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IV Pujada I. Valls D´Andorra Europa Canillo

Vall´s D´Andorra/AND


1. 132Horst Fendrich/DMartini Mk 69[MK69-02]06:06,75003:03,3561. gr. E
2. 117Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella BMW[PA9-154/86]06:08,86403:03,7331. gr. C3
3. 116Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDOsella BMW[PA9-122]06:09,80403:04,6472. gr. C3
4. 115Andres Vilariňo/ENorma Repsol[-]06:12,83603:05,5213. gr. C3
5. 114Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust[002/Faust/]06:14,38203:06,7674. gr. C3
6. 131Gérard Gurtner/CHMartini A2 C[-]06:22,03803:09,4462. gr. E
7. 97Giulio Regosa/IRebo BMW[004]06:22,68203:11,1801. gr. CN
8. 113Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDOsella BMW[PA9-121/83]06:23,97903:11,3135. gr. C3
9. 112Luca Pacini/IOsella PA12 BMW[PA12-03/87]06:26,57703:11,7756. gr. C3
10. 111Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA12 BMW[-]06:27,55103:14,5887. gr. C3
11. 108Thierry Parriaux/FLola Notel[T298/France]06:30,46803:13,6798. gr. C3
12. 107Luigi Bormolini/IOsella[PA9-130/85]06:39,60403:19,6919. gr. C3
13. 106Adriano Parlamento/IMarch BMW[75S-5]06:43,96003:21,79410. gr. C3
14. 109Rolf Köppel/DPRC M87[M787_]06:45,03103:22,29511. gr. C3
15. 95Fausto Bormolini/ILucchini[105-P3-94M]06:47,06703:23,0202. gr. CN
16. 130Jacques Chevallier/FMarch F3[813-12]06:48,56803:22,3673. gr. E
17. 128Claude Seignobos/FAGS JH 19[-]06:49,76303:24,6614. gr. E
18. 94Renzo Napione/ILucchini[086-SP91]06:53,92403:26,3873. gr. CN
19. 37Georg Plasa/DBMW 2002 16V[-]06:59,35903:29,5121. gr. F
20. 85Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]07:01,49503:30,6551. gr. A
21. 93Alain Castellana/FLasera 93[-]07:01,78303:29,7754. gr. CN
22. 89Gerard De La Casa/ANDFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]07:05,17903:31,0502. gr. A
23. 129James Morin/FRalt RT 31[-]07:05,98903:31,8885. gr. E
24. 86Otakar Krámský/CZBMW M3 Sport Evo[49501624/92]07:07,39503:33,5823. gr. A
25. 68Josef Kopecký/CZFord Escort Cosworth[WR199307/93]07:13,85403:34,7051. gr. N
26. 87Catherine Sinopoli/FLancia Delta[-]07:14,61403:36,1644. gr. A
27. 88Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[PJ98680/93]07:19,31203:38,2345. gr. A
28. 65Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[PJ98675/93]07:25,52803:42,1692. gr. N
29. 103Thierry Torrento/FLola Cosworth[-]07:27,94503:43,50412. gr. C3
30. 122Alain Mayer/FMartini Mk 14[-]07:34,37203:46,1626. gr. E
31. 63J. Perez/ANDLancia Delat Integrale 16V[-]07:36,35403:47,5793. gr. N
32. 64Roberto Di Giuseppe/IFord Sierra 4x4[-]07:39,48703:49,1154. gr. N
33. 42Phillipe Marion/FBMW 323i[-]07:39,69003:49,3842. gr. F
34. 123P. Carde/FMartini Mk 15[-]07:40,73103:50,2627. gr. E
35. 101Richard Tonetto/FARC MF 3[-]07:41,17203:47,67413. gr. C3
36. 84Nati Ortuňo Dabad/ANDBMW M3[-]07:42,81003:50,0326. gr. A
37. 27Jean Errecart/FSimca R3[-]07:43,23403:51,3463. gr. F
38. 81C. Martinez/ANDBMW M3[-]07:44,09903:51,4827. gr. A
39. 60Carlos Puig/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]07:50,64203:55,2895. gr. N
40. 55J. Molas/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]07:51,00203:54,1746. gr. N
41. 82Pascal Campi/FBMW M3[-]07:52,84403:56,2178. gr. A
42. 41J. L. Latugaye/FRenault R5 Turbo[-]07:53,31003:56,3924. gr. F
