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Archívy Euromontagna

Cesana Sestrieres



1. Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 206SP/66[-]10:26,7001. gr. P
2. Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Carrera 6/8[906-010]10:29,7002. gr. P
3. 591Hans Herrmann/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]10:48,8003. gr. P
4. Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]10:59,2001. gr. S
5. Michel Weber/DPorsche 904GTS[-]11:09,8004. gr. P
6. Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 904GTS[-]11:20,1002. gr. S
7. Ignazio Capuano/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]11:36,3003. gr. S
8. Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]11:37,5004. gr. S
9. Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]11:44,0005. gr. S
10. Boley Pittard/BWA 66 Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:01,700- R
11. Giovanni Alberti/IDe Sanctis Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:04,700- R
12. Giulio Bona/IFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]12:06,9006. gr. S
13. "Matich"/ISimca-Abarth 2000GT[-]12:12,4007. gr. S
14. Eberhard Mahle/DPorsche 911[-]12:14,0001. gr. GT
15. 452Peter Schetty/CHFord Shelby GT350 Falcon XL[SFM5R209]12:19,6002. gr. GT
16. Karl Foitek/CHLotus Elan 26-R2[-]12:21,1003. gr. GT
17. Giovanni Lo Voi/IBWA Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:25,800- R
18. Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari 250GTO[-]12:30,0004. gr. GT
19. Alfonso Brini/ISimca-Abarth 2000GT[-]12:30,3008. gr. S
20. Maurizio Pinchetti/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]12:39,9009. gr. S
21. Franco Pilone/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]12:43,20010. gr. S
22. Aldo Bardelli/IAlfa Romeo Giulia TZ2[-]12:44,00011. gr. S
23. "Pycroft"/[-]12:44,10012. gr. S
24. Fiorenzo Genta/IFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]12:44,50013. gr. S
25. Alessandro Braga/Lotus 22 Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:47,400- R
26. Luigi Malanca/IBrabham BT15 Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:47,500- R
27. Romano Orsola/Wainer Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]12:50,900- R
28. Gianni Varese/IFiat-Abarth 1000 OTS[-]12:51,4005. gr. P
29. "Gano"/Porsche 904GTS[-]12:51,80014. gr. S
30. Walter Flückiger/CHLotus Elan 26-R2[-]12:54,9005. gr. GT
31. Girolamo Capra/IAlfa Romeo Giulia TZ2[-]13:08,60015. gr. S
32. Enzo Buzzetti/IFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]13:10,10016. gr. S
33. Carlo Fabri/IPorsche 356B/1600 S-90[-]13:13,0006. gr. GT
34. Bruno Momigliano/ILotus 23 Fiat-Giannini[-]13:13,7006. gr. P
35. Eris Tondelli/IFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]13:15,60017. gr. S
36. Eugenio Bonomelli/IPorsche 912[-]13:20,60018. gr. S
37. Salvatore Cambarau/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]13:21,00019. gr. S
38. Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]13:23,6007. gr. GT
39. Giuliano Facetti/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]13:31,7008. gr. GT
40. Mario Regis/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]13:38,1009. gr. GT
41. Erminio Merlo/ILotus Elan 26-R2[-]13:40,20010. gr. GT
42. Guido Capozzi/Lotus 22 Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]13:41,800- R
43. Karl Federhofer/DFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]13:42,00020. gr. S
44. Dino Morazzoni/Lancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]13:48,80011. gr. GT
45. Luigi Pozzo/IAlfa Romeo Giulia TZ[-]13:50,60012. gr. GT
46. Zio Po/Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Sprint[-]13:59,90013. gr. GT
47. Piero Monticone/IPorsche 911[-]14:07,60014. gr. GT
48. Luigi Foschi/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]14:10,00015. gr. GT
49. F. De Leonibus/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]14:10,10016. gr. GT
50. Lella Lombardi/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]14:16,00017. gr. GT
51. Michele Licheri/IWainer Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]14:18,000- R
52. Mario Facca/IPorsche 912[-]14:19,60018. gr. GT
53. "Chagall"/Lancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]14:24,20019. gr. GT
54. "El Ringo"/Branca Ford-Cosworth-MAE[-]14:27,800- R
55. De Zo/Lancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]14:46,90020. gr. GT
56. Attilio Dutto/IFiat-Abarth 1300 OT[-]14:50,40021. gr. S
57. Arturo Brena/IAustin-Healey Sprite Mk III[-]15:02,3007. gr. P
58. Giacomo Gaggioli/IPorsche 912[-]15:02,80021. gr. GT
59. Pietro De Rossi/Lancia Fulvia HF Coupé[-]15:23,10022. gr. GT
60. Gustavo Bertocci/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]17:00,20023. gr. GT
61. Ilario Ceretta/IBaseli Renault[-]17:54,9008. gr. P


