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Euromontagna Archives

Mühlbach Hochkönig




1. 119László Szász/HReynard 93D[93D-014]03:34,20501:33,7951. gr. EDphoto
2. 96Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES991]03:49,35501:38,0771. gr. CNphoto
8. 104Rolf Köppel/DPRC[M91-03]04:09,61401:52,3651. gr. C3photo
9. 100Erich Öppinger/DOsella[PA9-119/83]04:11,82101:51,6202. gr. C3photo
14. 91Markus Schrotter/APRC Opel[S99-019]04:18,93702:01,0112. gr. CNphoto


Did not classified

ST116Hermann Waldy/AReynard 94D[94D-025]- photo
ST120Walter Leitgeb/AReynard 95D[95D-030]- photo
ST310Michael Endress/DAudi 80 Coupe[103/75/1981]- photo
ST321Werner Fröhlich/DBMW 320[-]- photo
ST323Reinhard Härtel/DAlpine Renault[-]- photo
ST333Alexander Strobl/AFord Escort[-]- photo
ST336Herbert Pregartner/APorsche 911GT2[-]- photo
ST340Markus Wüstefeld/DMercedes 190[-]- photo
ST348Georg Plasa/DBMW 320[-]- photo
ST114Patrik Semlbauer/CZOpel Lotus[OVL260/1993]- photo
ST113Josef Prasser/AMaurer[-]- photo
ST112Franz Huemer/AReynard 903[-]- photo
ST50Walter Struckmann/DOpel Astra[-]- photo
ST54Thomas Sühs/AOpel Astra[-]- photo
ST59Martin Koiš/SKFord Escort[WR767257552/94]- photo
ST65Radim Freiberg/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]- photo
ST73Peter Nemecek/ABMW[-]- photo
ST101Dražen Belohradski/HRPRC Opel[S98-012-SC99-001]- photo
ST103Bernd Haid/DStenger[ES921]- photo
ST109Jiří Mičánek/CZDallara 393[F393-020]- photo
ST111Jaroslav Krajčí/SKReynard 923[923-005]- photo
ST353Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935DP2[DP935301/1989]- photo

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