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XXIX. Subida Al Fito Memorial Angel MartŪnez Noriega

Al Fito/E


1. 2Andres VilariÚo/EOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-31/96]06:21,12603:05,7591. gr. CN
2. 1Otakar KrŠmskż/CZOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-50/98]06:29,81003:11,3872. gr. CN
3. 17Petr VojŠŤek/CZFord Escort Cosworth[1022/1996]06:41,53403:18,9781. gr. A
4. 5Roberto Cuervo Mendez/EAlfa Romeo 155[-]06:42,07203:19,507- Gr.2
5. 23Manuel Caamano Senra/EPeugeot 306 Kit Car[-]06:44,09003:20,0442. gr. A
6. 48Jose Ramon Fdez Castanon/EMartini Mk.39[-]06:45,18203:16,883- E
7. 47Victor Gutierrez Abraham/ERalt RT33[-]06:48,92203:20,479- E
8. 21VladimŪr Liöka/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]06:51,39603:24,5123. gr. A
9. 30VladimŪr ml. Doubek/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]06:52,05903:25,4791. gr. N
10. 4Xavier Riera/EBMW 320i[-]06:52,27003:23,101- Gr.2
11. 32Piergiorgio Bedini/MCFord Escort Cosworth[-]06:57,24903:26,4072. gr. N
12. 7Vincente Pastor Garcia Florez/ECitroen ZX Kit Car[-]06:59,21403:27,582- Gr.2
13. 35Luis Rodriguez Flores/EMitsubishi Lancer Makinen[-]07:01,81703:28,3533. gr. N
14. 36Josť Maria Magdaleno/EMitsubishi Lancer EVO[-]07:03,41503:28,4224. gr. N
15. 12Pedro Escalera Castanon/ECitroen ZX Kit Car[-]07:10,25603:33,677- Gr.2
16. 27Migeul Alonso Riego/ECitroen Saxo[-]07:12,18803:35,3534. gr. A
17. 16Manuel Perez Mazoy/ECitroen Saxo[-]07:12,84103:34,042-
18. 46Jose Gonzales Naredo/ESymbol BMW 2500[-]07:14,07403:32,640- C3
19. 56Bernabe Alcaide Estrada/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:14,77903:35,397-
20. 25Adolfo Rodriguez/ELancia Delta Integrale[-]07:15,80303:35,538- A
21. 18Michaela VotavovŠ/CZFord Escort Cosworth[96071/92]07:16,15603:35,1636. gr. A
22. 22Sergio Glez Diaz/EBMW M3[-]07:16,78703:35,506- A
23. 38Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3 Lavak[-]07:21,11803:38,407- N
24. 19Antonio Ruiz Aguado/EMitsubishi Lancer EVO[-]07:23,54503:39,282- A
25. 34Rafael Ortiz Ruiz/EFord Escort Cosworth[-]07:24,88503:39,284- N
26. 28Ruben Marino Garcia/ECitroen AX GTI[-]07:28,43703:40,353-
27. 73Manuel A Carbajal Garcia/EOpel Kadett GSI[-]07:31,68703:44,113-
28. 3Antonio Guardeno Maillo/EAlfa Romeo 2500[-]07:32,50903:34,3803. gr. CN
29. 8Jose Ivan Suarez/ECitroen ZX Kit Car[-]07:33,16803:25,815- Gr.2
30. 50Jose Luis Diaz Alvarez/EOsella Fůrmula[-]07:35,64403:44,210- E
31. 26Juan Carlos Hortal Garcia/EOpel Corsa GSI[-]07:36,31703:45,640- A
32. 53Jose Maria Iglesias Castro/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:37,24703:44,493-
33. 54Ruben Fdez Glez/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:38,24703:44,572-
34. 55Gabino Gonzalez Fdez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:38,87303:47,693-
35. 75Juan Manuel Piquero/EFiat Ritmo Abarth[-]07:40,48103:50,062-
36. 14Mariano Vilche Fdez/ERenault Clio 16v[-]07:41,63403:47,856-
37. 69Julio Cesar Mendez/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:41,70003:48,028-
38. 51Severino Alvarez Alvarez/ESelex 2000 Formula[-]07:42,74303:43,616- E
39. 60Angel Anibal Fdez Suarez/EVW Golf 1600[-]07:45,01803:49,805-
40. 59Luis Manuel Pelaez/EVW Golf G60[-]07:47,24203:48,227-
41. 41Jose Angel Boto Martinez/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]07:49,33803:52,126- N
42. 43Carlos Ron Marquez/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]07:55,04203:54,607- N
43. 66Javier Glez Diaz/ECitroen AX Sport[-]08:00,80103:55,862-
44. 24Juan Carlos Diaz Mendez/EPeugeot 306 S16[-]08:01,22503:58,289- A
45. 40Jose Luis Prieto Alvarez/EOpel Astra GSI[-]08:01,54703:55,556- N
46. 39Antonio Juan Villalonga/ERenault Clio Williams[-]08:02,14803:58,011- N
47. 67Fernando Yanez Hernandez/ECitroen AX Sport[-]08:03,99803:56,319-
48. 37Javier Requejo Fernandez/EBMW M3[-]08:07,09003:58,080- N
49. 15Juan Carlos Pena Sanmaria/ERenault Megane 16v[-]08:07,51803:56,069-
50. 42Ruben Tuset Alvarez/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:09,69104:00,047- N
51. 58Roberto Castro Ferrero/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:10,49104:03,536-
52. 61Daniel Landeira Lopez/EBMW 323i[-]08:13,67704:02,066-
53. 45Jose Alberto Blanco Garcia/ECitroen AX GTI[-]08:16,36604:03,751- N
54. 71Jose Manuel Sanchez Leon/EPeugeot 205 GTI[-]08:17,46304:06,026-
55. 64Jose Alfredo Vega Valle/ECitroen AX GT[-]08:20,94604:06,618-
56. 70Ignacio del Valle Huerta/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:25,05604:09,490-
57. 78Jorge Lorenzo Rodriguez/ESeat Fura Crono[-]08:25,40004:09,977-
58. 63Jose Luis Dominiuez Munoz/ECitroen Ax Gt[-]08:28,02304:10,467-
59. 77Daniel Fernandez Rodriguez/ECitroen Visa GTI[-]08:30,29804:09,484-
60. 72Jorge Javier Novo Fernandez/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:33,04404:09,570-
61. 62Jose A. Alvarez Boris/ESeat 124 2000[-]08:34,70904:17,164-
62. 29Fernando Garcia Martinez/EFiat Cinquecento[-]08:44,10004:16,733-


Did not classified

AB57Hector Fdez Vazquez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]-
NS49Adolfo Posada Ferron/ERalt RT34 BMW[-]- E
NS33Jose Blanco Rosales/EMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI[-]- N
NS11Daniel Lozano Clavera/ECitroen ZX Kit Car[-]- Gr.2
NS10Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EBMW 320 ST[-]- Gr.2
NS9Francisco Manuel Bolivar/ERenault Clio 16v[-]- Gr.2
NS6Josť Antonio Natal/ECitroen ZX Kit Car[-]- Gr.2
NS79Raul Moro Vivero/EFiat Panda[-]-

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