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XXVIII. Rampa da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra/P


1. 3Franz Tschager/ILucchini P1-98M BMW[132-P1-98]04:40,58502:18,0491. gr. CN
2. 1Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-65/99]04:42,12502:18,6352. gr. CN
3. 5Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-27/96]04:45,66302:21,4223. gr. CN
4. 4Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-40/97]04:58,82502:26,4944. gr. CN
5. 43Ferreira Da Silva/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:16,65802:38,2081. gr. PA
6. 11Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]05:24,14602:41,6531. gr. A
7. 15Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]05:28,82002:42,9502. gr. A
8. 30Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:29,18902:43,3331. gr. N
9. 12Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort Cosworth[1022/1996]05:31,28902:45,0673. gr. A
10. 29Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort Cosworth[94222/92]05:31,48102:44,5982. gr. N
11. 24TomᚠVavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:32,57702:45,9463. gr. N
12. 2Patrick Cunha/PRenault Mégane[-]05:33,40502:45,1081. gr. Mégane Cup
13. 27Roland Wanek/DBMW M3 B[91030EW351357/95]05:33,62702:46,2254. gr. N
14. 10Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Integrale[-]05:35,40502:45,9894. gr. A
15. 1Luis Veloso/PRenault Mégane[-]05:36,13402:46,3842. gr. Mégane Cup
16. 25Petr Kabátník/CZBMW M3[65786512/97]05:36,79302:47,1095. gr. N
17. 15Luis Costa/PRenault Mégane[-]05:37,36202:48,2103. gr. Mégane Cup
18. 5Nuno Batista/PCitroën Saxo[-]05:38,31702:48,7211. gr. Saxo Cup
19. 19Fernando Martins/PRenault Mégane[-]05:39,02702:48,3874. gr. Mégane Cup
20. 64Carlos Rodrigues/PPorsche RSR[-]05:39,90202:48,5221. gr. HA
21. 14Jorge Meira/PCitroën Saxo[-]05:39,95702:49,8632. gr. Saxo Cup
22. 7Ivano De Pellegrini/ILucchini[130-P1-97]05:41,73802:47,9035. gr. CN
23. 17Antonio Barros/PRenault Mégane[-]05:41,76102:50,3512. gr. PA
24. 2Joao Batista/PCitroën Saxo[-]05:44,29802:48,7723. gr. Saxo Cup
25. 32Manuel F. Martins/PToyota Carina E[-]05:45,69802:52,0071. gr. PN
26. 31Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza[057906/97]05:46,27102:49,6636. gr. N
27. 51Fernando Almeida/PVW Golf[-]05:46,85702:52,7613. gr. PA
28. 24Emanuel Camilo/PCitroën Saxo[-]05:47,05002:53,1844. gr. Saxo Cup
29. 44Luis Pedro Martins/PBMW M3[-]05:48,61702:51,3304. gr. PA
30. 15Fihmy Cassamo/PCitroën Saxo[-]05:49,57402:54,4535. gr. Saxo Cup
31. 48Abel Soares/PVW Golf GTi 2.0[-]05:49,76902:52,3525. gr. PA
32. 14Michaela Votavová/CZFord Escort Cosworth[96071/92]05:51,08402:54,7865. gr. A
33. 46Renato Barros/PToyota Carina E[-]05:51,31002:54,1336. gr. PA
34. 49Manuel Da C. Ferreira/PToyota Carina E[-]05:51,39202:54,3717. gr. PA
35. 45Carlos Dantas/PToyota Carina E[-]05:55,62202:57,2198. gr. PA
36. 50Fernando Vilela/PToyota Carina E[-]05:57,53802:56,8149. gr. PA
37. 18Rainer Krug/DFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:58,39102:58,3736. gr. A
38. 47Paulo Guimaraes/PToyota Carina E[-]05:59,53402:59,35210. gr. PA
39. 72José Carneiro/PAustin 1275 GT[-]06:00,24302:59,9772. gr. HA
40. 11Goncalo Manahu/PCitroën Saxo[-]06:02,39002:59,4756. gr. Saxo Cup
41. 74Nuno Pimenta/PAustin Mini Cooper[-]06:02,53103:00,7003. gr. HA
42. 17Dubravko Čikor/HRBMW M3[_M3NK2]06:03,76003:01,7797. gr. N
43. 25Luis Goncalves/PRenault Mégane[-]06:04,12702:57,4395. gr. Mégane Cup
44. 82Alberto Freitas/PMorris Mini GT[-]06:05,55103:02,3514. gr. HA