KL "Ellevu"/De Sanctis 1000 Sport Ford-Holbay[-]9. gr. P
KL Giuseppe Storaci/Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]- TC


NC Giorgio Pinardi/IFiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Federico Giunta/IMorris Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Piero Rolle/Fiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Bruno Pagliero/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Sergio Dal Cason/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Edoardo Gatti/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Sergio Piana/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Giovanni Carena/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Adriano Sgobbi/Fiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Aldo Tarasco/IFiat-Abarth 850TC/66[-]- TC
NC Ferruccio Zanardelli/IFiat-Abarth 1000TC/66[-]- TC
NC Giorgio Gavelli/Fiat-Abarth 1000TC/66[-]- TC
NC Giuseppe Vivarelli/IFiat-Abarth 1000TC/66[-]- TC
NC Maurizio Zanetti/IFiat-Abarth 695-SS[-]- TC
NC Giancarlo De Mantis/Steyr-Puch 650TR-II[-]- TC
NC Cesare Guzzi/Fiat-Giannini 500 Turismo Veloce[-]- TC
NC Palmiro Bianchi/IFiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Davide Bolgiana/Fiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Achille Soria/IFiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Annibale Balestra/Fiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Angelo Pischedda/IFiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Gianfranco Folin/IFiat 500D[-]- TC
NC Alessandro Poggio/IFiat-Abarth 595-SS[-]- TC
NC Carlo Bettazzi/IFiat-Abarth 595-SS[-]- TC
NC Roberto Trossello/Fiat-Abarth 595-SS[-]- TC
NC Simone Lo Monaco/Simca 1000[-]- TC
NC Giancarlo Delleani/IFord Anglia 105E[-]- TC
NC "Riccardone"/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]- TC
NC Angelo Corio/IFiat-Abarth 1600 OT[-]- TC
NC Franco Bonetto/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]- TC
NC O. Clerici-Bagozzi/IFord Cortina Lotus[-]- TC
NC G.C. Giordano/Ford Cortina Lotus[-]- TC
NC Rodolfo Mura/Ford Cortina Lotus[-]- TC
NC "M.C."/Lancia Flavia Zagato Coupé[-]- TC
NC Cesare Poretti/ILancia Flavia Zagato Coupé[-]- TC
NC Alberto Boscono/Lancia Flavia Zagato Coupé[-]- TC
NC Giuseppe Trombetta/ILancia Flavia Zagato Coupé[-]- TC
NC Arthur Blank/CHFord Cortina Lotus[-]- TC
NC Spartaco Dini/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]- TC
NC Piero Conte/IAustin Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Giuseppe Giacomini/IRenault 8 Gordini[-]- TC
NC Mario Ferrari/IMorris Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Giancarlo Cantini/Renault 8 Gordini[-]- TC
NC Paolo Brambilla/ILancia Fulvia 2C[-]- TC
NC Franck Alesi/FBMC Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC J.B. Fortmann/BMC Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Piergiorgio Pellegrini/IMorris Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Carl Motta/Alfa Romeo Giulia TI[-]- TC
NC Mino Codeluppi/IMorris Mini Cooper S[-]- TC
NC Piero Botalla/IAlfa Romeo 2600 Sprint[-]- TC

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