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Archívy Euromontagna

30e Course de cote d´Abreschviller-St.Quirin



1. 3Christian Debias/FMartini Mk.74[-]01:43,9901. gr. DE
2. 9Alain Farey/FMartini Mk.62[-]01:45,1322. gr. DE
3. 5Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk.69[-]01:45,2743. gr. DE
4. 14Arnold Wagner/DLola T94/50[T94/50-_amweg]01:48,0514. gr. DE
5. 6Claude Sapin/FReynard 89D[-]01:48,8005. gr. DE
6. 44Henri Neel/FMartini Mk.59[-]01:49,8501. gr. C3
7. 38Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]01:49,7331. gr. CN
8. 8Gérard Petit/FOsella PA20S[-]01:50,1832. gr. CN
9. 20Sylvain Wurth/FMartini Mk.58B[-]01:52,0352. gr. C3
10. 16Roland Tromp/FDuqueine F2 IMSA[-]01:52,4216. gr. DE
13. 47Jean Chartier/FLola T298[T298/HU104]01:55,0053. gr. C3
15. 45Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]01:56,0894. gr. C3
17. 46Josef Zajelsnik/DJAZ C01[C97-001]01:56,5565. gr. C3
18. 41Alexander Zajelsnik/DJAZ C02[C97-002]01:57,3933. gr. CN
23. 55Jean-Luc Wendling/FLola T490[-]02:01,9386. gr. C3
24. 49Christian Martin/FCheetah G601[G601/1]02:03,9247. gr. C3
26. 52Stéphane Dammon/FMarch 82S[-]02:05,1598. gr. C3
35. 48Willy Weyten/BAros ZX[-]02:11,0059. gr. C3
58. 54Hugo Vitali/LSerem Alfa Romeo[-]02:27,40510. gr. C3
68. 53Alfred Wahl/FTechniplus[-]02:37,04211. gr. C3



Seznam přihlášených

3Christian Debias/FMartini Mk.74[-]DE
5Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk.69[-]DE
6Claude Sapin/FReynard 89D[-]DE
8Gérard Petit/FOsella PA20S[-]CN
9Alain Farey/FMartini Mk.62[-]DE
14Arnold Wagner/DLola T94/50[T94/50-_amweg]DE
16Roland Tromp/FDuqueine F2 IMSA[-]DE
20Sylvain Wurth/FMartini Mk.58B[-]C3
38Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]CN
41Alexander Zajelsnik/DJAZ C02[C97-002]CN
44Henri Neel/FMartini Mk.59[-]C3
45Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]C3
46Josef Zajelsnik/DJAZ C01[C97-001]C3
47Jean Chartier/FLola T298[T298/HU104]C3
48Willy Weyten/BAros ZX[-]C3
49Christian Martin/FCheetah G601[G601/1]C3
52Stéphane Dammon/FMarch 82S[-]C3
53Alfred Wahl/FTechniplus[-]C3
54Hugo Vitali/LSerem Alfa Romeo[-]C3
55Jean-Luc Wendling/FLola T490[-]C3

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