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Archívy Euromontagna

Int. 23 Trierer ADAC/RTT Bergrennen



1. 1Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella BMW[PA9-154/86]04:56,32001:38,6801. gr. C3


KL61Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort Cosworth[PJ98680/93]1. gr. A
KL60Catherine Sinopoli/FLancia Delta[-]2. gr. A
KL3Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298[-]2. gr. C3
KL4Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust P 91 BMW[002/Faust/]3. gr. C3
KL2Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDOsella BMW[PA9-122]4. gr. C3
KL8Rainer Fink/DPRC BMW[M92-03]5. gr. C3
KL6Martin Krisam jr./DURD Replica[C03-89-891]6. gr. C3
KL5Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDOsella BMW[PA9-121/83]7. gr. C3
KL29Harald Ulmen/DLola T297[T297/HU89_]8. gr. C3
KL28Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA9[PA9-119/83]9. gr. C3
KL27Gebhard Zeller/DOsella PA5[PRCM812/1976]10. gr. C3
KL26Heinrich Fischer/DPRC C3[M92-05_]11. gr. C3
KL25Georg Olbrich/DRigol C3[R-001]12. gr. C3
KL24Manfred Baumgartner/DMarch C 92[-]13. gr. C3
KL23Gerhard Siebert/DURD 772[-]14. gr. C3
KL37Giulio Regosa/IREBO Sport[004]1. gr. CN
KL33Fausto Bormolini/ILucchini P3[105-P3-94M]2. gr. CN
KL38Renzo Napione/ILucchini 223 3.0[086-SP91]3. gr. CN
KL35Peter Schaar/DBehnke Condor[C014]4. gr. CN
KL32Kiyaz Sen/DPRC M88 C3[M88-CN93]5. gr. CN
KL53Josef Kopecký/CZFord Escort Cosworth[WR199307/93]1. gr. N
KL52Břetislav Enge/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]2. gr. N
KL51Ladislav Bareš/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]3. gr. N
KL54Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]4. gr. N
KL50Roberto Di Giuseppe/IFord Sierra[-]5. gr. N
KL47Miroslav Nýdrle/CZBMW M3[3030493N/94]6. gr. N
KL44Armin Limmer/DFiat Tipo[-]7. gr. N
KL42Peter Hocke/DFord Escort Cosworth[-]8. gr. N


AB12Herbert Stenger/DJunior Proto[ES921]- C3
AB10Rolf Köppel/DPRC M87[M787_]- C3
AB7Willy Frenz/DLola T296[-]- C3

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