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31. Verzegnis Sella Chianzutan (Udine)

Verzegnis - FIA Challenge/I

Last update: 2008-01-01


1. 206Rosario Iaquinta/ISighinolfi Sp2000 BMW[-]05:37,10002:47,1501. gr. CN
2. 204Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-Cinelli]05:37,18002:47,4002. gr. CNphoto
3. 199Paolo Strenghetto/ISighinolfi BMW[-]05:42,07002:50,4203. gr. CN
4. 197Armando Mangini/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-25/96]05:45,31002:51,0404. gr. CN
5. 193Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-76/00]05:52,05002:55,7505. gr. CNphoto
6. 191Massimo Gervasi/IOsella PA20S[-]05:58,18002:58,0406. gr. CN
7. 202Roberto Biasioli/IBreda BMW[-]06:00,92002:55,8707. gr. CN
8. 192Fabio Torsellini/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-60/99]06:01,00002:59,5708. gr. CN
9. 196Luigi Amadio/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]06:03,28003:01,5809. gr. CN
10. 184Pietro Belfi Giordano/IOsella PA20S[-]06:15,24003:07,36010. gr. CN
11. 188Roberto Della Pieta/IOsella PA20S[-]06:19,39003:08,72011. gr. CN
12. 178Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW 320[-]06:22,49003:10,8101. gr. A
13. 181Romano De Gan/IGipi Sport Cosworth[L-005/1978]06:24,73003:12,06012. gr. CN
14. 175Oronzo Pezzolla/IŠkoda Octavia Wagon[-]06:25,62003:12,0602. gr. A
15. 185Giovanni Mezzasalma/IOsella PA20S[-]06:28,72003:12,71013. gr. CN
16. 182Gianni Marchiol/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]06:29,53003:11,58014. gr. CN
17. 198Raimondo Amadio/IBreda BMW[BRP4-004_]06:29,72003:14,15015. gr. CN
18. 177 "Kabibo"/IAlfa Romeo 155 GTA[-]06:36,73003:17,9403. gr. A
19. 173Fausto Chiappo/IRenault Megane Kit[-]06:44,71003:20,9604. gr. A
20. 142Claudio Giobbi/IBMW M3 3.2[-]06:45,29003:22,3101. gr. N
21. 141Rudi Bicciato/IFord Escort Rs Cosworth[-]06:45,94003:22,6702. gr. N
22. 167Giovanni Di Fant/IBMW M3[-]06:45,97003:21,8705. gr. A
23. 186Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-28/96]06:49,32003:23,10016. gr. CN
24. 183Giuseppe D´Anca/ILucchini A.R. Evol.[-]06:51,16003:24,52017. gr. CN
25. 134Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]06:53,07003:25,3803. gr. N
26. 165Giorgio Leonardi/IPeugeot 306[-]07:00,19003:29,9606. gr. A
27. 158Rinaldo Marega/IOpel Calibra[-]07:00,79003:30,3907. gr. A
28. 174Maurizio Marinigh/IRenault Megane Kit[-]07:00,83003:29,7108. gr. A
29. 169Gianpaolo Boria/ICitroen Saxo Kit[-]07:02,27003:30,6009. gr. A
30. 168Giani Martellucci/IFord Escort Rs Cosworth[-]07:03,66003:31,46010. gr. A
31. 156Michele Ghirardo/IHonda Civic Vti[-]07:04,33003:31,34011. gr. A

Seznam přihlášených

134Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-] D.B. MotorsportNKL
141Rudi Bicciato/IFord Escort Rs Cosworth[-] MendelNKL
142Claudio Giobbi/IBMW M3 3.2[-] Sport Racing TeamNKL
156Michele Ghirardo/IHonda Civic Vti[-] VimotorsportAKL
158Rinaldo Marega/IOpel Calibra[-] Errepi RacingAKL
165Giorgio Leonardi/IPeugeot 306[-] Rallye VimotorsportAKL
167Giovanni Di Fant/IBMW M3[-] FriuliAKL
168Giani Martellucci/IFord Escort Rs Cosworth[-] FriuliAKL
169Gianpaolo Boria/ICitroen Saxo Kit[-] FriuliAKL
173Fausto Chiappo/IRenault Megane Kit[-] FriuliAKL
174Maurizio Marinigh/IRenault Megane Kit[-] Power Car TeamAKL
175Oronzo Pezzolla/IŠkoda Octavia Wagon[-]Škoda Motorsport ItaliaAKL
177 "Kabibo"/IAlfa Romeo 155 GTA[-]AKL
178Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW 320[-]AKL
181Romano De Gan/IGipi Sport Cosworth[L-005/1978] Halley Racing TeamCNKL
182Gianni Marchiol/IOsella PA20S Renault[-] W. FriuliCNKL
183Giuseppe D´Anca/ILucchini A.R. Evol.[-]CNKL
184Pietro Belfi Giordano/IOsella PA20S[-] Autosport SorrentoCNKL
185Giovanni Mezzasalma/IOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
186Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-28/96] Villorba CorseCNKL
188Roberto Della Pieta/IOsella PA20S[-] D.B. MotorsportCNKL
191Massimo Gervasi/IOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
192Fabio Torsellini/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-60/99] Squadra Corse ValdelsaCNKL
193Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-76/00] Squadra Corse ValdelsaCNKL
196Luigi Amadio/IOsella PA20S BMW[-] Villorba CorseCNKL
197Armando Mangini/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-25/96] Arcobaleno Gruppi PilotiCNKL
198Raimondo Amadio/IBreda BMW[BRP4-004_] Villorba CorseCNKL
199Paolo Strenghetto/ISighinolfi BMW[-]CNKL
202Roberto Biasioli/IBreda BMW[-]VimotorsportCNKL
204Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-Cinelli] Granducato CorseCNKL
206Rosario Iaquinta/ISighinolfi Sp2000 BMW[-] Autosport Sorrento RacingCNKL

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