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Euromontagna Archives

29 Int. Trierer ADAC/RTT Bergrennen




1. Franz Tschager/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-69/00]04:49,32301:35,9241. gr. CNphoto
2. 37László Szász/HReynard F3000 Zytec[93D-014]04:51,4091. gr. Ephoto
3. 51Christian Debias/FMartini Mk.74 BMW[-]04:51,4222. gr. Ephoto
4. 36Christian Hauser/LReynard 93D[-]04:52,1683. gr. Ephoto
5. 6Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-75/00]04:57,81901:38,6392. gr. CNphoto
6. 10Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES991]04:59,29501:38,9553. gr. CNphoto
7. Andres Vilariňo/EOsella PA20S[PA20S-31/96]05:00,09501:39,3204. gr. CNphoto
8. 39Arnold Wagner/DLola T94-50[T94/50-_amweg]05:01,4394. gr. Ephoto
9. Frank Taubert/DReynard F3000 Judd[91D-029]05:05,7015. gr. Ephoto
10. 3Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-58/99]05:05,70101:40,4755. gr. CNphoto


KL Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort[1022/1996]1. gr. A
KL Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort[94222/92]1. gr. N
KL Jan Vonka/CZBMW M3[35992/96]2. gr. N
KL Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]2. gr. A
KL Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZFord Escort[97206/91]3. gr. N
KL Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]4. gr.
KL Michaela Votavová/CZ[-]5. gr.
KL7Herbert Leibach/DUWR SP97[Debora-UWR-1_]6. gr. CNphoto
KL Rainer Krug/DBMW M3[-]7. gr.
KL9Ivano De Pellegrini/ILucchini[130-P1-97]7. gr. CNphoto

Did not classified

AB Roland Wanek/DBMW M3[91030EW351357/95]- N
AB Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-70/00]- CN
ST15Mario Stulla/DEK[EK-85]- photo
ST16 - URD C394[-]- photo
ST18Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]- photo
ST23Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]- photo
ST12Uwe Kaufel/DPRC M92[M88-CN93]- photo


Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort[1022/1996]A
Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]
Michaela Votavová/CZ[-]
Frank Taubert/DReynard F3000 Judd[91D-029]E
Rainer Krug/DBMW M3[-]
Roland Wanek/DBMW M3[91030EW351357/95]N
Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-70/00]CN
Andres Vilariňo/EOsella PA20S[PA20S-31/96]CN
Franz Tschager/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-69/00]CN
Jan Vonka/CZBMW M3[35992/96]N
Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort[94222/92]N
Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZFord Escort[97206/91]N
Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]A
3Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-58/99]CN
6Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-75/00]CN
7Herbert Leibach/DUWR SP97[Debora-UWR-1_]CN
9Ivano De Pellegrini/ILucchini[130-P1-97]CN
10Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES991]CN
12Uwe Kaufel/DPRC M92[M88-CN93]
15Mario Stulla/DEK[EK-85]
16 - URD C394[-]
18Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]
23Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]
36Christian Hauser/LReynard 93D[-]E
37László Szász/HReynard F3000 Zytec[93D-014]E
39Arnold Wagner/DLola T94-50[T94/50-_amweg]E
51Christian Debias/FMartini Mk.74 BMW[-]E

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