB16-271]Gr.8+9
Jean Claude Andruet/FAlpine Renault (compresseur)[A360-3601]Gr.8+9
Xavier Perrot/CHMarch 722 F 2[722-16A]Gr.8+9
Marc Regal/FMEP X 27[-]Gr.8+9
B. Picolet/MEP X 27[-]Gr.8+9
Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 908[-]Gr.5+7
Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche Bergspider 6 cyl.[908/02-013]Gr.5+7
Peter Richardson/GBDaren Mk.IIB Ford[-]Gr.5+7
"Cyprien"/FGrac MT16[-]Gr.5+7
Daniel Rouveyran/FLola T210[SL210/1]Gr.5+7
Jean Louis Staiano/FGrac MT16[MT16-003]Gr.5+7
Daniel Rouveyran/FFerrari Daytona 265 GTB 4[-]Gr.4
Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari Dino 246 GT[-]K.R.Gr.4
Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4
Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4
Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch F2[-]

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