43. 124Jean-Francois Fabre/FBRS F 287[-]07:56,01003:57,9928. gr. E
44. 78S. Bigou/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]07:57,67403:58,4749. gr. A
45. 61Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]07:58,21603:58,9467. gr. N
46. 102J. Tournemoully/FMarcadier[-]07:58,69503:59,16614. gr. C3
47. 100B. Depuy/FSib RS[-]07:58,88003:57,10315. gr. C3
48. 5S. Capdevila/ANDBMW 2002 Ti[-]08:06,72904:02,2161. gr. Gr.5
49. 26J. J. Pedrini/FSimca R II Talbot[-]08:08,06503:49,7735. gr. F
50. 33S. Arajol/ANDOpel Manta[-]08:08,33304:03,8256. gr. F
51. 54B. Gilles/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:09,51304:04,1418. gr. N
52. 50Ph. Rouquet/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:10,34804:05,1699. gr. N
53. 59A. Coscollola/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:11,36604:05,00010. gr. N
54. 48F. Izard/FPeugeot 309 GTi[-]08:11,83004:05,66511. gr. N
55. 57X. Rodrigo/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:18,63204:07,77912. gr. N
56. 49R. Grau/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:23,87704:08,46513. gr. N
57. 28M. Soler/ANDPeugeot 205[-]08:24,42104:10,8987. gr. F
58. 51C. Batlle/ANDRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:25,85904:11,87614. gr. N
59. 58L. Lacoste/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]08:27,06504:12,15115. gr. N
60. 72Francis Cambon/FPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:30,98404:15,11510. gr. A
61. 30S. Toorremilans/ANDSeat 124[-]08:33,90804:12,6198. gr. F
62. 11Didier Thorin/FJide[-]08:33,95804:16,7629. gr. F
63. 16Marc Lopez/FTalbot R II[-]08:34,06204:16,83010. gr. F
64. 18D. Hoyer/FTalbot Samba[-]08:38,18904:17,11711. gr. F
65. 31J. Canalias/ANDSeat 124[-]08:39,55904:19,02712. gr. F
66. 15Ladislas Lopez/FSimca Rallye II[-]08:40,53004:20,25513. gr. F
67. 39F. Wirtz/FRenault 5 Alpine T[-]08:42,22304:07,80114. gr. F
68. 19Denis Palanque/FPeugeot 205 GTi[-]08:43,36704:20,34515. gr. F
69. 4C. Darne/ANDAlpine A 110[-]08:43,62704:17,5731. gr. Gr.4
70. 38M. Guiral/ANDRenault 5 Alpine T[-]08:48,37404:18,40916. gr. F
71. 36J. Reyd/FFord RS[-]08:50,61104:24,29117. gr. F
72. 71S. Kachine/FPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:51,37204:24,18411. gr. A
73. 12P. E. Viennet/FTalbot Samba[-]08:51,60904:25,00618. gr. F
74. 73Nelly Zuccony/FFiat UNO Turbo[-]08:52,85904:26,00112. gr. A
75. 45Christophe Vital/FPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:57,78104:27,85916. gr. N
76. 25M. Aguilar/FVW Golf[-]09:02,96004:31,31919. gr. F
77. 47D. Baer/FPeugeot 205 GTi[-]09:06,38804:32,82517. gr. N
78. 1B. Riberaygua/ANDOB Racer[-]09:10,29904:32,7221. gr. ICE
79. 46J. M. Paradell/ANDPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]09:10,45004:34,61418. gr. N
80. 23P. Codinach/ANDSeat 124[-]09:20,67604:38,64420. gr. F
81. 29G. Zucconi/FFiat Ritmo Abarth 13[-]09:21,53304:40,69621. gr. F
82. 14L. Meris/FTalbot Samba[-]09:27,30404:42,73122. gr. F
83. 2 Estefanell/ANDBMW 2002 Ti[-]09:36,88804:47,7591. gr. Gr.1
84. 34Frédéric Lassus/FFord Sierra 4x4[-]09:55,26304:50,99123. gr. F
85. 10Bernard Contursi/FFiat Contursi[-]10:54,64704:53,16324. gr. F
86. 3F. Font/ANDBMW 2002[-]14:42,32110:07,4821. gr. Gr.2


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