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Archívy Euromontagna

Cesana Sestrieres



1. 612Johannes Ortner/AFiat Abarth 3000[-]04:59,7001. gr. Gr.5
2. Arturo Merzario/IFiat Abarth 2000[-]05:02,1001. gr. Gr.6
3. Franco Pilone/IFiat Abarth 2000[-]05:07,4002. gr. Gr.6
4. Eugenio Bonomelli/IPorsche Carrera[-]05:17,2002. gr. Gr.5
5. Luigi Taramazzo/IFiat Abarth 3000[-]05:20,2003. gr. Gr.6
6. Mauro Nesti/IAMS[-]05:24,6004. gr. Gr.6
7. Mareschi/IAMS 2000[-]05:25,3005. gr. Gr.6
8. Vittorio Venturi/ITecno F3[-]05:32,7001. gr. F3
9. Gianni Varese/IAMS[-]05:37,1006. gr. Gr.6
10. Eris Tondelli/ITondelli BT 10[-]05:40,4007. gr. Gr.6
11. Armando Truffo/ITecno F3[-]05:42,4002. gr. F3
12. Giovanni Boeris/IFiat Abarth[-]05:44,7008. gr. Gr.6
13. Cerulli/IAMS[-]05:45,9009. gr. Gr.6
14. Giorgio Pianta/IOpel Commodore[-]05:46,2001. gr. TW
15. Girogio Schon/IPorsche 911[-]05:46,4001. gr. GT
16. Luigi Rinaldi/IAlfa Romeo GTAJ[-]05:51,9002. gr. TW
17. Bruno Huber/CHMaier[-]05:52,30010. gr. Gr.6
18. Piero Monticone/IPorsche 914/6[-]05:52,6002. gr. GT
19. Mario Barone/IFiat Abarth[-]05:53,40011. gr. Gr.6
20. Bernard Cheneviere/CHPorsche 914/6[-]05:54,5003. gr. GT
21. Renato Giono/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]05:54,7004. gr. GT
22. Guido Fossati/IPorsche 911 SM[-]05:54,8005. gr. GT
23. Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 911 S[-]05:55,9006. gr. GT
24. Franco Berruto/IPorsche[-]05:56,2003. gr. Gr.5
25. Mirto Randazzo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]05:56,3007. gr. GT
26. Giancarlo Galimberti/ILancia Fulvia[-]05:57,7008. gr. GT
27. Alberto Rosselli/IAlfa Romeo GTAJ[-]05:59,9003. gr. TW
28. Martino/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:00,1009. gr. GT
29. Luigi Fiegl/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:01,80010. gr. GT
30. Erasmo Bologna/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:02,90011. gr. GT
31. "Enzo"/Porsche 911[-]06:04,00012. gr. GT
32. Alessandro Moncini/IPorsche 911[-]06:05,80013. gr. GT
33. Bonapace/Alfa Romeo[-]06:06,80012. gr. Gr.6
34. Paolo De Leonibus/IOpel Commodore[-]06:06,9004. gr. TW
35. Angelo Mola/IPorsche[-]06:07,40014. gr. GT
36. Aldo Bersano/IAlpine Renault[-]06:09,20015. gr. GT
37. Pinton/IBWA[-]06:09,2003. gr. F3
38. Franco Capietti/ICooper S[-]06:10,4005. gr. TW
39. Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW[-]06:11,5006. gr. TW
40. Martino Finotto/IAlfa Romeo GTAM[-]06:12,3007. gr. TW
41. Felice Marenco/IFiat Abarth[-]06:12,6004. gr. Gr.5
42. Michele Licheri/IPorsche[-]06:12,70016. gr. GT
43. Mario Regis/IBMW 2002[-]06:13,8008. gr. TW
44. Adriano Castelli/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:14,30017. gr. GT
45. Romeo Galmozzi/IFiat 128[-]06:15,1009. gr. TW
46. Chiaramonte/Fiat 128[-]06:16,00010. gr. TW
47. Maurizio Campanini/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:16,90011. gr. TW
48. Pietro Bonfanti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:17,20018. gr. GT
49. Mario Manini/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:18,30019. gr. GT
50. Pietrino Tali/IAlfa Romeo[-]06:20,00012. gr. TW
51. Antonio Invernizzi/IAlfa Romeo GTA J[-]06:20,70013. gr. TW
52. Rino Amighini/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:21,50014. gr. TW
53. Chiabotti/BMW[-]06:22,60015. gr. TW
54. Achille Soria/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:22,80016. gr. TW
55. Giulio Rossi/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:23,10020. gr. GT
56. Emilio Pegger/CHPorsche 911 S[-]06:25,00021. gr. GT
57. Gianni Ghedini/INSU 1000TT[-]06:25,00017. gr. TW
58. "Micci"/Ford[-]06:25,40018. gr. TW
59. Lolli/BLMC Cooper[-]06:25,50019. gr. TW
60. Alfredo Santulli/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]06:26,00020. gr. TW
61. Vittorio Coggiola/IPorsche[-]06:27,80022. gr. GT
62. Pasquale Anastasio/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:28,90023. gr. GT
63. Silvio Artina/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:29,20024. gr. GT
