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Euromontagna Archives

XIX. Aosta-Gran San Bernardo

Aosta- St. Barnard/I


1. 58Willy Peter Daetwyler/CHMaserati 200SI[-]22:10,9001. gr. S
2. Wolfgang Berghe von Trips/DPorsche RSK[-]22:19,6002. gr. S
3. 134Hans Herrmann/DBorgward H1500RS[-]22:24,1003. gr. S
4. Richard von Frankenberg/DPorsche RSK[-]22:44,4005. gr. S
5. Giulio Cabianca/IBorgward[-]22:45,0004. gr. S
6. Gino Munaron/IPorsche RS[-]23:00,5006. gr. S
7. Luciano Mantovani/IOsca MT4 1100[-]23:29,8007. gr. S
8. Franco Bordoni/Maserati 200SI[-]23:37,4008. gr. S
9. Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250 GT[0539GT56]24:04,8001. gr. GT
10. Vladimiro Toselli/IOsca S1500[-]24:07,1009. gr. S
11. Camillo Luglio/IFerrari 250 GT[-]24:11,6002. gr. GT
12. Carlo Mario Abate/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]24:21,0003. gr. GT


KL Gorza/Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]- GT
KL Giuseppe Coriasco/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]- GT
KL Lubich/Ferrari 250 GT[-]- GT
KL Giancarlo Rigamonti/IOsca S750[-]- S
KL Ovidio Capelli/IOsca S750[-]- S
KL Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati 6C[-]10. gr. S
KL Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati 200SI[-]11. gr. S
KL Marino Brandoli/Lancia[-]12. gr. S
KL Nando Pagliarini/IMaserati[-]13. gr. S
KL Sesto Leonardi/IOsca S750[-]14. gr. S
KL Sergio Ramella/IOsca MT4 1100[-]15. gr. S
KL Aquilino Branca/Moretti[-]16. gr. S
KL Umberto Bini/IOsca S1100[-]17. gr. S
KL Lippi/Stanguellini[-]18. gr. S

Did not classified

AB Attilio Brandi/IOsca MT4 1100[-]-


Giuseppe Coriasco/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]GT
Giulio Cabianca/IBorgward[-]S
Gino Munaron/IPorsche RS[-]S
Aquilino Branca/Moretti[-]S
Franco Bordoni/Maserati 200SI[-]S
Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati 6C[-]S
Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati 200SI[-]S
Marino Brandoli/Lancia[-]S
Nando Pagliarini/IMaserati[-]S
Carlo Mario Abate/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]GT
Gorza/Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]GT
Richard von Frankenberg/DPorsche RSK[-]silverS
Attilio Brandi/IOsca MT4 1100[-]
Umberto Bini/IOsca S1100[-]S
Wolfgang Berghe von Trips/DPorsche RSK[-]S
Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250 GT[0539GT56]GT
Camillo Luglio/IFerrari 250 GT[-]GT
Lubich/Ferrari 250 GT[-]GT
Vladimiro Toselli/IOsca S1500[-]S
Luciano Mantovani/IOsca MT4 1100[-]S
Sergio Ramella/IOsca MT4 1100[-]S
Sesto Leonardi/IOsca S750[-]S
Giancarlo Rigamonti/IOsca S750[-]S
Ovidio Capelli/IOsca S750[-]S
58Willy Peter Daetwyler/CHMaserati 200SI[-]S
134Hans Herrmann/DBorgward H1500RS[-]S

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