45. 1Pedro Batista/PToyota Starlet[-]06:10,91203:04,9811. gr. Starlet Cup
46. 2Mario Rui/PToyota Starlet[-]06:11,11903:04,8312. gr. Starlet Cup
47. 65Pedro Vera-Cruz/PBMW TII[-]06:13,99003:05,3195. gr. HA
48. 9Lourenco Raposo Magalhaes/PToyota Starlet[-]06:17,31703:08,6563. gr. Starlet Cup
49. 28Delfim Bastos/PMazda Familia 4WD[-]06:17,64003:06,0328. gr. N
50. 4Hugo Peixoto/PToyota Starlet[-]06:17,70203:08,4294. gr. Starlet Cup
51. 28Jose Araujo/PCitroën Saxo[-]06:17,97003:06,3007. gr. Saxo Cup
52. 11Pedro Antunes/PToyota Starlet[-]06:18,69203:09,1725. gr. Starlet Cup
53. 23Antonio Baptista/PRenault Clio 16V[-]06:19,11703:07,2837. gr. A
54. 22Nuno Cabral/PToyota Starlet[-]06:19,56303:08,9616. gr. Starlet Cup
55. 21Carlos Pires/PToyota Starlet[-]06:20,41703:07,8367. gr. Starlet Cup
56. 6Pedro Borges/PToyota Starlet[-]06:24,31503:11,3288. gr. Starlet Cup
57. 12Martin Raposo Magalhaes/PToyota Starlet[-]06:24,42403:10,0869. gr. Starlet Cup
58. 5Antonio Sousa Pinto/PToyota Starlet[-]06:24,60403:11,06110. gr. Starlet Cup
59. 24Pedro Dias Silva/PToyota Starlet[-]06:27,08203:11,65111. gr. Starlet Cup
60. 8Ricardo Bezerra/PToyota Starlet[-]06:27,64903:15,26012. gr. Starlet Cup
61. 33Paula Freitas/PRenault Clio Coupé[-]06:28,18503:08,6889. gr. N
62. 19Antonio Freitas/PMercedes 190E 2,3[-]06:29,98503:14,6998. gr. A
63. 73Fernando Martins/PAustin Cooper S[-]06:31,05403:14,0556. gr. HA
64. 3Luis Barros/PToyota Starlet[-]06:31,10103:08,76513. gr. Starlet Cup
65. 10Joaquim Teixeira/PToyota Starlet[-]06:38,16703:14,25514. gr. Starlet Cup
66. 66Joan Carlos Fernandes/PBMW 2002[-]06:38,89803:16,9617. gr. HA
67. 15Luis Filipe Nunes/PToyota Starlet[-]06:39,14003:15,12415. gr. Starlet Cup
68. 81Hugo Batista/PBMW 2002Ti[-]06:39,17203:16,5098. gr. HA
69. 71Paulo Alves/PSubaru GL Coupé[-]06:39,24503:17,9609. gr. HA
70. 69Jorge Magro/PFord Escort RS 2000[-]06:42,13503:20,96010. gr. HA
71. 80Luis Moreira/PBMW 2002Ti[-]06:44,18503:21,06511. gr. HA
72. 53Nuno Ralha/PPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:44,68203:20,31612. gr. PA
73. 19Carlos Oliveira/PToyota Starlet[-]06:45,15103:13,62716. gr. Starlet Cup
74. 22Rodrigo Ferreira/PRenault Mégane[-]06:45,90303:21,3276. gr. Mégane Cup
75. 61Antonio Leite Ferreira/PAustin 1275 GT[-]06:50,88603:24,18512. gr. HA
76. 83Eduardo Costa/PMorris Cooper S[-]06:51,81403:24,39013. gr. HA
77. 25Carlos Lopes/PCitroën Saxo[-]06:58,25803:27,7198. gr. Saxo Cup
78. 60Jorge Malhao/PMini Cooper S 1300[-]06:59,48503:29,13614. gr. HA
79. 84Fernando Soares/PMorris Cooper S[-]07:05,67603:30,19015. gr. HA
80. 67Luis Nunes/PBMW 2002[-]07:13,60503:35,05516. gr. HA
81. 62Carlos Rodrigues/PFord Escort GT-HC[-]07:16,12603:31,79017. gr. HA
82. 70Filipe Oliviera/POpel Manta 1900[-]07:17,59103:38,46918. gr. HA
83. 76Candido Espinha/PFiat 127[-]07:22,08903:39,75819. gr. HA
84. 78Miguel Negrao/PFiat 127[-]07:29,65203:42,66720. gr. HA
85. 75Joaquim Dias/PFiat Abarth 1000 TCR[-]08:00,88703:57,77521. gr. HA


Did not classified

AB6Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-50/98]- CN
AB52Pedro Da Silva/PCitroën Saxo[-]- PA
AB23Jaime Correia/PCitroën Saxo[-]- Saxo Cup
AB21Antonio Araujo/PPeugeot 306 KitCar[-]- A
AB7André Huet/PToyota Starlet[-]- Starlet Cup
AB14José Pires/PToyota Starlet[-]- Starlet Cup
AB18Fortunato Almeida/PToyota Starlet[-]- Starlet Cup
T9Armando Pereira/FMarcadier CA 683[-]- C3
T8Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]- C3

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