64. Giuseppe Savoldi/IFiat Abarth OT[-]06:29,5005. gr. Gr.5
65. Umberto Caneva/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:30,50025. gr. GT
66. Cormio/Alfa Romeo GTV[-]06:32,70021. gr. TW
67. Sergio Carignano/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]06:33,10022. gr. TW
68. Bruno Rebai/ISimca Abarth[-]06:35,0006. gr. Gr.5
69. Roland Larsson/SPorsche[-]06:35,40026. gr. GT
70. P. Egidio Gasparini/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:36,30023. gr. TW
71. Eugenio Tinghi/IFiat Abarth[-]06:38,8007. gr. Gr.5
72. Edoardo Gatti/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:40,60024. gr. TW
73. Franco Cosentino/IBWA[-]06:40,9004. gr. F3
74. Pierino Cullati/IFiat Abarth[-]06:41,7008. gr. Gr.5
75. Vasari/NSU[-]06:43,40025. gr. TW
76. Gino Ravinale/IFiat Abarth TCR[-]06:43,40026. gr. TW
77. Di Rosa/Alpine Renault[-]06:44,00027. gr. GT
78. Aldo Gunnella/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:44,40027. gr. TW
79. Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:44,90028. gr. GT
80. Cattana/Alfa Romeo GTA[-]06:45,00028. gr. TW
81. Aldo Tarasco/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:47,70029. gr. TW
82. Giordana/IPorsche 911[-]06:48,20029. gr. GT
83. R. Chiapparini/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]06:48,70031. gr. TW
84. Grandini/Renault R8 Gordini[-]06:48,70030. gr. TW
85. Elvio Zanini/IPorsche[-]06:51,00030. gr. GT
86. Enrico Re/Renault R8 Gordini[-]06:52,20032. gr. TW
87. Richard Albanesi/CHMorris Cooper S[-]06:55,10033. gr. TW
88. Lorenzelli/Renault R8 Gordini[-]06:57,50034. gr. TW
89. Adriano Parlamento/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]06:58,20035. gr. TW
90. "Svig"/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:59,20036. gr. TW
91. Camillo Spica/IFiat Abarth OT[-]06:59,70031. gr. GT
92. "Poker"/IFiat Abarth OTS[-]07:00,40032. gr. GT
93. Pasti/Alfa Romeo GT[-]07:01,60037. gr. TW
94. Sergio Vaccario/ILancia Fulvia[-]07:03,70034. gr. GT
95. Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo GTA[-]07:03,70033. gr. GT
96. Pietro Biselli/IFiat Abarth 850[-]07:07,40038. gr. TW
97. Canavoso/IFiat 128[-]07:07,40039. gr. TW
98. Vigada/ILancia Fulvia[-]07:07,60035. gr. GT
99. Renato Mazzeschi/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:10,70040. gr. TW
100. Attilio Mercadante/IFiat Abarth[-]07:10,90036. gr. GT
101. Paolo Bernardi/IFiat Abarth 695[-]07:11,20041. gr. TW
102. Paolo Friso/IFiat Abarth[-]07:13,10037. gr. GT
103. Vittorio Bernero/IFiat Abarth 850[-]07:14,20042. gr. TW
104. Antonio Audisio/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:16,00043. gr. TW
105. Lillo Motta/IFiat Abarth[-]07:16,7009. gr. Gr.5
106. Troler/NSU Wankel[-]07:17,50038. gr. GT
107. Andrea Buffoli/IFiat Abarth 695[-]07:17,50044. gr. TW
108. Felicioli/Fiat Abarth 850[-]07:19,20045. gr. TW
109. Pellegrino/Fiat 128[-]07:20,50046. gr. TW
110. "Aurelio"/Lancia Fulvia HF[-]07:21,80039. gr. GT
111. Piero Lavazza/IFiat 500[-]07:31,60047. gr. TW
112. Arnaldo Pieraccini/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:34,00048. gr. TW
113. Giuseppe Sanfilippo/IFiat 500[-]07:43,20049. gr. TW
114. F. Fortini/Hillman[-]07:43,40040. gr. GT
115. Ferri/IGiannini 500[-]07:45,00050. gr. TW
116. Boggiatto/Fiat Abarth 695[-]07:56,50051. gr. TW
117. Angelo Pischedda/IFiat Racer Bert[-]08:01,10041. gr. GT
118. Enrico Palumbo/IFiat 500[-]08:02,00052. gr. TW
119. Almaro/Fiat 500[-]08:07,80053. gr. TW
120. "Emme"/Fiat 500[-]08:15,20054. gr. TW
121. Claudio Scarano/IFiat Abarth 695[-]08:16,20055. gr. TW
122. Giorgio Pinardi/IGiannini 500[-]08:35,70056. gr. TW
123. Manerba/Fiat 500[-]08:35,90057. gr. TW
124. Donato Angelillo/IGiannini 500[-]08:45,90058. gr. TW



DQ Tucci/Alfa Romeo GTA[-]- GT
DQ490Ake Andersson/SPorsche 911 S[-]- GT
DQ Paul Keller/CHPorsche 911 S[-]- GT
DQ Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]- TW
DQ Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911 S[-]- GT
DQ Paolo Monti/IOpel GT[-]- GT
DQ Pino Pica/IOpel GT[-]- GT

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